Organize Now! Act Now!

As some of you know, my dear family of origin includes members (birth members and in-law members) who also belong variously to several communities and “categories of human beingness” whom our so-called “president-elect” and his cabinet/staff selectees and followers have insulted, attempted to blame and shame, have verbally mocked, castigated, threatened, and in some cases (among some of his followers) have also physically attacked.

Among my family members are Mexican Americans, LGBT persons, Native Americans, immigrants, Jews, Muslims, persons with disAbilities, journalists, war vets and former POWs, war-resisters and peace activists, scientists and climate activists, doctors and women’s healthcare providers, democrats and democratic socialists, Greens and Hillary supporters, and of course women (over half my family members are women!). Members of my family have been victims of bullying and harassment, assault, sexual assault, and/or other human rights abuse, hate crimes and violence by persons belonging to one or more of the following categories: racist Klansmen and other white supremacists, Christian supremacists, homophobes, anti-Semites, nativist/nationalist xenophobes, Islamophobes, misogynists, bigoted abusive police, fascist government agents and employees of covert and overt govt agencies as well as by crazy anti-government militia members.

Then there are my friends, neighbors and colleagues, and the in-law relations and friends of my own in-law family members, etc., many of whom have also suffered from the sort of bigoted, hateful, and violent attitudes, behaviors, and policies supported and advanced by Despicable Trump and his band of deplorable bigots.

So though, as a now ancient, American-born, hetero male who appears thoroughly “white,” I feel no particular additional fear of being personally officially harassed by Trumpist policies (for just now), nor even (much) particular fear of being personally harassed, bullied, or harmed by non-government thugs just while moving about on the street (for just now). But I am personally shocked (not surprised in the slightest, but still really shocked), outraged, disgusted, deeply saddened, and filled with (so-far unrelieved) dread. Frightened not for myself, but for my vulnerable family members and other dear ones, and for the vulnerable dear American people and our fragile world family and planet as a whole.

In my own town, I have seen, since Trump’s domination-designation, only one additional pickup truck flying giant confederate battle flags from both corners of its tailgate. And have witnessed only one verbally violent attack by Trumpists, outside of harassments against the nightly anti-Trump protests. And I’ve seen only one new racist graffito show up—horribly, outside the coffeehouse I haunt most frequently.


{horrible week old racist graffito (“NIGR!”) newly appearing outside my fave coffeehouse}

It’s an international student/faculty  (& sloppy/ grungy hipster and occasional homeless) hangout, so lots of black and brown and yellow and red campus-y and para-campus-y folks from all over the country and the world show up here daily as well as lots of white folks. I’ve only seen anywhere in town just one or two obviously new statement-making undercut hairstyles favored by the yuppie-hipster alt-right neo-Nazis which they fondly called “the fascie.”

richard spencer

{Hilter-loving hate-spewer hipster slimeball and head of National Policy Institute Richard Spencer, who claims to have coined the term alternative-right.}

hitler youth haircut - poster

{Hitler Youth poster.  I’ve recently seen a (non-satirical) mainstream fashion/relationship-advice article promoting this haircut as “the man’s haircut American women love best!”}

These sightings all give me the creeps, of course, literally make my skin crawl, and remind me each time of all the movies and TV shows and docu footage of Germany in the last days before the brown shirts and swastikas started to appear everywhere all the time.

The person designated as our “president-elect” is not only a pompous ignoramus and stupid egomaniacal asshole, he is an angry, hateful, and violent man, a deeply disturbed, mentally ill individual with incredibly hateful, repulsive & vengeful attitudes, speech and behavior patterns, and abysmal policy plans declaring for radically inhumane and illegal mistreatment and violence against millions of human beings—immigrants, Mexicans & other Hispanics, Muslims, gays, African Americans, women, and others. He is quite blatantly a racist bigot, a fascist creep, and an extreme danger to our nation and to the world as a whole. His idiotic climate denial outlook and policy plans alone threaten not only Americans of every category and community, but the entire planet, the lives of all humans and other beings alive now and into the hourly ever more precarious future.

