Instructions for Living a Life

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Advice from writers and poets


Instructions for living a life:

Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.

Mary Oliver (b. 1935)


Feel freer, bolder. Let her go! Be careless, reckless! Be a lion. Be a pirate!”

Brenda Ueland (1891-1985)


The best training is to read and write, no matter what.

Don’t live with a lover or roommate who doesn’t respect your work.

Don’t lie; buy time, borrow to buy time.

Write what will stop your breath if you don’t write.

Grace Paley (1922-2007)

Be strong & friendly
tell it all, as it is.
Keep everything moving.
Don’t settle in, get on with it.
Give away as much as you gather.

James Koller (1936-2014)

It’s helpful to have money. I don’t think writers have to suffer, to starve to death. One of the first things I tell my classes is, If you want to write, keep a low overhead. If you want to live expansively, you’re going to be in trouble because then you have to start thinking very hard about whom you’re writing to, who your audience is, who the editor thinks your audience is, who he wants your audience to be.

Grace Paley (1922-2007)

Just get the word out.
Get it all out — don’t hold back.
Tell it just the way you see it.
James Koller (1936-2014)

 Despite all the cynical things writers have said about writing for money, the truth is we write for love. That is why it is so easy to exploit us. That is also why we pretend to be hard-boiled, saying things like “No man but a blockhead ever wrote except for money” (Samuel Johnson). Not true. No one but a blockhead ever wrote except for love. . . . You must do it for love. If you do it for money, no money will ever be enough, and eventually you will start imitating your first successes, straining hot water through the same old teabag. It doesn’t work with tea, and it doesn’t work with writing.

Erica Jong (b. 1942)


Be ruthless about protecting writing days, i.e., do not cave in to endless requests to have “essential” and “long overdue” meetings on those days. The funny thing is that, although writing has been my actual job for several years now, I still seem to have to fight for time in which to do it. Some people do not seem to grasp that I still have to sit down in peace and write the books, apparently believing that they pop up like mushrooms without my connivance. I must therefore guard the time allotted to writing as a Hungarian Horntail guards its firstborn egg.

J.K. Rowling (b. 1965)


The only way to become a better writer is to become a better person.

Brenda Ueland (1891-1985)




Comedy Microphonology

The following are two articles I found this morning regarding the complaints made by Trump following his poor performance at the debate with Clinton, blaming his failure on an alleged faulty mic, a problem he strongly suggested, speaking to FOX TV, was part of a conspiracy against him. Enjoy.


Samantha Bee Highlights Trump Campaign’s ‘Hearing Loss Epidemic’

It’s contagious in the wrong places.

09/28/2016 07:21 am ET | Updated 1 hour ago

[The video clip from this article won’t paste to this blog, but you can find it at SamB’s twitter site here:

and below.]

Full Frontal

✔ @FullFrontalSamB

We found the epicenter of an upsetting new hearing loss epidemic.

2:05 PM – 27 Sep 2016

Samantha Bee’s “Full Frontal” doesn’t air again until its new temporary time slot on Wednesday, but the show couldn’t wait to skewer its favorite target.

A funny “Frontal” tweet on Tuesday illustrated how GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump and his campaign seem to suffer convenient hearing loss.

Trump and operatives past and present ― Katrina Pierson, Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen ― are shown turning a deaf ear to journalists and civility.

The last clip features a previous microphone complaint from Trump, who demands that the installer not be paid. That prompted one viewer to observe:

cray rool @crayrool

@FullFrontalSamB That last bit is such an insight into his animosity toward the working class.

2:10 PM – 27 Sep 2016

At least somebody’s listening.

Huffpost Editor’s note: Donald Trump regularly incites political violence and is a serial liarrampant xenophoberacistmisogynist and birther who has repeatedly pledged to ban all Muslims ― 1.6 billion members of an entire religion ― from entering the U.S.

