On a shelf – one

 one shelf in the studio








in order of appearance upon the shelf:

Sacred Journey: The Ganges to the Himalayas. Howard, David. 2004

The Tibetan Book of the Dead. Baldock, John, ed. 2013

Trekking Mount Everest. Uchida, Ryohei. 1991

Passage Through India: An Expanded and Illustrated Edition. Snyder, Gary. 2009 (1983)

Neuli Cried in the Himalayas. Pun, Khakendra. 1999.

Into Tibet: The CIA’s First Atomic Spy and His Secret Expedition to Lhasa. Laird, Thomas. 2003

Tibet, Tibet: A Personal History of a Lost Land. French, Patrick. 2003

Tibet’s Great Yogi Milarepa: A Biography from the Tibetan being the Jetsun-Kahbum or Biographical History of Jetsun-Milarepa. Evans-Wentz, W.Y. trans. 1928

Rainbows Appear: Tibetan Poems of Shabkar. Shabkar, , trans. Mattieu Ricard. 2002

Lost Horizon. Hilton, James. 1933

Beyond the House of the False Lama: Travels with Monks, Nomads, and Outlaws. Crane, George. 2006

The Violet Shyness of Their Eyes: Notes from Nepal. Scot, Barbara. 1993

Beyond the Sky and the Earth: A Journey Into Bhutan. Zeppa, Jamie. 2000

Married to Bhutan: How One Woman Got Lost, Said I Do, and Found Bliss. Leaming, Linda. 2011

The Gods Drink Whiskey: Stumbling Toward Enlightenment in the Land of the Tattered Buddha. Asma, Stephen. 2006

Comes the Peace: My Journey to Forgiveness. Meston, Daja Wangchuk and Clare Ansberry. 2007

Caves in the Desert: Travels in China. Woodcock, George. 1988.

Sleeping in Caves: A Sixties Himalayan Memoir. Stablen, Marilyn. 2003

Hard Travel to Sacred Places. Wurlitzer, Rudolph. 1995.

Indian Embers. Lawrence, Lady (Rosamond Napier). 1949 (1991)

The Man Within My Head. Iyer, Pico. 2013

The Census Taker: Stories of a Traveler in India and Nepal. Stablen, Marilyn. 1985

Cloud-Hidden, Whereabouts Unknown: A Mountain Journal. Watts, Alan. 1974

Yellow River Odyssey. Porter Bill. 2014.

The Distant Land of My Father (novel). Caldwell, Bo. 2002

Watching The Tree: A Chinese Daughter Reflects on Happiness, Traditions, and Spiritual Wisdom. Yen Mah, Adeline. 2002

The Man Who Loved China: The Fantastic Story of the Eccentric Scientist Who Unlocked the Mysteries of the Middle Kingdom. Winchester, Simon. 2009

The Devil Soldier: The American Soldier of Fortune Who Became a God in China. Carr, Caleb. 1995

White Lama: The Life of Tantric Yogi Theos Bernard, Tibet’s Lost Emissary to the New World. Veenhof, Douglas. 2011

Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East. vol 2. Spalding, Baird T. 1927

Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman’s Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia. Gilbert, Elizabeth. 2007

The Signature of All Things: A Novel. Gilbert, Elizabeth. 2014

Walking Up and Down in the World: Memories of a Mountain Rambler. Blanchard, Smoke. 1984

Coping with India. Wood, Robert. 1990

The Japanese Way: Aspects of Behavior, Attitudes, and Customs of the Japanese. Takada, Noriko and Rita Lampkin. 1996

Fodor’s Exploring China. Sixth Edition.

Pacific Century: The Emergence of Modern Pacific Asia. Borthwick, Mark. 2007



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