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yogi-adventurer, outlaw poet-painter,
scholar-professor, contemplative-activist,
planetary pilgrim, saint-errant wannabe…
never-say-die incurable romantic,
life-long Left Coast beach & mountain forest lover & defender,
presently daydreaming under a high desert sky…


(Note: most of the info previously found on this “ABOUT” page has been relocated to the other respective banner pages on this site. Please view those pages to read more of what I’ve written about various areas & aspects of my life. I’ve left some things here for now. This page and the other pages are works-in-progress. I add things to each of them from time to time. And I post new entries to my rolling blog at this site, usually every few days or so.   Ciao! )



For more info about my training and life-long practice as a yogi — a certified teacher of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s Transcendental Meditation & TM-Sidhis program, as well as a teacher of Zen Buddhism, and a non-monastic lama (teacher) & naljorpa (yogi) in Vajrayana Buddhist lineages, please click on the banner page ikon “ADVENTURER-YOGI” located in the header on the home page of this blogsite.

“Yoga means ‘unity’—it means living unified wholeness in the field of diversity. My advice is to continue practicing Yoga on the physical level—but also to start and continue to practice Yoga on all other levels—mental, intellectual, and on the level of self-referral, Transcendental consciousness. On all levels, Yoga will help you to progress in every way, in every field of life. Transcendental Meditation is Yoga. I had to give it a new name— ‘Transcendental Meditation’—because I felt Yoga has been commonly misunderstood in terms of the physical level alone. A great Yoga truth is that, ‘Yoga is superior action.’ When you want a superior quality of action, then you should practice Yoga on all levels. Yoga is a good word, but it should be properly understood and practiced beyond the physical level. The result will be a rapid, holistic evolution of life.”
—His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (c1917-2008)

When spelled with lower case “y”, a “yogi” (feminine case, also “yogini”) is anyone who practices Yoga (ancient science and technology of holistic unified consciousness). Traditionally, when spelled with an upper case “Y”, the word “Yogi” is an honorific title or name denoting a person who has attained permanent full enlightenment,—Unity Consciousness,—the goal of Yoga at the personal level.

I had the amazing great good fortune to became a personal student of the Himalayan sage, His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, one of the truly great Yogis of all time, in San Francisco during his first world teaching tour in 1959 and to continue to study and train with His Holiness until his passing in 2008.

with M 1


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 Outlaw Poet-Painter

[For more info about my life as a poet and painter, and to view some of my poetry and visual artwork, please click on the respective banner ikons for the pages “ARTIST” and “POET”, located in the header on the home page of this blogsite. From time to time I add more of my poems, paintings, and other artwork to those pages.]

“draw art from sunlight, poetry from moonlight”

face color 2

face photo 2

I’ve never yet been arrested for my poetry or paintings,—though I’ve been told the poor quality of some is criminal. Some of my poetry & artwork however, due to its celebration of political & religious dissidence and erotic, intellectual, & spiritual liberation, would definitely get me both jailed and executed in several parts of the world. But “outlaw” here is meant not so literally & drastically, but more as an attitudinal approach to political, cultural & intellectual dissent, a scofflaw angle of degagé repose, &/or outraged stance of engagé defiance against injustice and violence perpetrated against individuals & communities, against other beings, and against our planet home itself.



…If I had several concurrent lifetimes to pursue, one would be relishing cloistered existence in a forest-hidden ivory tower academic library-scriptorium, burning midnight oil in armchair adventures of a scholarly sort, digging the mental landscapes of my historical & contemporary compeers and intellectual/spiritual/poetic heroes. Emerging weekly to deliver lectures & attend seminars with my fellow scholars. Something like that. One such concurrent life. With a fellow-scholar wife, naturally, who had moonlighted maybe as a dancer, or something sparky! …What a wonderful dream life! — Wait a minute! That is the life I’ve been living! For years now! Well, at least one of my concurrent lives. Though, tragically, now, alas! without the beloved brilliant & very sparky wife. And also sadly, without the actual forest….

[For more info on my life and work as a professional educator and “public intellectual”, click on the banner ikon for the page “ACADEMIC” found in the header on the home page of this blog site.]  



“transmute evil & pain into holy joy”


I came to active engagement in eco-social peace and justice at a very early stage in life, almost as early as I came to daily meditation practice and a contemplative life-style. Adding things up, I have spent several years of my life immersed in silent meditation retreats at various locations on the planet. Years solid. And several years worth of daily engagement in various direct action projects for peace & justice. Years solid. And of course decades worth of both together stretched out across time. Quite literally my entire lifetime, early childhood excepted.

