American racist alt-right KKK Nazi rams speeding car into crowd, killing one, injuring dozens. Frump blames “many sides” for this violent murder and mayhem

Nazis and neo-Confederate racist “alt-right” fascists banded together in America and murdered and maimed innocent citizens here in America in broad daylight right on teevee today.

And this \%{#**%+/  so-called occupant of the White House throne has done nothing but give these rightwing thugs support and encouragement, permission and incitement to such violence and murder since the very first day of his campaign for office and for many long years before that. His father was a racist, just as he is, and was also a KKK/Nazi supporter who was arrested for violent racist rioting — so what can you expect!?

How long must we put up with this real life horror show? How many more murders do these thugs have to carry out before we are rid of this disgusting regime?

Any government agency chief, congressperson, senator, governor, mayor, police chief or police officer, or clergyperson of any religion or college president, military general or officer or enlistee (etc etc) who doesn’t stand up immediately and publicly condemn the actions, words, and murderous policies of this so-called national leader, his cabinet and administration is, in my opinion, from this point on directly and personally complicit in the murders and injuries perpetrated by these American Nazis and Confederates. It really is that simple.

Every responsible government office-holder should be demanding the impeachment of this executive office holder and the instant removal of every one of his cabinet appointees. Every journalist and newsperson and every celebrity who has access to voicing their opinion to influence the public should be demanding the removal of this office-holder and his entire cabinet. He recently has been stating that it may be necessary to postpone the 2020 elections — indefinitely! And a number of Republican congresspersons and senators have been supporting these outrageous statements! If we don’t take action immediately and decisively to end this hateful regime now, it very well may become a totalitarian dictatorship before the next elections are scheduled to take place.

This has always been the potential threat regarding this regime. Today, with the televised public murder of one person and the injury of dozens of others, right here in the US of A, by a Nazi Klansman, the threatening call for violence against law-abiding US citizens which was repeatedly voiced for months by this disgusting throne-occupant has just stepped now from the level of threatening call for violence to actual murder.  What are you going to do about it?





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