Feast of Vultures

As the multi-layered, multi-faced White House scandals and treasonous crimes and our related/resulting national Constitutional crisis rapidly escalate and murkily unfold, what is next? And WHO is next, — that is, who’s next in line to “run” this nation, either as a continuing fascist/corporatist/militarist/racist/sexist “Christian” police-state dictatorship, OR intelligently, rationally governed as a newly-reborn law-based humane republic and peoples’ democracy?

We continue to witness (so often with constantly alternating sickening horror and dark, dark nauseous gallows humor) as this struggle hourly unfolds between attempts at a modicum of justice and human rights on the one hand, and on the other hand the evil efforts of a tiny cabal of self-aggrandizing and hateful idiots (backed by perhaps half the nation’s people—the stupid, hateful and deluded half) to continue to impose nakedly inhumane despotism and corruption, violent domestic repression and utterly transparent foreign invasions and occupations, and armed robbery at home and abroad by an imperial government-of-murderously-ruthless-corporate-pirate-captains.

One thing is, the U.S. Constitution allows the Vice President, in cooperation with Cabinet members, to remove a sitting president if he or she is deemed by them to be mentally or physically incompetent. This is one very likely scenario for what will happen during the coming days and weeks. Whether Donald Duck Schrumpft-Dreck is impeached and removed, or resigns, or is removed for incompetence, — either way, Mikey “I Hate Fags” Pentch-Putsch stands to inherit the world’s office of supreme power. This obviously will be a monumental disaster for America and for the world.

Pintzer-Putsch is a deeply-committed Christian Fundamentalist theocrat, a fascist Religious Right-wing-Nut. He is also an incredibly hateful homophobe who thinks LGBT individuals should have “the gay” zapped out of them through electro-shock “treatments” (court-appointed torture). He will absolutely attempt to reverse marriage equality and all legal protection for gays. He will also attempt to thoroughly criminalize abortion and to legally punish women who refuse or fail to carry pregnancies to term. He will also attempt to restrict women’s (and everyone else’s) heathcare and legal rights in other areas as well. For women to have equal rights and equal protection under the law flies in the face of the fascist fundamentalist Christian Dominionist worldview with which Pooch Pincer is violently crazed. He will also attempt to destroy rights for African Americans, Latinos, and other “people of color” and will attempt to criminalize and attack American Muslims, and stop all future immigration of all Muslims, all Arabs, and all persons of Middle Eastern origin, and probably people of any other (non-Christian) religion or absence of religion. He will continue to further demonize and punish and criminalize and exploit the poor. He wants the USA to be the United States of Straight White Christians Only, ruled by Ultra-Rich Straight White Christian Males and their military police goon squads. Mark my words.

This is also the worldview shared by Stefan Schtep-on Banyun and Polly Wally Doodle Ryan and LSD Bishop Origen Hatchlette, and Matilda-Waltzing Mad-Dog Mass Murderer Match-up, and Jefferson Davis Bodacious-Disregard Racist Sections Number Third, and others in the administration and the Republiplutocrat Congress and Senate and Supreme Court. Their record is on the table.

With Pinch-Putsch at the top of the power pyramid and cannibalistic feeding-frenzy food-chain, the thinly-veiled Corporatist Apartheid rule will be fully unveiled. All environmental protections and all social services for all but the whitest richest white rich, including healthcare and public education, will be very rapidly further stripped away. All the way away. Leaving nothing but a religious police state ruling over an earthquake-fracktured, toxic-coal–cloud, oil-spill tarpit, radio-active puddle of a once-beautiful country. Penthouse Pincher is an anti-science fundamentalist extremist full of hotly seething coldly frothing hatred and anger. Watch and see.

And, as I’ve indicated, it’s not only Panzer Pincer who will attempt to achieve insane fascist total Dominion and Planetary Destruction.

All the way down the constitutionally-mandated line of succession, from Mike Pez-Dispenser (number 1 in line to become the next president) to Betsy Velcro DeFroz (number 15 in line), it is a horrifyingly ugly picture. And we are definitely on the verge of Donald Duckfuck “You’re Fired!” Krumphtfrack’s total collapse and removal from power. Once the clownstick sicko puppet is conveniently out of the way, the crazy Christian Right fascists will have an open field to bulldoze over and lay to total waste and enslavement. The lightning-quick final lock-step goose-step march into the American Fundamentalist Christian Police State will be complete. And it will be very difficult to attempt to undo it once it locks down fully into place. The downfall and removal of an increasingly deranged and ranting Skrumpfturd is only the beginning. Just wait.

Darker days are coming. Almost half the people of this country STILL want this criminally insane evil ego-idiot D. Duckfuck to rule and run the planet. Behind him stands a flock of vultures whose rapacious violent insanity and crafty evil scheming we have never yet seen fully unleashed. We ain’t seen nothin yet! The one saving grace is that evil eventually devours itself. If the human race has not been completely destroyed in the meantime, if the natural planet itself has not been totally hacked and nuked to smithereens in the meantime, then perhaps future generations will once again emerge with a renewed dedication to preserving and enhancing and advancing life and evolution on Earth. But it’s a very narrow ice-bridge to such a possible future and the bridge is rapidly melting and being attacked and charged and hacked at by those who wish to directly replace their no-longer useful orange puppet Korrumpftshit with themselves. What a world.

The present line of succession to presidential imperial power:

1 Vice President Mike “Jesus Hates Faggots!” Dominionist Theocrat Kleptocrat Pence

2 Speaker of the House of Representatives Paul “I Want to Make Love with Ayn Rand” Ryan

3 President pro tempore of the Senate LDS Bishop Orrin “I Can’t Stand Homos!” Hatch

4 Secretary of State Rex “Planet Destroyer Exxon Snake Oil Thief-in-Chief” Tillerson

5 Secretary of the Treasury Steven “Goldman Money-Sachs Multi-Millionaire Thief” Mnuchin

6 Secretary of Defense James “Kill Em All!” War Criminal Mad Dog Mattis

7 Attorney General Jefferson Davis Beauregard “I’m Not A Russian Agent” Sessions III, CSA

8 Secretary of the Interior Ryan Gun-shootin Land-lootin Boot-scootin Cowboy” Zinke

9 Secretary of Agriculture Sonny “I am NOT a Real Estate Scam Artist Georgia Cracker” Perdue

10 Secretary of Commerce Wilbur “Mine-worker murderin Bizillionaire” Ross

11 Secretary of Labor Alex “Approved by One Vote” Acosta

12 Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom “Jesus Hates Faggots!” Price

13 Secretary of Housing and Urban Development insane Dr. Ben “I’ll Nap til the Rapture” Carson

(— next would be Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao, but ineligible for president because foreign-born)

14 Secretary of Energy Rick Four-Eyes “I forget the name of the third Department I will destroy” Texas Pretty Boy Perry

15 Secretary of Education Betsy Blackwater Swampgas “Destroy Public Schools Now!” DeVos


_____good night and good luck___


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