Exaltatus cum Bonis Avibus – May you Travel under Good Auspices (soar with the support of kindly birds)!

Laksmi - Uma forma de Divina Mãe que abençoa abundância espiritual e material. O Sri Chakra Yantra revela sua estrutura de energia interior . O Sri Chakra tem essa natureza . " O Sri Chakra Yantra é para a realização de qualquer desejo no universo - . Completamente o maior espiritual, eo maior de material Ele descreve e dá forma à energia É absorver a energia , dando relevo, e dando as maiores bênçãos . o universo, porque Shakti está vivendo naquele lugar " . - Sri Kaleshwar

To stop life’s turn to nightmare  / adopt the colorful patience of birds.   ~Nathanial Tarn

Have been spending today in silence and dedication to the vrat, the observance of various internal and external yogic-related practices advised in the ancient Vedic texts for deriving maximum benefit from the auspicious conscious-energies lively in this calendric day’s subtle astro-physical alignment patterns of earthly and cosmic natural law.

Each day of the year has particular energy patterns related to various natural laws and their specific qualities as cognized by the ancient Vedic rishis (enlightened seers, holy sages). By observing the vrat particular to a given day, one enhances one’s receptivity and karmic/dharmic potential suitability for magnetizing the affinity between one’s own daily and long-term life-patterns and the beneficial life-supporting and life-enhancing cosmic energies lively during that particular day of the year.  This brings important material and spiritual improvement to one’s life.

There are many potential benefits associated with today’s qualities of natural law. Among these are particularly the enhanced potential for finding and enjoying a harmonious fulfilling relationship with a suitable life-partner. As well as for enjoying enhanced material prosperity and spiritual progress, increased knowledge, and much else. You know I’m all about such things!

Today’s significant position in the astronomical/astrological Vedic calendar year is particularly auspicious in relation to opening one’s awareness to the special qualities of personal and cosmic creative intelligence and conscious-energy represented by both Lord Shiva, responsible for destruction of ignorance and death, and the couple, Lord Vishnu the all-pervading Cosmic Preserver, united together with His divine consort, equal, and “better half,” Lady Lakshmi, Goddess of Good Fortune. The word lucky is the English language cognate of the ancient Vedic Sanskrit name Lakshmi (pronounced LUCK-shmee), the Personification of Luck, She who embodies and bestows good fortune on those who align and harmonize themselves with the laws of nature).

So, whoever you are, and wherever you are out there in the natural world, — especially you, future lady-friend and ideal partner in life, — I’m sending you good vibrations and magnetic cosmic love currents… Come runnin’ whenever you feel the inner urge…and hopefully the material wealth factor will have been arranged for us by Lady Lakshmi and Her Divine Unlimited Company by then as well.

You can read more about today on relevant wiki entries and at :


10 July • Shravan Somwar • Day of Shiva

10 July • Ashunya Shayan Dwitiya • Day of Vishnu and Lakshmi

Quality of Natural Law: Helping to fulfill all material and spiritual desires

  • Gaining knowledge
  • Spiritual progress
  • Fullness of life
  • Peace of mind
  • Increased chances for getting a good wife
  • Increased chances for getting a good husband
  • Harmony in married life
  • Evolution in life
  • Prosperity and fulfillment
  • Wealth
  • Fulfillment of desires


    Sarvamangalam – may best good fortune come to all beings everywhere.



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