Sally Yates, American Hero!

Today former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates spoke truth to power with tremendous grace and composure, and even some lovely smiles, before the special Senate Committee Hearing on the influence of Russia within the corrupt and venal Shrump “election” campaign and present “administration.” She testified before the Committee detailing both her early warnings to the White House of the proven traitorous actions of Shrump’s appointed Chief National Security Adviser and secret agent for Russia, ex-Lt General Michael Flynn, AND her refusal to enforce the unconstitutional, illegal, and immoral Shrump executive order seeking to ban entry and/or re-entry into the U.S. by Muslims, even by native-born and naturalized resident US citizens who happen to be Muslim. For one or probably both of these acts of duty and bravery, Ms Yates was summarily fired by Shrump. Her testimony supports the (as of yet unofficial) charges of treason and criminal religious and racist bigotry by Shrump and his appointed administration. Of course some Republican senators, such as slimey a—hole weasel-viper Ted C., sought unsuccessfully to discredit Ms Yates and her actions. (Her assessment of the anti-Muslim order and its later slightly-modified version has been repeatedly upheld by Federal Courts.) Today she shone like a star in the face of the GOP partisan hacks’ laughable and despicable failed attempts to disparage and discredit her. There is hope for us, yet.





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