Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

The Six Degrees: Kevin Bacon

And, by the way, at instant first glance, my Bacon Number is 3:

Kevin Bacon (0) ~ Hugh Jackman (1) ~ David Bowie (2) ~ me (3).

“Chances are” I have other Bacon Numbers as well, but perhaps (?) none smaller than 3…

But these are likely to be just social in my case, not professional! I’ve never made any movies!

Here’s another one I just realized:

Kevin Bacon (0) ~ Bob Dylan (1) ~ Joan Baez (2) ~ Mimi Farina (3) ~ me (4)…

Again, this is purely social (as well as just for silly fun): I’ve bumped into Dylan as well as having seen him in concert; I’ve met Joan and have attended a few of her concerts, and I slightly (!) knew Mimi … I’ve never “worked” with any of them, and I’ve never met Bacon.

But it’s a silly fun game …

Such lists could go on and on. Here we all are (ALL of us!), alive on the same Earth, at the same moment in time….    Enjoy your life.

“Hey now, you’re an all-star, get your game on, go play
Hey now, you’re a rock star, get your show on, get paid”

Have fun. Help other people. Save the whales. Save the planet.

You do you.  Be happy.  Be kind.


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