Quotidian Ecstasies

Quotidian Ecstasies: Two Poems from Two American Poets.

Saunter forever O dolphins mythologically dreaming of us


At the middle of the heights of our love life

I had so many noisy sendings of wetness, juice, joy,

expirations, romantic gasps

that the night might be thinking a series of dolphins was

explosively partaking of the divine,

fireworks in the soft flower night, wet;     Joyce at the

pub, boisterous Dylan, blazing

Blake, could not be more

splurging sonorous.     Little lambs on green pastoral hills

by Angelic capitals and mossy Cathedrals

and the smell of haystacks and farms and French bread

could not be more glowing Arcadian.

Look, Proteus is procreating Again.    Barnacle Bill is

snoring.  Some sumptuous readers

dizzy dazzled utterly drizzled drenched are ready to

touch the thigh of the Shaking Wonder

of Words-in-Water.


–John Tagliabue (1923-2006)

The Great Day: Poems, 1962-1983 (1984)





Steam is the first sip

touch air with taste.


Scent is the second sip

tang of union.


Too hot, hint of purity,

lips recoil.

Now the waiting,

place hands

on edge of vessel.

Listen for cooling.


No one knows where the drink

comes from,

it shows up in the kitchen

a guest.

Be a good host, ask the kettle

why it sings.


Caress the handle with flesh.

Open your mouth to its mouth.

Inhale the last drop of coming honey.

What pleasure the empty cup



–Gary Mex Glazner (b. 1957)

Ears on Fire: Snapshot Essays in a World of Poets (2002)


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