Here comes the rain again…


Here comes the rain again.

Big beautiful driving desert monsoon rain yesterday. Just gorgeous. Whole sky black & Krishna midnight blue with high & low flying storm clouds in all directions. A very good soaking, much needed here. Then it all blew past and the sky opened out again into the most glorious sun-drenched white-blue sky, with fluffy white angel cloud puffs. As if nothing had happened. Amazing.



…remembering a rainy night back in 1980, when Gandharvan master musician Shivkumar Sharma played a rainy night gandharva raga for over an hour, on double bill with Alice Coltrane (Swamini Turiya-sangita-nanda), widow of John Coltrane…  First time I’d heard/seen Sharma-Ji perform live.  …My English friend & date for the night, the lovely Mary-Rose, a brilliant (western) classically-trained musician and sometime rock phenom in her own right (& friend of Bowie and many other stars), had never been to an Indian concert, nor had she heard (or heard of) anyone like Alice Coltrane, either… She closed her eyes after the first couple of minutes and fell into a profound bhav samadhi. “I think…,” she whispered, when she’d eventually come out of her utterly unexpected meditative absorption, “…that this is going to be the music of the future!

Swamini Alice site:

St John Coltrane African Orthodox Church:

Maharishi Gandharva Veda rain melody (raga megha) on soundcloud:


\\\\\   00000  /////


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