Ancient music for this morning


From the ancient Vedic culture & civilization of India’s unbroken lineage of enlightened yogi-musicians and poet-seers, the music of Nature’s celestial & Earthly rhythms and melodies has been preserved as Gandharva Veda. It is the human knowledge & performative heritage of music spontaneously emitted by the cosmic impulses of creative intelligence embodied as the celestial beings (angels) known as Gandharvans. This music was cognized during meditation & preserved in ancient times by Himalayan rishis (enlightened Yogi seers) and Maharishis (great holy teaching sages) at the dawn of enlightened civilization.  The music of these saintly forest seers – families of men, women, and children yogis – who “saw the wholeness of Reality together and sang the life-promoting melodies of Nature together” has been passed on in unbroken oral and instrumental lineage from ancient times to the musicians and music lovers of today. Enjoy.


this particular selection (below) is for enjoying during the early morning hours (3am-9am)


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