Trump was not elected by the majority of votes cast during the election. Hillary won the popular vote by over 1.7 million ballots already counted (with the final total still being tallied). The presumed “electoral college” vote (which doesn’t occur until December), is not the only factor in Trump’s wrongfully assumed “victory.” Extensive illegal restriction and blockage of voter registration, destruction of existing registration records, and related fraudulent miscounting of votes was perpetrated by Republican officials in numerous states. This constitutes a massive, national-wide criminal fraud directed against Hispanic voters, African Americans voters, and registered Democrats, foisted against all Americans and indeed all freedom-loving persons all over the world.

When the illegally blocked/purged votes are added to the earlier popular vote total, they more than overturn the necessary majority of electoral college votes which it is presumed will go to Trump in December.

Trump was not elected president, he was criminally designated president-elect through a proven conspiracy of illegal fraud by Republicans.  See articles linked below.

This is the “democracy” in which we Americans now live.

Radical Christian Supremacists like Trump’s VP Pence and the coterie of other bigots of various specialties surrounding Trump will make damn sure the Republican voting fraud and the fascism and fascist figurehead strongman it has criminally “enthroned” does not stop simply at declaratively designating who “won” the election and who he appoints to the cabinet! Every day it becomes more clear that the hate-filled insanity of Trump and his staff and followers knows no restraints as more cabinet positions are filled and more executive policies are announced.

We are in for a very rough fight, my friends, to defend and restore our rights as Americans and our rights as humans against the illegal junta that wrongly has been declared “victorious” by the corporatist Establishment of both parties.

Trump was not elected our president, he was fraudulently, criminally designated and installed by rightwing criminals to carry out their shared agenda of bigotry, greed, and violence. And he and they are marching “forward (backward!!) in all directions” with each passing day.

I’m not sure what exactly we can do about all this. It certainly is horrible and it certainly is going to get much worse before it gets better.

But we can at least take heart in knowing that, horrible as is the fraud perpetrated against America and the world, a considerably larger majority of voting Americans than was initially reported or counted did in fact cast their ballots against Trump. One point seven million more votes for Clinton than for Trump have been counted so far. When one adds to these the votes that were criminally kept from being cast or counted, it becomes obvious that the majority of Americans are not quite so insanely self-destructive after all. There are far more Americans of a benign, rational mindset than we have been beaten into thinking was the case. Had the entire population of Hispanic and African American citizens who are registered democrats and who duly and legally attempted to exercise their right to vote been allowed to vote, and had their votes been honestly counted and added to the total, Clinton would have won not only the popular vote (which she did win already on election night), but also would have won the presumed electoral college vote due in December.

It is certainly true that the number of angry, hateful, bigoted, deeply ignorant, self-destructive Americans is larger than we had dreamed. That is horrible enough. But they are not nearly so large and intimidating a minority as we had been frightened into believing, based on the fraudulent initial vote count.

Good Americans, sound-minded humane Americans, those not driven to vote fascist, outnumber the self-destructive, violently angry and/or hateful Americans, the ignorant Americans who voted for Trump either with or without realizing just how bad he is and will be for America and the world. This is something about which we should be very relieved and happy. We are still the humane, rational majority. We can still win against hatred and ignorance and fear. It will be a very, very difficult battle, but we are already far stronger in numbers than the ignorant and/or hateful, and we have remained far stronger all along than we were made to try to accept during the unbelievable past couple of dark weeks.

Much additional gathering darkness, further thickening sickening darkness lies ahead, as Trump’s cabinet choices and policy measures solidify more with each passing day. But we still have the strength of numbers as well as the strength of the moral high ground, the strength of goodwill toward our entire diverse American and human family, the strength of dedication to achieving and maintaining the equal rights and equal protection under the law for all persons as envisioned and enshrined in our constitution. But we must come up with more effective strategies for blocking and overcoming Trump’s inhumane policies before they can be enacted. We must figure out how to organize and act much more effectively than ever before. And we’d better do it immediately.

Greg Palast:  “The Election was Stolen–Here’s how”

Greg Palast: “Here’s What We Do NOW”


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