Welcome, Singapore (& more)


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Welcome, Singapore! (& More)

Today, someone from Singapore visited this blogsite. Welcome, Singapore!

This marks visits by persons from 31 countries besides the U.S. There are something like 194-200 nations in the world today. Visitors from all nations and parts of the world are welcome!

world map with visitors’ countries highlighted:



The world’s oldest extant literature, the Vedas of ancient India, frequently asserts the insight: “The world is my family! — Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam!”

vasudhā = the Earth, this planet, the entire world

ēva = indeed is, truly is, verily is

kutumbakam = (all) family, my one family, (all one) household

Only a small-minded person thinks,

This individual is a relative of mine, this other is a stranger.”

Magnanimous persons live the realization of

The entire world is my family, we are all one household.”

Be magnanimous, do not be attached to divisive delusions.

Expand your mind, raise your consciousness,

enjoy the fruit of eternal freedom in the blissful Wholeness of life,

the unified continuum of infinite Being.

the Maha Upanishad of the Sama Veda (6: 71-75)


Today I learned from online sources the following “trivia” about Singapore:

  • Singapore is the 3rd Richest Country in the World as per GDP per capita.
  • Singapore is one of three surviving city-states in the world, the other two being Monaco and the Vatican City.
  • Singapore is the 2nd most densely populated sovereign state and the 19th (or 20th) smallest country in the world.
  • Attempting suicide in Singapore is illegal and one could face jail time if found guilty.

This makes me wonder: Are any Singaporeans poor? How many of the nation’s total population (percentage, and actual number of persons) live in poverty? What is the average income of the top 1% and 10% of the population, of the top 50%, compared to the bottom 50% and bottom 10%, etc?

Are there any foreign refugees resident in the nation? If so, how many? and what is being done to care for, (re-)settle, and integrate them?

Which 18 or 19 nations are even smaller?

Why are unsuccessful suicides punished? Punishing and jailing individuals who have attempted, and failed, to end their own lives seems utterly insane — ignorant and barbaric. Why not provide such individuals with loving-kindness, compassion, (better) mental & physical healthcare (including instruction in Transcendental Meditation!), counseling, possibly career re-training, and other further educational opportunities, and similar kinds of socialwork-related social services? (And here I mean providing such care to those who legislate and enforce such absurd laws as well as those who are found “guilty” of “violating” them!) One would think the nation with the world’s third highest income per person could afford to take such good care of its citizens that none, or only very, very few, if any, would attempt suicide, and those who did would be cared for in the most humane manner possible. Obviously, such acute crisis in mental/emotional/physical well-being is extremely personalistic / individualistic. But imprisoning those who become so despondent/ uninterested in continuing to live seems not only ridiculously idiotic, but callous, even vengeful, beyond words.

Voicing such perspective may make me unwelcome in Singapore, but I’m not trying to single out this one tiny, hugely wealthy city-state nation by such comments; my critical-thinking questions apply to any/all nations with such policies. (Obviously, the US has as many, or more, problems as great or greater than those of Singapore!)  And this makes me wonder, also: how many other nations in the world also treat attempted suicide as a punishable crime, rather than a personal and community health issue?

The US Army has recently imposed additional punishment on former soldier & whistle-blower Chelsea Manning for having attempted to kill herself while serving a 35 year military prison sentence for leaking undenied proof of group murders of innocent civilians (including children & infants) and other war-crimes/crimes against humanity being carried out by the US military. We live in a viciously evil state of world affairs, orchestrated, controlled, expedited by vicious, evil, and often idiotically ridiculous and terrifyingly insane individuals crazed by insecurity, greed, lust for limitless wealth & power. The real questions, of course, are: How long will we continue to put up with this state of affairs? And why? How and why do such deeply unhealthy, fatally toxic, conditions come to occur and prevail at the planetary, national, regional, and local levels? Why do healthy, life-loving persons and communities allow themselves to be exploited and squeezed, robbed, enslaved, punished, tortured, and murdered by such evil despots and despotically criminal systems of government control? When are we going to end such madness and destruction?




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