Desolation Island

Already, 46% of Americans favor impeachment of Trump. But who would automatically become president if Trump were impeached? Here is the present line of succession:

No. 1 Vice President Mike Pence (R)

No. 2 Speaker of the House of Reps. Paul Ryan (R)

No. 3 Pres. pro tem. of Senate Orrin Hatch (R)

No. 4 Secty of State Rex Tillerson (R)

No. 5 Secty of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin (R)

No. 6 Secty of Defense James Mattis (I)

No. 7 Attny General Jeff Sessions (R)

Of course Trump should be impeached. And tried for his numerous crimes, not the least of which is giving the nation and the world this Cabinet of Horrors.  And he should be — not punished, no one should be punished, that never helps anybody, — but held (think of it as a “time out”) under strict guard, without a twitter account or other means of communicating to the outside world, for the remainder of his days, on a remote island such as St Helena (Napoleon’s final residence), or on the even more remote Tristan da Cunha Island, or perhaps best of all, on Desolation Island in the Kerguelens (population: 50 rotating French climate scientists). Again, not to punish Trump – or the poor scientists, or guards! – but to protect all of us, the people of the world, and all other living beings of the planet, from the otherwise inevitable future great harm that would be further perpetrated by this obscene criminal were he ever again allowed to operate freely in society.

But the legal line-up just now of who will succeed Trump after he is impeached is not a pretty picture. Not a pretty picture. Sad. Sick. Bigly terrible. Personally, I think they are all more or less equally despicable, each one perhaps even more dangerous in his own way than Trump himself, and I greatly wish they could all instantly be safely removed and banned from ever holding public office again. But I’m afraid we are stuck with this shuddersome line up for now. Part of Trump’s gift to the nation and the world.

Is there any hope of dispensing with this clutch of unthinkables before the 2020 election, or even the 2024 election? And if they continue to remain in power as each new day goes by, will there even be another election?