Left Coast

Life-long Left Coast beach & mountain forest lover & defender


mscape 2

Marinscape  – watercolor on paper, circa 10″ x 12″ ©

I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area & San Diego area of California, and have lived up & down the Left Coast throughout much of my life California, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. Though I have also lived in several other places as well, sometimes for years at a time, the West Coast always still feels most like home, emotionally, aesthetically, culturally, bio-regionally.

Although most of my activism has been concerned primarily with global, planetary issues related to establishing world peace through inner peace, some has also been closely involved in efforts to sustain a present-&-future for the planet in more ecological terms, and specifically for the forests, wetlands, beaches, mountains, and communities of California and elsewhere up the West Coast. It’s an ongoing struggle to save one of the most beautiful, uplifting natural eco-geo realities and cultural realities the world has probably ever known.

The Left Coast is, of course, a vast and hugely diverse yet somewhat distinctive bio-cultural region as well as a hugely diverse but somewhat distinctive bio-physical region. Many people & many social factors have contributed, & continue to contribute, to a sometimes quite astonishingly inspiring progressive (“Left”) cultural mix. And much of Left Coast culture, especially “California culture” has spread throughout the world, helping shape and define much of what now exists as a planet-wide mix of spiritual, creative, political, environmental, and pop-cultural elements on the forward side of human mind-sets, outlooks, lifestyles, and values. Much of the world now lives by creative ideas, values, & expressions pioneered in San Francisco, Berkeley, Los Angeles, San Diego and numerous smaller towns, villages, and rural communities along the California coast.

It’s often impossible to say, of course, which factors have had the most influence on others. Did the distinctive spiritual & ecological laws of nature already lively in California & elsewhere along the Coast most influence the people who have populated the region, inspiring them to create this distinctive contribution to planetary human consciousness, or did the human values, perceptions & expressions contribute most to the tremendously palpable “atmosphere” we tend so often to associate also with the region? Obviously there is some of both.

It’s a very “habit-forming” bio-geo-cultural regional milieu for those who grew up within it, find it deeply appealing, and who have helped contribute to growing & sustaining it, in whatever large or small ways. There are just so many aspects of the distinctive living spirit & ambiance of (the best of) the Left Coast, which make it uniquely significant to people like myself. I love many other cultural-&-bio-geo-regional places on Earth also, but none so well, over all, as the beloved Coast. At least the Coast I grew up on. There always were aspects of the geo-cultural regional experience that were just horrible, and increasingly there are more of these all the time.

A good deal of what was best & most beloved about the reality of Coastal Life is gone now, of course, transmogrified (transsmogrefried), or lost—killed off, died-off, dried-out, burned-up, & in any case now long dead & gone. But what remains of the best, both in outer reality & also in my mind, is mostly quite lovely indeed. Absolutely uplifting & breath-takingly, heart-stoppingly gorgeous! It is worth preserving and (re-)growing.










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