^^^^ ^^^ ^^^

Trump Charges Debate Was Rigged By Defective Mic

09/27/2016 07:37 am ET | Updated 23 hours ago

Marty Rudoy Blogger, political satirist at HuffPo and American News X

NEW YORK CITY: Goodyear Satire Company—

“The debate was rigged,” charged Donald Trump early today. “Organizers purposely gave me a faulty microphone that amplified my actual words.”

The Republican presidential nominee made the stunning claim in the wake of a first debate performance some have regarded as disastrous to his candidacy.

“My mic never picked up my devastating reference to Gennifer Flowers,” said Trump. “But I heard myself say it a thousand times.”

Independent audio engineers support Trump’s claims. “The sound waves were confused after leaving Trump’s mouth,” said expert Chester Pemberton.”We think it was interference from the tinfoil hats worn by Trump supporters. Or, it was all that sniffling.”

“Hillary’s mic didn’t pick up half of her lies,” complained Trump. “But I heard them all,” Trump said as he was calmly led away from the podium and into a waiting car by campaign co-manager Kellyanne Conway.

Trump received support from an unexpected source. Howard Dean, 2004 Democratic candidate whose own campaign was effectively ended by a mysterious “Dean Scream” at an Iowa rally, empathised with Trump. “Same thing happened to mEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.”

Follow Marty Rudoy on Twitter:


^^^ )))) OOO (((( ^^^

Does the Debate have value?

Tomorrow, Monday, the two main (mainstream, lamestream) candidates for US President will have their first real, big so-called debate. Does it really matter? Is everything already rigged anyway?

I hear and consider at least two sides to these questions, and I am somewhat partial to both assessments. Yes, I think much of what goes on in US politics at virtually every level, including most especially at the highest level(s), is extensively rigged. But I also feel it matters, somewhat, that we at least know what the powers-behind-the-throne want us to see and hear. It may not make that much difference, but it may help for each of us to be aware of what “The Spectacle” is being constructed to look and sound like. Maybe, maybe not.

On the “maybe not” side, I am reminded of an incident, by now famous, related by US Buddhist writer and former monk Bill Porter (Red Pine) regarding his pilgrimage to mainland China back in 1989 in search of Buddhist and Daoist hermits. One of the hermit-monks he discovered had been living alone in a cave in a remote part of the Chinese mountains for over 50 years. Porter asked the hermit how he had fared during the long, repressive Maoist years. The hermit replied, “And who is this ‘Mao’ you speak of?” Then there was another famous case of a family in Russia, who retreated into the Taiga, the huge dense forest of Siberia, when the repressions of the Stalin regime began. They lived on, unscathed, in their log cabin deep in the forest for decades, being discovered only after the USSR collapsed decades after the death of Stalin. But such situations are extremely rare.

On the “maybe it matters” side of what information/disinformation we follow, there is the famous statement by “gonzo journalist” Hunter S. Thompson:

“Anybody who thinks that ‘it doesn’t matter who’s President’ has never been Drafted and sent off to fight and die in a vicious, stupid war on the other side of the world — or been beaten and gassed by Police for trespassing on public property — or been hounded by the IRS for purely political reasons —or locked up in the Cook County Jail with a broken nose and no phone access and twelve perverts wanting to stomp your ass in the shower. That is when it matters who is President or Governor or Police Chief. That is when you will wish you had voted.” ― Hunter S. Thompson

Personally, I regard Thompson as an a-hole of the umpt degree — a civilian a-hole. That makes a difference. He was completely f—d up on booze, coke, acid, speed, and assorted other brain-rotting, liver-melting lethal substances as well as being a verbally  viciously abusive, gun-shooting crazy rightwing nutjob. But mostly he was just a cowardly outright f-ing a-hole bully with massive brain damage. But in this quote he speaks a distinct truth.

It matters who is in power. Whether anyone’s individual vote, or indeed everyone’s collective votes taken all together make any difference at all any more is another matter.

