Yes, it is Fascism. Yes, it’s here now.

Bill Maher: If I could just make a plea, in limited time, to the young people, please:

Like they say in the action motives, “The shit just got real!”

I know you’re young and idealistic, so I’ve heard these young people on the news, and they say things like, “Donald Trump, well, I don’t like him, but Hillary? I can’t vote for a liar.” I mean, first of all, it’s just apples and oranges — and Orange…But, kids, I’ve been doin this for 23 years on TV, I’ve seen a lot, I know politics: This is different.

I promise you, this will not make your life better. And also, once fascists get power, they don’t give it up: You’ve got President Trump for life.

I know liberals made a big mistake, because we attacked Bush like he was the end of the world, and he wasn’t. And Mitt Romney we attacked that way. I gave Obama a million dollars, I was so afraid of Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney wouldn’t have changed my life that much, or yours, or John McCain. They were honorable men who we disagreed with, and we shoulda kept it that way. So, we cried “Wolf!” and that was wrong.

But this is real; this is gonna be way different. And we may never get back.


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