If you’re Red, you’re dead

Dr Jill Stein, Green Party U.S. Presidential nominee, stands today with thousands of members of over 100 Native American Nations & supporters from all over the world protesting and blocking the construction of a toxic sludge oil pipeline being illegally pushed through sacred burial sites on sovereign Native land in North Dakota. A greedy Texan oil tycoon has ordered the bulldozing of Native community grave sites in utter callous violation of U.S. Federal treaties protecting the sovereign rights of Native Nations.

This tycoon, Kelcy Warren (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kelcy_Warren), who owns a vulture capitalist robber baron corporation for transferring “dirty oil”,  has hired armed private “security guard” employees to attack the Native protestors & their supporters with tear gas, pepper spray, and trained attack dogs!

I have a close family member who in the 60s was once mauled & permanently disfigured by a trained attack dog.

My family is also part Native.

The horror of a greedy billionaire paying gun-toting mercenary rent-a-cops to criminally set attack dogs on unarmed peaceful protesters, on Native Americans attempting to pray & to defend their own sacred land and burial sites from being bulldozed, desecrated, and polluted with deadly toxic sludge that will permanently poison their drinking water, their homes & their sovereign national and sacred ancestral land is just more than I can bear.

Native activist Winona LaDuke (a former Vice Presidential Green nominee) is also taking part in the protest. She aptly states that today it is no longer the 1960s when the likes of Arkansas racist Governor George Wallace and Birmingham Sheriff Bull Connor could set attack dogs loose upon peaceful Civil Rights protesters in the South and be able to get away with it!

I well remember with horror watching the evening TV news in the 60s, seeing Wallace & Connor’s blood-thirsty police dogs being unleashed as attack weapons to maul and maim unarmed nonviolent Civil Rights protesters. It was too terrible to be believed, this inhumanity to fellow humans.

This week’s dog attacks are all too reminiscent also of the dog attacks against Native Caribbean peoples perpetrated by European mercenaries, soldiers of fortune, denounced by Father Las Casas in the early 1500s. Every semester my students are assigned to read about those earlier genocidal attacks. Now they will have additional horrific dog attacks against innocent Native Americans to watch and read about, vicious attacks going on right now, right here in the States.

This is yet another sickening act of escalating corporate terrorism we must stand against.


Warning, some of the scenes recorded below are graphic.



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