I find activism to be a meaningful outward communally-applied expression of my inner personal contemplative consciousness. And I find the daily practice of morning and evening silent meditation sessions (and periodic deep meditation retreats) to be the best form of grounding, solidifying, preparing for, recovering from, and integrating the activity and benefits and personal “costs” to mind and body of engagement in activist projects.

(for more, click on the banner ikon “Activist”…



[For more info about my life as a planet-loving, globe-exploring pilgrim of sacred natural sites and culturally sacred sites, click on the banner ikon “PILGRIM” located on the home page of this blog site.] 

Pilgrimage1 mt k


 Saint-errant wannabe…


A saint-errant is like a knight-errant, but without the violence, weapons, and armor. A “free-lance” saint who wanders in search of spreading peace, love, goodwill, and overflowing joy. There is a strong hint that his or her free-spirit outlook and life-style verges on what the orthodox would denounce as “outlaw” — that is, as “errant” in the sense of a waywardness with regard to rules and regulations as well as in the innocent sense of “wandering.”

I really dig that whole thang. Of course I don’t mean I prefer “wayward” in the sense of indifference to, or violation of, universally life-supporting ethics and morals, but in terms of being personally attuned to, at-one with, the inherent cosmic freedom of Nature and the divine home of all the laws of nature which remains forever as the boundless open field of creative intelligence, of pure consciousness, which lies beyond the limitations of any artificial structures of thought-systems and institutional rigidities.

My own profoundly enlightened spiritual teachers have virtually all been cosmic “freebooters,” saints-errant who silently turned their back on the moribund orthodoxies and formalists of their own traditions and cultures and adventured-forth around the world, doing much-needed good wherever they traveled, with no regard for the rigid agendas of the narrow-minded and obfusque.


Never-say-die incurable romantic

[For more info on my life as a lover of Romanticism, and as a lover of ideal domestic romantic-partnership, and shared adventures, ….click on the header ikon “ROMANTIC” on the home page of this blog site.]

“Seasons may change, but my love’s a lifetime…”  (True Violet)

When I love, it’s forever.


“From the very first time I blessed my eyes on you, girl
my heart said “follow through!”
But I know now that I’m way down on your line
…But the waiting feeling’s fine…

So don’t treat me like a puppet on a string
Cuz I know how to do my thing
Don’t talk to me as if you think I’m dumb
I wanna know when you’re gonna come

See, I don’t wanna wait in vain for your love
Cuz Summer is here, & I’m still waiting there
…Winter is here, & I’m still waiting there…

Like I said, it’s been 3 years since I’m knocking on your door,
And I still can knock some more.
Ooh girl, ooh girl! Is it crazy? Look, I wanna know now.
Is it feasible, I wanna know now, for me to knock some more?

Ya see, in life I know there is lots of grief
…but your love is my relief….
Tears in my eyes burn, tears in my eyes burn!
While I’m waiting, while I’m waiting for my turn.

See, I don’t wanna wait in vain for your love
…It’s your love that I’m waiting on
…It’s my love that your running from…
I don’t wanna wait, I don’t wanna wait in vain
for your love”

(with slight variance, & thanks to Mr Bobby Marley, Duchess Annie Lennox, et al)


Life-long Left Coast beach & mountain forest lover & defender

marin landscape

I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area & San Diego area, and have lived up & down the Coast throughout much of my life. Though I have also lived several other places as well, sometimes for years at a time, the West Coast always still feels most like home, emotionally, aesthetically, culturally, bio-regionally.

[For more info about my life as a Left Coaster coastal Leftie, click on the header ikon “LEFT COAST” on the home page of this blog site.]


Presently daydreaming under a high desert sky…

desert 2

Been here in the High Desert eleven years now. Moved here from Marin (San Francisco North Bay Peninsula Area) with my now-late sweetheart-wife. Why here? A largely inexplicable legerdemain of Fate.

Since residing here, have continued to enjoy some traveling, much of it repeated once or twice every year or two: Santa Fe, Taos, Southwest variance; back to California, up & down the Coast, the Northwest—Ashland, Eugene, Portland, Seattle, Port Townsend, Vancouver, Vancouver Island; across country, Boulder, Colorado Rockies, Midwest, NYC, Boston, the Berkshires, Vermont; back to Holland, back to India. Most are places we’d been to before, most I’d love to see again, some I’d love to see once or twice every year or two if possible. There are many more also desirable places, near & far, I’ve yet to explore.

Though there is much beauty here, I still resonate with the Coast as my emotional home. Would be happiest to relocate there perhaps, or possibly move on to some new magical place(s) —but where?….If I had the dough.

Yet for the Now, this High Desert eyrie continues to be my redoubt.

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