The face of evil

Just one of the many things wrong with the world of insanely evil men.

Johns Hopkins University!?!? Kissinger can’t travel freely in Europe, much of Latin America or Asia due to the strong possibility of being arrested and tried in various world courts for crimes against humanity. But here in the US, we name university institutes and centers after him, give him a professor’s seat at major universities, invite him to advise our presidents and secretaries of state, allow him to enjoy the life of a billionaire (he set up personal financial deals which put many millions directly into his own pocket as part of his diplomatic “opening of China” under Nixon, and he continues to profit from arms sales & military coups carried out around the world). Hillary brags about having him as her closest adviser, and often invites him on family vacations.

Why wasn’t this genocidal monster put away in prison for life, long, long ago?

Just one of many things wrong with our insanely evil power-structure of rewarding mass murder and empire building for the sake of greed and oppressive ego-power-control with a life of luxury, acclaim, immeasurable wealth and ability to control the destiny and destroy the lives of billions of people.


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