Aging Prostitutes

We’re all a bunch of old whores.”

~~Shirley Temple

If you work to earn money to pay for your daily bread

(and who among us is lucky enough not to have to do this?)

— renting out some part of your mind and/or

some part of your body to turn a profit

for someone else who then pays you a sliver of that silver

for the labor you perform for them,

you are prostituting yourself

and you know it.

At least sex-workers are more honest,

and usually have more freedom

over who and what they allow inside

the inner spaces of their minds

if not their bodies.

Unless you are performing physical labor,

you are probably prostituting your mind

rather than your body per se

accommodating some erstwhile stranger

in some erstwhile private space inside your self,

some space inside your mind

instead of your body.

Allowing them to occupy much of your mind,

renting out that space probably most of the hours

of your day most days of the week

But you’re probably also dragging your body to the workplace

along with your mind. Sitting in your office cubicle

or standing on your workplace floor,

Selling a piece of your mind all day long

along with your body held captive there too

laboring for some stranger’s pleasure or profit

All for a piece of silver with which to buy

your daily slice of bread.

Selling yourself, renting out one space or another

inside yourself for some ready cash

It may not be selling a piece of your ass

on the street, literally. But you’re prostituting yourself

nonetheless. And you know it.

We all are.

“We’re all old whores” ~~ Kate Middleton

Of course, being an independent artist allows one to be more like an independent street whore rather than one indentured to a corporate pimp or madam. But wait till you start trying to create your art according to what you have reason to think will be most likely to sell, instead of what you’d most like to create if money were no concern. And most artists (of any and all genres and media) have their pimps just like most street whores do. If what you do all day long to make a living is not exactly the same as what you would be doing if money were no concern, you are a fucking whore and you know it — pimping your soul out, renting out space inside your mind and/or your body to some fucking stranger in exchange for money to pay your fucking rent, buy your groceries, your meds, your nappies, your books, your apps. And you know it. “We’re all old whores.” ~~Barbara Bush

A few of us are lucky enough to do for a living exactly what we would do just for fun if we could afford to, what we might even be happy to pay others to allow us to do if we had to, and if we could afford it. But only a very few of us.  Most of us do things throughout the days of our lives for the sake of staying alive that we would never stoop to doing if we didn’t have to — if we had enough money that we didn’t have to work any more, ever, for anyone else, doing anything we wouldn’t be thrilled to do for free. “We’re all old whores.” ~~Justin Bieber

Meanwhile, the luckiest of the rest of us take solace in the thought that we are at least helping others in some way or other by what we do all day long to earn our living. In which case, to be fancy about it, we are sex therapists, sex surrogate workers, in that sense, not just whores. Sure, we’re still whores, but we are charitably-minded social worker-whores, earning our keep by helping others. We’re practical nurses, as it were, psychiatric nurses, if you will, giving more than just comfort to our johns. We’re actually helping others in important ways. Or so we fancy about ourselves. We’re actually helping our “johns” cope with this world in which they also are all prostitutes just like we are. We’re all old whores together here. Trading favors with each other. You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours; you pay my rent with a salary check, I’ll show up at your business and work for you all day, every day, renting out my mind and body to you. You pay my grocery bill, I’ll suck your American dick. Or whatever. “We’re all old whores.” ~~Jimmy Stewart

This pertains to religion as much as politics, to the art world as much as to the academic world, to the world of medicine (often) as much as to the world of arms manufacturing or the science of physics (the military and the weapons-manufacturing military contractor corporations employ 95% of physics graduates — in the US, and around the world.  What other jobs did you think physics grads could get?). “We’re all old whores.” ~~Robert Oppenheimer

This is the world we live in. Buy low, sell high. Make a profit, however thin the margin. Live off of what you can get taking advantage of others. Just try living outside this grid! See how far you get! “We’re all just old whores.”~~Sean Spicer

If you were born wealthy, great (just don’t look too closely at where that money came from!); if you’re retired, great (some whores are lucky enough to retire also). But mostly it’s a matter of how many dicks you’re going to need to suck or take up your ass every day to pay your bills at the end of the month, every month. Month after month, year after year. “We’re all broken-down old whores.” ~~Steve Bannon

It’s a matter of how willing you are to pretend that you like it. How good you are at convincing others that at least you don’t hate it. That you don’t hate them for having to sell yourself to them to pay your bills. And the additional sick truth is many of them want you to hate them and to show it — that’s part of what they pay you for. Because they hate themselves. Because they’re whores, too, of course. “We’re all nothing but a bunch of old whores.” ~~Billy Graham

Or maybe you are an aging trustafarian and think none of this applies to you. Ya think?

My late sweetheart and I first bonded in part over exchanging similar views about this when we first met.

Below: I just recently heard this song (“pre-released” back in September, I think). It is the first “pop” song I can remember to address this issue so directly, aside from numerous old and some new songs about actual sex-worker prostitutes… I was already fond of some earlier songs by this duo. But this particular track really speaks to something artists (not just performing/recording music artists) and indeed other workers of all sorts have to deal with. What a world…. “We’re all a bunch of old whores.” ~~ Walt Disney


“Slave to the Radio”

by Sylvan Esso, from their album What Now (2017)


Gimme a new single

Make me a new baby
Gonna eat all the candy

while you straddle and lay me

Gonna know all the words

before you come on top
And I sing them back at you

while you try to nap

While the world rides on,

we’re so happy to be

listening to our radio
Our savior, oh
While the world melts on down

we’re so happy to be

listening to our radio,

now break it on down slow

Slave to the radio, slave to the radio,

slave to the radio, three-point-three-oh

Slave to the radio, slave to the radio,

slave to the radio, 3.30

Now don’t you look good

sucking American dick
You’re so surprised they like you
You’re so cute and so quick

Singin’,  “I’ve got the moves of a TV queen
Fuck-girl hero in a magazine
Faking the truth in a new pop song
Don’t you wanna sing along?”

Slave to the radio, slave to the radio,

slave to the radio, 3.30
Slave to the radio, slave to the radio,

slave to the radio, 3.30

Highway blues and gasoline fumes,

it’s all I seem to make

while I’m playin’ my tunes
I know the rules, I ask for it, too
But I just keep on yelling,

keep on running, never stopping

Do you got the moves

to make it stick, yeah?

to get the clicks, yeah?
Technicolor our every move
Can you keep them coming

like a machine, yeah?
The old blue jean, yeah?
What can we do to get you on the news?

Slave to the radio, slave to the radio,

slave to the radio, 3.30
Slave to the radio, slave to the radio,

slave to the radio, 3.30

Slave to the radio,

wait till they forget you, though

slave to the radio, 3.30
Slave to the radio, slave to the radio,

slave to the radio, 3.30


Songwriters: Amelia Randall Meath / Nicholas Christen Sanborn

Radio lyrics © Words & Music A Div Of Big Deal Music LLC







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