How To Be An Artist

How To Be An Artist:

First, say goodbye to most friends. Unless they are pursuing the same dream, they’ll get sick of you. That’s ok. Nothing personal. You don’t need that energy around you anyway.

In due time, you will attract the most incredibly supportive people, and you’ll wonder why you ever settled for less.

Have relentless drive. Dedicate your life to your art. Be ok with not being understood. Love what you do. Spend time alone. A lot of time alone. Learn people. Learn yourself. Be true. Create. Every. Day. Look for inspiration everywhere.

Listen. Express your emotions. Oh, have a talent. Study. Develop your craft. Make it a point to immerse yourself in nature. Find the quiet within. Accept that you are mentally unstable.” This is a quality, not a flaw. Love your crazy, but manage it. Fall in love with things your parents never liked or heard of. Take risks. Be genuine.

Rebecca Frazier


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