Halfway through May

Halfway through May, and the 56 visitors who have dropped by this blogsite between May 1 and May 15 this year (2017) are from the following 12 countries:

Argentina, Canada, Croatia, France, India, Kenya, Malaysia, South Africa, Taiwan, UAE, UK, and USA.

For a period of just 15 days, I’d say that’s a delightful, nearly planetary/global intercontinental representation: — North America (Canada, US); South America (Argentina); Europe (UK, France, Croatia); Africa (Kenya, South Africa); West Asia or Middle East (UAE); South Asia (India); Southeast Asia (Malaysia); and East Asia/Pacific (Taiwan).

“Not too shabby.”

Thank you all for visiting. Keep stopping by to read what I have to share and to leave your comments.

Occasionally, I even write here directly about what’s on my mind, or what I’m up to. And even when I merely post others’ words, I also am sharing (less directly) what’s on my mind that day, that hour, at the moment. You know, words about some of the kinds of Things Great and Small I think everyone who reads this blog site may find interesting: news of the day — especially news about politics, the environment, culture, religion and spirituality, art, relationships, etc; and other non-newsy things about art and literature and music; eco-social justice and world peace through inner peace; the world of nature and those who love and explore it; spirituality, meditation, yoga, and enlightenment; romantic love and sometimes sexual love and joy, and sometimes sexual and/or romantic disasters and disappointment; the lives and words of enlightened sages and living saints and historical saints; history including intellectual history; some of the wacky persons famous, infamous, and unsung whom I know and/or have known or met in the past, etc. …



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