Around the Studio – Part Two


Glazed ceramic lota (water pot). I made this.

Antique cloisonné brass altar offering bowl (China). Birthday gift from my late wife. This bowl came through unscathed from the house fire that destroyed our home in Berkeley, except for one of the blue-green areas of the floral cloisonné design, which turned black.

Conch shell. From one of our sojourns in Hawai’i.

Daruma “doll” (image of Bodhidharma, c450-c550), Indian Buddhist Patriarch, introduced school of Dhyan (meditation) ie Chan / Zen, from India to China and Japan. Antique Japanese folk art (mengei), painted papier-maché. Such images are meant to be partly comic/satiric, partly sacred (somewhat reflective of the Zen spirit!). Such images were originally made by temple monks as votive souvenirs for pilgrims. They are regarded as good luck-bestowing objects. The artist-monk would leave the eyes blank. The pilgrim would paint-in one eye while praying for Daruma to grant a particular blessing, such as passing an exam, etc., then paint-in the other eye upon the prayerful wish being achieved.


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