Do Epic Shit


with undertones of Himalayan cedar, winter begonia, Malabar nut tree bark, holy basil, sacred lotus, shatavari root, heart-leaved moon seed, and Indian kudzu . . .

At a time when the mercury here has risen into the high triple digits and will stay there with little fluctuation all 24/7 for the entire season, I spent part of the morning yesterday at the local bookstore café, completing my usual daily grading of student assignments for my university summer courses,  . . . and for dessert, washing down my Ayurvedic herb & mineral tonic pills for longevity & lucidity with a tall iced chai masala with shots of peach and black cherry while perusing various magazines. In addition to journals devoted to arts and politics, poetry & literature, history and interior design, Hinduism, Daoism, Buddhism, yoga & spirituality, and a few other things, these publications included a few surfing, hiking, camping, travel and outdoor adventure magazines. It’s nice to do a little armchair inner-&-outer adventure traveling now and then when you’re in an outer travel-restricted mode in your actual everyday-zone  (Only straight-up loco horn’d toads & coyot’s venture out in the 119 F degrees sun.)  Here’s some ad copy from a few of the mags, plus a couple of non-ad lines from others.

(from a Colorado mountainbike café:)  Bread . . . p.s. Not bombs. / The toil of many goes to the fortunate few.  / Bikes need neo-liberals like First Nation peoples need Europeans.

Our newest coffee roast with undertones of vanilla butter, crazy raisins, and crystal clear nectarines . . .

Wanderlust is not a sin.

Get outfitted. Get trained. Get inspired. Get going. The world is waiting.

Harness the challenge, discover your journey.

Ancient strategies, modern connections.

Modern by design. Timeless in nature.

The most inspiring moments come through simple and unexpected discoveries.

The funny thing about a good view is it’s always there, even when you can’t see it.

Ride Bikes / Do great things

(the header notice I pasted above: “Do Epic Shit” is from a poster I saw a week or two ago in a video of the trailerhome of Kalen Thorien, skier, adventurer & epic shitkicker.)

Cross borders. Push boundaries. There are travelers. And then there are explorers. For you, no location is too remote; no journey too long. Find your way then lose it. But whatever direction you take, know that you’ll never reach your destination, only your destiny. Let the odyssey begin. Make life a ride.

#Anywhere is possible.

Experience matters. We only know things when we live them.

The world is out there. Go look. The world is waiting. Live the dream.

Home Sweet Nowhere.

No one has the right to obey.

Not all escapes are created equal.

Telluride – the most Colorado place on earth

Adventure is calling . . . What are you waiting for?

Escape to Amazing

ad photo of roadsign warning: “Falling Rocks”; altered with graffiti to: “Falling in love Rocks”

actual tourist photo of handwritten sign posted at secluded surf break in Jamaica: RASPECT DA SPOT


Passages from various articles:

“Expect foul weather at any time of the year, but realize it is part of the raw and unfiltered experience of traveling in Iceland. Before venturing into the interior, be aware that there are no towns or villages in the remote parts of the island, nor is there anything in the way of fuel, food, or accommodations.”    Overland Journal

“Adventure doesn’t always look like what you would expect. It is not bound to the toughest trails or limited to foreign lands with unfamiliar cultures. Some journeys are about rediscovering the places we already know and seeing them in a new light.”  Chris Cordes, Overland Journal

“In the middle of the night the beers awoke me, asking to be let out.” Overland Journal


Parallel passages:

“If we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane.” ~ Robert Frost

“If people never did silly things, nothing intelligent would ever get done.” ~ Ludwig Wittenstein




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