Divest from destroying the climate!

Below is a letter from Kate for 350.org concerning the growing movement of governments, universities, corporations and other institutions to divest from funding activities and projects that harm the environment and speed-up global climate change (deadly climate disaster!).

I remember how important it was to push for divestment from the Apartheid regime of pre-liberation South Africa. In the United States many, many organizations and institutions, including very many, perhaps a majority, of universities (!!) and churches (!!) were heavily financially invested in the racist, violent Apartheid regime and its evil, blood currency!!!–until we brought sufficient information, public attention, and pressure on them to divest!

Crucial as it was to help free our oppressed brothers and sisters in South Africa at that time through the anti-Apartheid divestment movement and through every other means available, today the entire population of the planet is gravely oppressed by the rapidly deteriorating quality of the climate. The very planet itself is in grave danger of being harmed beyond its ability to repair itself. Meanwhile, huge amounts of funding continue to financially support those entities and activities which are destroying the planet and any remaining chances for our children to survive into the near future. We must do everything we can at this time to dissuade investors from continuing to fund the rapid destruction of the climate and thus the rapid death of the human family.

Here’s Kate’s letter:


2016 has been a tough year. Between devastating climate impacts and the reality of a dangerous, anti-climate federal government, holding onto hope is both harder and more important than ever.

Here’s some good news: A new report released today with our friends at Divest-Invest shows that the divestment movement doubled in size since 2015.1 688 institutions across 76 countries who represent more than $5 trillion worth of assets have committed to divest!

Our work may be under attack, but this movement isn’t in retreat — far from it. Click here to share this much-needed good news with your friends.

Help us show that the climate movement is strong and growing, despite opposition at the federal level. Click here to share with your friends on Facebook.

Divestment is a powerful part of the resistance against the fossil fuel industry, shining a light on its devastating impacts and rogue business practices. Here’s our take on what the divestment movement has been doing right:

  • We are organizing for the long haul: It’s more important than ever to organize our communities and grow our movement from the grassroots up. The fossil fuel divestment movement has always believed that it will take more than just governments to address climate change, and that remains as true as ever.
  • We are powerful: The fossil fuel industry is fighting for its life against a growing climate movement. 688 institutions in 76 countries have committed to divest from fossil fuels, and resistance to fossil fuel projects is taking root all over the world. This is what happens when we organize, and we must continue to fight.
  • We are everywhere: Divestment has reached every pocket of our society, in countries all over the world. Faith groups, cultural institutions, pension funds, universities and more have committed to divest from fossil fuels. Climate leadership is coming from surprising places.
  • We are keeping the pressure on: In the face of an anti-climate federal government and intensifying impacts, it’s more crucial than ever to push our institutions — especially local ones — to step into their leadership and fight alongside our communities.

The announcement today shows just how far the divestment movement has come. Share this exciting news to show that our movement is strong and we will not back down.

Our work isn’t over, but together we’re standing strong.


Katie for 350.org

1. Arabella Advisors, The Global Fossil Fuel Divestment and Clean Energy Investment Movement (PDF)

350.org is building a global climate movement. Become a sustaining donor to keep this movement strong and growing.


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