The End of Sheriff Arizona?


It seems just possible that the horrible scourge of the American Wild West frontier, Sheriff Joe “Pink Underwear” Arpaio, may finally be tried, convicted, sentenced, and imprisoned for his racist attacks on the population of Arizona.

Arpaio is running for re-election in November as sheriff of Maricopa County (having held the office since 1993 — 23 years!). Over 150 people have died in the “tent city” prison he created & braggingly calls his “own private concentration camp” in the desert of Maricopa County Arizona.

A few years ago, singer/songwriter Manu Chou, one of my ‘most favoritest of all times’ musicians/ composers/recording artists, filmed a special version of his world hit “Clandestino” in front of the infamous hell-hole of Sheriff Arpaio’s MariKKKopa County Jail prison camp. See the video below.

A number of other artists have also recorded protest songs against Sheriff Joe, who is a YUGE mutual supporter and friend of Donald “Grab ’em” Trump.

The next few days until November 8th’s US presidential (and other) elections are just going to keep getting more and more “interesting.”

I don’t actually have the intestinal fortitude to keep track on a daily basis of every hourly thing going on (and don’t own a TV or radio–just a computer). But every 2 or 3 days, I try to catch up a bit on Democracy Now! (a serious news program), the Jimmy Dore Show & other TYT (The Young Turks) shows, and a few other things, occasionally Samantha Bee, Bill Maher, John Oliver, etc, although cutting through the respective smarm factor of the various “comic news” shows is a bit much sometimes. Mostly, of course, the election-related news is just intensely depressing. Often hilariously funny also, of course, but overall depressing. But every once in a while, something comes along like today’s story of Arpaio coming closer than ever to being held accountable in court for his countless crimes. And that is very good news indeed.

Love & Peace!






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