In May: 101 visitors from 18 countries

I’m trying to establish a new personal custom here of posting an end-of-each-month tally of visits to this blogsite according to visitors’ countries. As both the blogsite hosts and the hosts of the world map I use count areas of the world as “countries” in ways that differ from those used by both the US and/or the UN to count “sovereign nations”, my tallies may seem bizarre to some readers. No offense is intended. Here is the list of countries from around the world who have had visitors to the site during this just-ending month of May, 2017:

During May, a total of 101 visitors from 18 countries:

Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Colombia, Croatia, Finland, France, Georgia, Hong Kong, India, Kenya, Malaysia, South Africa, Taiwan, UAE, UK, USA.

By continental region:

Africa:  Kenya, South Africa

Asia:  Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates

Australia & Oceania:  Australia

Europe:  Belgium, Croatia, Finland, France, Georgia, United Kingdom

North America:  Canada, USA

South America:  Argentina, Colombia

Thanks for visiting my blogsite.

May all people live in peace and freedom.

The link below shows a map of the world with the countries highlighted from which visitors to date have landed on this blogsite since its beginning:,BY,BE,BG,HR,CZ,FI,FR,GE,DE,GR,IE,IT,LT,LU,NL,NO,PL,PT,RU,SK,ES,SE,CH,TR,UA,GB,CA,JM,MX,PR,US,AR,BR,CL,CO,UY,GH,KE,MU,NG,ZA,TN,BT,CN,HK,IN,ID,IL,JP,JO,MY,NP,PK,PH,SG,KR,TW,AE,VN,AU,NZ


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