Well, That Escalated Quickly


Personally, I’ve never wanted to rule the world, — though I certainly continue to hope and trust that I’m having a positive, benign, life-supporting, life-enhancing influence, to whatever extent, on how things go for others, for everyone and everything. . . and I certainly dig this little guy’s other wishes for his future!


Maharishi, commenting on a verse in the Bhagavad-Gita (5:18), writes:

Those who have realized the Reality of life ‘perceive the same’ oneness through all the diversity of experience. … The Being of an evolved human and that of the animals is the same; established in the oneness of Being, having realized the Unity of the Transcendent underlying all diversity, an enlightened individual gains evenness of vision . . .

Wisdom brings humility. Just as the wise man or woman sees the distinctions and differences in creation as only temporary, with one ultimate Reality underlying them all, so he or she does not insist that things should happen in any particular way. Such a person takes things lightly, for he knows they all have their common end. This natural quality of Being in the wise is interpreted as humility. Indeed, humility is the criterion of wisdom, arising as it does out of the increased sense of the oneness of life, of the basic Unity of all beings.

Humility is commonly understood to be the honest recognition of one’s personal limitations, one’s ignorance and insignificance; but true humility lies in the quality of Being and not in any attitude of mind.

The mind of the realized person is fully infused with the state of Being—the oneness of life—and such a mind naturally has oneness of vision irrespective of what it sees. The apparent distinctions of relative existence fail to create divisions in its view.

This does not mean that such a person fails to see a cow or is unable to distinguish it from a dog. Certainly she sees a cow as a cow and a dog as a dog, but the form of the cow and the form of the dog fail to blind her to the oneness of the Self, which is the same in both. Although she sees a cow and a dog, her Self is established in the Being of the cow and the Being of the dog, which is her own Being. This verse of the Gita stresses that the enlightened person, while beholding and acting in the world of diversified creation, does not fall from his or her steadfast Unity of life, with which his or her mind is saturated and which remains indelibly infused into his or her vision.    * * *


As for that young boy….

Eric wrote this song when he was 19. . .

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