Our life on Earth…

Here’s my monthly report on April visitors to this blog site: A total of 117 persons visited during this past month from the following 17 countries:

Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Czechia (Czech Republic) Germany, India, Italy, Jordan, Malaysia, Russia, Slovakia, UK, US.

Here’s the link to a map of the world showing these countries highlighted:


Croatia is a new addition, having its first visitors to the site this past month. Each of the 16 other countries visiting during April have had visitors before. Overall, from its beginning, this site has had visitors from 61countries.

The significance of this, for me, has to do with sharing mutually uplifting, life-supporting, life-enhancing influences with others around the world. “The purpose of life,” my teacher His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, taught, “is the expansion of happiness.”

Through everything we do, and say, and think, and intend, we have an influence on others, indeed, on the entire world and universe around us, including all its human people and other beings. We are constantly either supporting or damaging, helping or hindering the happiness and well-being, the evolution, of all beings.

The purpose of relationships is the expansion of happiness through mutual goodwill, helpfulness, empathy, friendliness, loving-kindness and compassion. Social media, like all other forms of interpersonal interaction, should increase the quality and extent of our positive influence on others and our ability to receive and benefit in our own life from the positive influences of others near and afar.

Social media, like all other media, should be a means of sharing some of the best aspects and characteristics of our life together on this planet.

We are all silently influencing each other all the time, anyway, through the quality of our thoughts and intentions, our words and actions, our attitudes and character. By the quality of our very being we are always radiating an influence on all others, an influence either of evolutionary good, or otherwise.

Through our attunement, or lack of attunement, with the laws of nature, we are either supporting and enhancing, enriching and uplifting life everywhere at all times or we are damaging the well-being and hindering the evolution of all others, whether we realize it or not, whether we intend it or not. The field of influence affected by the quality of our being and our character is limitless in extent. It spreads throughout the entirety of the universe and includes all other beings and even all “inanimate” things, all objects from the nearest and farthest, the most minute to the most vast. Our field of influence extends to and includes all matter and all energy fields, all space and time.

Naturally, we all wish to give and receive the best possible influence to and from all others, and from the entire Earthly and cosmic environment. Naturally, we wish to have a positive, evolutionary, life-supporting influence on all our fellow human beings whoever and wherever they may be; we wish to have a life-enhancing influence on all living creatures everywhere at all times. We wish to enjoy and share and expand happiness in all directions throughout space and time.

Through social media sites-and-processes such as this I am able to share with others in having an additional means of exchanging positive influences of goodwill and mutual interests and concerns with thousands of people in more than 60 countries (in this case, so far) and perhaps eventually in all 200-or-more countries of the world. The mutual influences we are all having on one another are there already in any case anyway, of course. But this is another means of making some of them more accessible to our conscious awareness and choice.

May all beings enjoy unbounded freedom, happiness, and good!

Sarva mangalam!



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