Making the most of tomorrow’s subtle energy patterns

“There is nothing in the cosmos, either in the material plane or the spiritual plane which cannot be directly cognized. The procedures of Vedic science provide a direct method of direct cognition of material existence in this unlimited cosmos and also they provide a direct technique to cognize that which is evenly permeating, evenly pervading the entire physical structure of the cosmos, that all-pervading Reality, the unified field of consciousness.”

~ His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Los Angeles, 1959


Tomorrow, Sunday 16 July, is another special day in this month’s Vedic calendar of solar-lunar-astro-&-Earthly pattern-forming conjunctions and configurations. The laws of nature, manifesting as vortices of conscious, intelligent energies, surround and permeate, sustain and influence our minds, our bodies, our inner and outer environment, our total being and surroundings at all manifest levels, gross and subtle. Beyond the subtlest manifest level, at the transcendental level, our individual being and the being of the entire universe are united as one non-dual field, the home of all the laws of nature, the unmanifest source of all energy fields and matter fields.

This total potential of natural law, the Unified Field of Consciousness, is known in Vedic terms as Brahman — all-inclusive universal Totality of holistic objective and subjective being, unified as one infinite continuum of Reality. This Totality manifests in specific ways as the creative intelligence operative within various laws of nature and patterns of complex combinations of natural laws. One such complex of natural law is that of Shiva, the personification of dynamic infinite silence, also expressed as the total coherence of human brain wave activity, holistic coherent mental activity, fully stabilized natural optimal neurophysiological functioning, enlightened consciousness.

Tomorrow is special to Lord Shiva in His particular expression as Kala Bhairav — a particularly intense form of the cosmic Divine Energy and Intelligence operative in, and as, and through those expressions of natural law which utilize the nature of time to destroy or dissolve the limitations of time, dissolve one manifest temporal form to give birth to higher forms, just as specialized natural laws of time “destroy” in time the rosebud in the process of unfolding also in time to become the fully-bloomed rose. Bhairav Shiva, as the creative intelligence administrating the natural laws of time, destroys limitations and boundaries, removing impediments to our own harmonious happiness in life so that we enjoy living the greater unfoldment of our own inherent potential, enjoy life lived fully in accord with cosmic natural law, lived fully in the mainstream of cosmic evolution without any resistance or obstruction from our calcified individualized ego-limitations.

One traditional part of the vrat, or self-dedication observance employed on this day (tomorrow, Sunday) to bring about purification and elimination of boundaries, is to maintain a fast throughout the day. Many traditional followers of the ancient Vedic lifestyle will take only water throughout this day, or only water and fruit juice, or only water, juice, and fresh sweet fruits. In some traditional communities, it is customary to break one’s fast after sunset on this day (ie tomorrow) or after sunrise the following day (ie Monday the 17th) with a meal of wild potato. Wild potato is not the same vegetable as ordinary domestic potato that has escaped cultivation. It is a native Indian and Asian medicinal plant utilized in many important Ayurvedic herbal compound formulas for its particularly strong health-supporting properties.

Another observance is simply to make a commitment to align all our intentions and wishes, our thoughts, speech, and actions with the aspiration to live this day in harmony with the qualities and effects of the natural laws aligning on this day to produce the following benefits:

16 July • Kalashtami Vrat

Quality of Natural Law: Giving fullness of life and mental peace

  • Overall progress
  • Removal of serious problems
  • Removal of resistance and problems
  • Happiness, health, and positive support

Of course, for those initiated into the ancient Vedic tradition regenerated and maintained by Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhis Program, practicing one’s everyday morning and evening routine of meditation samadhi-practice, sutra & yogic flying practice, physical yoga & breathing procedures, Ayurvedic bathing & cleansing processes, etc, is all just a natural part of this day like any other. For TM teachers, the daily Vedic puja (traditional Sanskrit thanksgiving offering ceremony) of the Shankaracharya guru param-para, is also particularly beneficial on this day for enhancing the benefits associated with the natural laws operating at that time.

For everyone’s benefit everywhere, there is the procedural performance of Maharishi Yagyas—ancient Vedic invocation and offering rituals performed daily by teams of thousands of expert traditional hereditary Vedic pundits trained by Maharishi and living in residential groups established all over the world. Each day these groups of Vedic specialists perform a very special ancient yagya for world peace, and then also perform yagyas relevant to the particular patterns of natural law that are lively on that specific day of the annual cycle of our planet during its recursive movement through space. It is possible to benefit more specifically from these yagya performances by lending support to these communities of full-time specialists established and trained by Maharishi. By sponsoring a particular yagya performance for a particular day, one’s intentions are included in the offerings made that day.

One well-known way to improve happiness is to contribute to the happiness and well-being of others.

It is possible to place requests for the Maharishi Yagya being performed on any given day to include your requests for the well-being and happiness and particular needs of others, not only for oneself. These requests are then included in the performance of the offerings and recitations made by the pundits during that yagya on the appropriate day. A less intensive, but still strongly beneficial effect can be gained simply by mentally and emotionally intending one’s supportive participation in the offerings being made that day by the world-wide communities of pundits performing yagyas each day.

Also, simply doing things for others on this day, and even dedicating and offering the merit of one’s intentions and activities throughout the day for the benefit of others, brings greater happiness to them and to oneself. One’s progress in life is enhanced by cultivating the practice of thinking of others, and acting accordingly.

May all beings everywhere be happy and free from suffering.


“Vedic science deals with the basic teaching of action and non-action and right and wrong action . . . Vedic science deals with the very fundamental of activity because it deals with that element which is inactive, that is Absolute, abstract, knowing no change, devoid of all activity, transcending all activity. And yet that is the fundamental start of activity from where the creative impulse begins. And then Vedic science deals with the activity of all beings and humankind and then various phases of human activity. When it comes to various phases of human activity the Vedic texts prescribe do this and do not do this. The Karma Kanda of the Veda, the chapter on action, is devoted to specific actions called yagyas. Yagyas are those specific actions whereby humans harmonize their activity and intentions with natural law and make contact with the higher beings in creation, different higher strata of creation. There are different yagyas to harmonize with different laws of nature and contact those higher beings and produce higher effects and gain desired accomplishment in life. All these innumerable types of yagyas are detailed in the Vedic texts. The criterion of success of those performances lies in accomplishing what we desire, innumerable yagyas to bestow innumerable achievements. This knowledge is to fulfill the aspirations of human beings.

“The chapter on Karma Kanda deals with all the do’s and don’ts of life and prescribes specific performances, specific rites and rituals. Every rite and every ritual is basically founded on the principle of different frequencies of vibrations. There are specific chantings which go along with specific rites. All these yagya performances are concerned with making various offerings and how to make offerings so that we enjoy maximum result from making the offering.  When we offer a flower we chant something, when we offer some water we chant something, when we make other offerings we chant something. All those performances are to supplement the effect of the sounds and intents of the words of the Vedic texts, the hymns, the mantras, the vibrations, the sound waves that we emit through those particular chanted texts or mantras. These purify and enliven the atmosphere, create greater harmony or consonance between the laws of nature at various levels of creation and our own state of consciousness, or own mind and body. This has a very great value.”

~ His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, 1959



additional info, sometimes valid, though not always clearly presented, as related to tomorrow’s calendric significance:








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