Quite possibly the system is so rigged that voting has absolutely no effect whatsoever in who gets into or stays in office at any level –from that of Police Chief or Sheriff (witness the re-election the other day of Trump supporter Sheriff Joe Pink Underwear Arpaio!), to Mayor (witness Rom Emanuel), to Governor (look how many utterly corrupt governors are in office, or were, such as Trump’s VP! or prison-builder Johnson!), to Senator (ditto), to head of the Democratic Party (Wasserman Schultz!), to head of the Pentagon (remember the pro Iraq war circus show put on by My Lai cover-up artist Colin Powell!?!), to President (no need to comment on this office!). It’s all a big rigged Spectacle put on for the masses by the evil Corporate-weapons-manufacturers, Oilslime Trillionaires, and Gazillionaire Bankers. Multinational money entities (Wall Street , et al) who have no concern whatsoever for the citizens of the US much less the citizens of Iraq, Iran, etc.

But still, if enough people stand up and refuse to take what s-t is being handed to us, perhaps it may still be possible to turn the tide. We certainly can’t do it by all of us running off to hide-out in the forests of Siberia or Far-Inner China till the storm blows over. This is the last stand possible. This is the last frontier edge. This is the mounting storm to end all storms. If we don’t save the planet this time from corporate greed and globecide and the mass genocide of endless war, then the current political/economic wars and the current political-economic war against the planet (same wars!) will succeed in killing us all off very, very soon.

I don’t really see much difference between Hillary and Trump at this point. In terms of what is likely to happen with regard to war and fracking and TTP and corporate greed-and-control-of-the-world, and US govt/military cause-&-reaction to world events and the consequences that will follow. Maybe some difference, but I have no way of knowing if it is enough to matter which person sits on the throne of Empire.

Certainly I could never vote for Trump or support him in any way. To me he has forfeited his humanity long ago. But I also think Hillary has as well. I don’t wish to “demonize” anyone, “dehumanize” anyone. Yes, I assume they were both born human, but I really don’t know what to call what they have chosen to become. Certainly nothing I can recognize as humane, humanistic, humanitarian…human. They both seem “demonically” evil to me (as in crazed corrupted individualized egomania as “demonic”, the ‘demon of egoism’ as the Hindu, Buddhist, Daoist and other traditions categorize it). Somehow they  both have become “insane in the membrane” to the extent that it is insane to put profit and personal greed (for power, or control, or acclaim or wealth or whatever) ahead of people, ahead of the life of the entire planet. Trump doesn’t believe in the climate crisis, doesn’t believe that humans (corporate bullies, mostly) are having a negative effect on the environment!!! He wants to expand coal consumption !!! Deregulate all industry, especially “energy” industry!!! (as does Johnson!). Hillary also denies the climate crisis by wanting to expand oil fracking & sludge-oil pipeline construction!!!, as does her VP, who also is still pushing for TTP (along with Obama) !!!

These are all a gang of anti-human, anti-Earth, demonic egoistic a-holes, no doubt about it!!! They are all utterly corrupt, utterly evil, as far as I can see. Their vision is idiotic but also evil.

Jill Stein, I think, is a passionately humane human being and progressive-activist, as I think Bernie is, also. But Bernie’s campaign was scuttled by the corrupt Democratic Party, and the corrupt two-party monopoly system will never allow a Dr. Stein to be elected, or even to be heard in a debate.

So we are back to tomorrow’s debate. The election itself will take place in just a very few days now. But first there will be tomorrow’s debate, and I guess one or two more such circus shows before the final votes are cast for who shall be “elected” president, Emperor of Earth.

I shall try to catch at least some of Democracy Now’s pre-show and post-show assessment of the event. I may even catch some of the actual debate while it is happening. If I can stand to do so.

Below I’ve posted the Democracy Now! page on their program covering and critiquing tomorrow’s debate. But first, I’ve posted the latest Jimmy Dore Show episodes about the election and related issues.

Maybe exposing ourselves to any (more) of the media-spectacle “news” about the larger Spectacle and its various theatrical masks/masques, such as the debate(s), makes absolutely no difference. But the larger events going on in the world certainly make a difference. We really are on the brink, folks. There really is no place left to go and hide. We really do need to do something, friends. While we still can.

