“This world go cray-cray!”
~Manu Chao (b1961) French-Spanish singer-songwriter, activist

“My teacher said to me:
‘Hike 10,000 mountains; seek out strange peaks and make sketches of them.’~Shitao (1642-1707) Chinese painter-poet, outlawed dissident prince, wandering Taoist-Buddhist hermit-monk

Dear Friends,

As our world becomes more laughably/sobbingly cray-cray every day, sometimes it’s good & even necessary to contemplate some alternatives to one’s own daily life in the cray-cray mainstream.

Here’s the first of an ongoing clutch of videos you might enjoy (with more to come).  Several of them feature wild women.

Take a look around and let me know what speaks to you and/or what puts you off, one way or the other.

Send me any good vids you’d like to share.

ciao for now

Millionaire Gives Money Away and Lives in VW Van


Kat Carney


Nepal’s nun, philanthropist and global pop star


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