TODAY’s Vedic significance

Today, Wednesday, July 19, 2017 is the Vedic day of Kamika Ekadashi, a day sacred to Vishnu.

Vishnu is the all-pervading aspect of Brahman, the Totality of Consciousness. All-pervading Vishnu is the quality of cosmic creative intelligence within natural law responsible for maintaining stability in creation. Creative Intelligence maintains Itself and expands Itself (in Its manifest, relative expression) through three phases or functions. First there is the creative “spur to action”, the initial impulse to evolve, to manifest itself as life in the relative modes of time and space. This is the Brahmā function, that aspect of Brahman or Totality which is equivalent to a creator of (relative) life. Then there is the aspect of maintaining the “status quo” of what has been expressed or manifest. This is the Vishnu function of Brahman, which preserves life as a relative reality. Then there is the functional aspect of Brahman known as Shiva, which dissolves the boundaries of the status quo, destroys the limits of the current conditional structure of living beings, of existent things, thus bringing about growth in evolution: for the rose to bloom, the bud must “die”, for the bud to emerge the seed must “die”, for the seed to reach its fullness the blossom must die, and so the cycle of life continues. Today, the cosmic-earthly energy patterns of natural laws governing the quality of human life on Earth are uniquely associated with Vishnu the Preserver.

Vedic yagyas performed today help one to accomplish evolutionary desires, desires and intentions that support the life of all beings everywhere, that enhance the evolutionary stability of life for all beings.

19 July • Kamika Ekadashi • Day of Vishnu

Quality of Natural Law: Helping to accomplish one’s desires

  • Fulfillment of desires
  • Gaining knowledge
  • Spiritual progress
  • Fullness of life
  • Good fortune
  • Removal of resistance and problems
  • Happiness, health, and positive support
  • Peace of mind

Individuals who observe traditional Vedic lifestyles help attune themselves to the patterns of nature law unique to today by adding a fast to their usual self-development routine of

rising in the early pre-dawn hours of morning

applying Ayurvedic warm sesame seed oil massage, then bathing

simple yoga asanas and breathing exercises

puja and meditation

practice of yoga siddhis

For maintaining the vrat, or self-dedication observance of day-long fast: if needed, one takes juice and other liquid nourishment, but refrains from grains and other solid food.

Fasting during this particular day is said to powerfully help to eliminate all impurities and counteract all negative karmic bonds or debts preventing one from living enlightenment right now, from this very day forward. Today is a very powerful time, during which the energy conditions and patterns of natural law greatly enhances all spiritual practices performed during this time.










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