Jimmy Dore re: Hillary part one

part two:

part three:

Democracy Now! 2016 Expanding the Debate Coverage

September 26, 2016
Special Broadcast
Expanding the debate 1920x1080


Monday Night September 26: Tune into Democracy Now!’s live coverage of the first U.S. presidential debate from 8:30 pm –11:30 pm ET.

This broadcast will include the live debate between Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Democracy Now!’s Amy Goodman will host a pre-debate roundtable discussion from 8:30–9:00 pm ET from our New York studio, followed by the live feed of the debate at Hofstra University, and a post-debate discussion from 10:30–11:30 pm ET with scholars, activists, and analysts you won’t hear anywhere else.

How to Watch

Stream LIVE starting at 8:30pm ET at or tune in live nationwide on Free Speech TV (Dish Network Ch. 9415 & DirecTV Ch. 348), KCET/Link TV (Dish Network 9410 & DirecTV Ch. 375) & MNN in Manhattan (Time Warner Cable 1993 and Verizon FiOS 38).

Tuesday Morning September 27: Democracy Now!’s Expanded 2-Hour Post Debate Coverage starting at 8:00 am ET.

Tune in on Tuesday, September 27th for a special 2-hour broadcast of Democracy Now! from 8:00 am–10:00 am ET. We’ve invited Green Party candidate Jill Stein and Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson to participate in a special expanded presidential debate.

As Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump square off in a series of debates in one of the most polarized U.S. elections to date, Democracy Now! has broken the sound barrier by expanding the debate—including major third party candidates shut out by the corporate-sponsored Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD).



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S7hillary 2


Friendly advice…

“Be satisfied with your own head. Do not put any false head above your own. Then minute after minute, watch your steps closely. Always keep your head cool and your feet warm.”

— Nyogen Senzaki, 1958

Image result for Nyogen Senzaki


“Be good, keep your feet dry, your eyes open, your heart at peace and your soul in the joy of Christ.”

— Thomas Merton, 1968

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Two Questions: mooncheese & headcheese

Two questions from my old friend and correspondent, Thomas Merton (1915-1968) :

“What can we gain by sailing to the moon if we are not able to cross the abyss that separates us from ourselves? This is the most important of all voyages of discovery, and without it, all the rest are not only useless, but disastrous.”

“How does it happen that even today a couple of ordinary rural French stonemasons, or a carpenter and his apprentice, can put up a dovecote or a barn that has more architectural perfection than the piles of eclectic stupidity that grow up at the cost of tens of millions of dollars on the campuses of American universities?”— Thomas Merton

Two kinds of (more) insanity:

First: the continuing interest in “conquering space”, colonizing the Moon, Mars, other celestial bodies—carrying our Earthly madness & failures & wars to new bunker zones, new no-man’s-lands, new launching-pads. All really for military dominance, of course. Fortresses in space for more strategical nuclear attacks on “enemies” here on Earth. Evil insanity.

Second: still building more university campuses – designed to look as well as function like prisons! Such “fog factories” conceived as means to produce more human robots willing and skilled and hungry to carry out the military agendas of the corporate war machine fatcats. Keep (re-)colonizing (ie enslaving) more and more of the foreign and domestic population as “pods” & “drones” — worker-bees and warrior-bees, cannon-fodder for our wars against brown & black & yellow & red & yes also white people all over the world, wars against humanity itself. Against ourselves.

It’s cannibalism, really, plain and simple. So much of university busy-work/research/productivity nothing but propaganda-entrainment & corporate war-machine skill-training as prep for lives as corporate wage-slaves drudges reaching adulthood already with life-long debt and fear of being rendered homeless & worse, overnight forever, if one does not conform & succeed at conforming-&-producing right out of the gate and all the way through the bot-training from K through 12, through BS, MBA, PhD, through second mortgages, retirement & death….

