Turning Dusty Pages


Portion of ancient notebook page (1997):

Radio stories – Little Fir Tree

Stephen Mitchell  Genesis – Joseph & Job only mature characters

Rabbi – Genesis

WEDS Oct 29 1997 “Cover to Cover” [book review radio program]

3:00 PM Listening to Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni on KPFA

new book of poetry LEAVING YUBA CITY

raised ^ Hindu in Darjeeling Catholic school – nuns (Irish)

cover [of her new book]: old photo from publr’s archive

young Indian woman in sari

gorgeous dressed as if for

wedding next to cactus

“Indian woman in (prickly)

California Landscape”

earlier ^ Punjabi Indian RR [railroad] workers c.1900-1910


~~Around about this time, Chitra had given a reading at the indie bookstore where my owner-friends, fellow-workers, & I hosted her, and many other wonderful writers—many of them living right there in Marin / the larger Bay Area. Including Stephen Mitchell, who one night read together with Jane Hirshfield. So lovely. I noted on this notebook page also an observation Mitchell made, quoting a wise/deeply radical mystical Rabbinic tradition: that Joseph and Job are the only mature characters in the entire Hebrew Bible narrative. So true. Though the authors of some of the other poetry and parables and prophetical speaking-truth-to-power are pretty damn awesome at times, too—but they are not exactly narrative characters in the mytho-historical stories! Chitra sent us a sweet postcard of thanks after her reading, which I saved for years, but somewhere along the way it got lost. I went around the store for days after Chitra’s visit, singing to Gene Vincent’s 1956 classic, Bee-Bop-A-Lula: “Dee-VAHK-ah-ROON-ee! Ah-SHE’S a-my-y BA-by!”


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