Millions starving here on Earth, and yet, “Whitey’s On the Moon.” Yeah, and he’s trying to set up his nuclear anti-missile missile attack system there (Ronny Ray-Gun’s “Star Wars” Scheme), there on the Moon, and anywhere else he can get to — space stations, Mars, asteroids, wherever. Howsoever. It’s not enough that we have US military bases permanently installed/entrenched in over 200 countries around the world. Armed with nuclear missiles, ready to kill anyone who opposes this neo-colonial empire of blood and oil.

One university recently celebrated a brand new scheme to implement “More efficient fracking!” !!! More efficient genocide! Globecide. The death-wish is strong with you, Mordred.

Where’s my $ 8 second cup of GMO/blood-mocha latte??? —all this talk of radioactive moondust (glowy chai powder from dirtball formerly known as Earth) is making me thirsty. Here in this cement bunker Arts & Human Sciences Building. Are we still on lock-down? Have you got your Glock cocked?

Whitey on the Moon

Gil Scott-Heron

A rat done bit my sister Nell
With Whitey on the moon
Her face and arms began to swell
And Whitey’s on the moon

I can’t pay no doctor bills
But Whitey’s on the moon

Ten years from now I’ll be paying still
While Whitey’s on the moon

You know, the man just upped my rent last night
Cause Whitey’s on the moon
No hot water, no toilets, no lights
But Whitey’s on the moon

I wonder why he’s uppin’ me?
Cause Whitey’s on the moon?
Well i was already given him fifty a week
And now Whitey’s on the moon

Taxes takin’ my whole damn check
The junkies make me a nervous wreck
The price of food is goin up
And if all that crap wasn’t enough
A rat done bit my sister Nell
With Whitey on the moon

Her face and arms began to swell
And Whitey’s on the moon

With all that money i made last year
For Whitey on the moon
How come I ain’t got no money here?

Hmm, Whitey’s on the moon

You know I just about had my fill
Of Whitey on the moon
I think I’ll send these doctor bills
airmail special
(To Whitey on the moon)

Songwriter: Gil Scott-Heron (1949-2011)

Whitey on the Moon lyrics © Carlin America Inc

Political unconsciousness

Hillary Clinton. (photo: Carolyn Kaster/AP)
Hillary Clinton. (photo: Carolyn Kaster/AP)

Poll: Unconscious Clinton More Fit to Be President Than Conscious Trump

By Andy Borowtiz, The New Yorker

21 September 16

The article below is satire. Andy Borowitz is an American comedian and New York Times-bestselling author who satirizes the news for his column, “The Borowitz Report.”

n a positive development for the Democratic nominee for President, a new poll released on Sunday reveals that likely voters find an unconscious Hillary Clinton “substantially more fit” to be President than a conscious Donald Trump.

In a hypothetical matchup between a Clinton who has been rendered completely unconscious and a fully sentient Trump, voters chose an inert Clinton over an ambulatory Trump by a margin of nine percentage points.

A spokesperson for the Clinton campaign hailed the findings. “We have every reason to believe that Hillary Clinton will be a fully conscious President,” the spokesperson said. “But even if she is not, she is still the far better choice.”

The same poll revealed that a broad majority of voters found an unconscious Donald Trump more fit to be President than a conscious one.

Finally, when asked about the Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson, a significant number of voters were undecided as to whether Johnson was conscious or unconscious.

forwarded to me by Reader Supported News Service. They need your support. Please consider donating. The New Yorker magazine doesn’t really need your money. Neither does The New York Times, or The Wall Street Journal. 



Here comes the rain again…


Here comes the rain again.

Big beautiful driving desert monsoon rain yesterday. Just gorgeous. Whole sky black & Krishna midnight blue with high & low flying storm clouds in all directions. A very good soaking, much needed here. Then it all blew past and the sky opened out again into the most glorious sun-drenched white-blue sky, with fluffy white angel cloud puffs. As if nothing had happened. Amazing.



…remembering a rainy night back in 1980, when Gandharvan master musician Shivkumar Sharma played a rainy night gandharva raga for over an hour, on double bill with Alice Coltrane (Swamini Turiya-sangita-nanda), widow of John Coltrane…  First time I’d heard/seen Sharma-Ji perform live.  …My English friend & date for the night, the lovely Mary-Rose, a brilliant (western) classically-trained musician and sometime rock phenom in her own right (& friend of Bowie and many other stars), had never been to an Indian concert, nor had she heard (or heard of) anyone like Alice Coltrane, either… She closed her eyes after the first couple of minutes and fell into a profound bhav samadhi. “I think…,” she whispered, when she’d eventually come out of her utterly unexpected meditative absorption, “…that this is going to be the music of the future!

Swamini Alice site:

St John Coltrane African Orthodox Church:

Maharishi Gandharva Veda rain melody (raga megha) on soundcloud:


\\\\\   00000  /////

Welcome, Singapore (& more)


Image result for hindu temple singapore

temple in Singapore

Welcome, Singapore! (& More)

Today, someone from Singapore visited this blogsite. Welcome, Singapore!

This marks visits by persons from 31 countries besides the U.S. There are something like 194-200 nations in the world today. Visitors from all nations and parts of the world are welcome!

world map with visitors’ countries highlighted:,BG,BY,CZ,DE,ES,FI,FR,GB,GR,IE,IT,NL,NO,SE,RU,CA,JM,US,CO,UY,NG,ID,IN,JP,KR,NP,PH,TW,HK,SG,AU


The world’s oldest extant literature, the Vedas of ancient India, frequently asserts the insight: “The world is my family! — Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam!”

vasudhā = the Earth, this planet, the entire world

ēva = indeed is, truly is, verily is

kutumbakam = (all) family, my one family, (all one) household

Only a small-minded person thinks,

This individual is a relative of mine, this other is a stranger.”

Magnanimous persons live the realization of

The entire world is my family, we are all one household.”

Be magnanimous, do not be attached to divisive delusions.

Expand your mind, raise your consciousness,

enjoy the fruit of eternal freedom in the blissful Wholeness of life,

the unified continuum of infinite Being.

the Maha Upanishad of the Sama Veda (6: 71-75)


Today I learned from online sources the following “trivia” about Singapore:

  • Singapore is the 3rd Richest Country in the World as per GDP per capita.
  • Singapore is one of three surviving city-states in the world, the other two being Monaco and the Vatican City.
  • Singapore is the 2nd most densely populated sovereign state and the 19th (or 20th) smallest country in the world.
  • Attempting suicide in Singapore is illegal and one could face jail time if found guilty.

This makes me wonder: Are any Singaporeans poor? How many of the nation’s total population (percentage, and actual number of persons) live in poverty? What is the average income of the top 1% and 10% of the population, of the top 50%, compared to the bottom 50% and bottom 10%, etc?

Are there any foreign refugees resident in the nation? If so, how many? and what is being done to care for, (re-)settle, and integrate them?

Which 18 or 19 nations are even smaller?

Why are unsuccessful suicides punished? Punishing and jailing individuals who have attempted, and failed, to end their own lives seems utterly insane — ignorant and barbaric. Why not provide such individuals with loving-kindness, compassion, (better) mental & physical healthcare (including instruction in Transcendental Meditation!), counseling, possibly career re-training, and other further educational opportunities, and similar kinds of socialwork-related social services? (And here I mean providing such care to those who legislate and enforce such absurd laws as well as those who are found “guilty” of “violating” them!) One would think the nation with the world’s third highest income per person could afford to take such good care of its citizens that none, or only very, very few, if any, would attempt suicide, and those who did would be cared for in the most humane manner possible. Obviously, such acute crisis in mental/emotional/physical well-being is extremely personalistic / individualistic. But imprisoning those who become so despondent/ uninterested in continuing to live seems not only ridiculously idiotic, but callous, even vengeful, beyond words.

Voicing such perspective may make me unwelcome in Singapore, but I’m not trying to single out this one tiny, hugely wealthy city-state nation by such comments; my critical-thinking questions apply to any/all nations with such policies. (Obviously, the US has as many, or more, problems as great or greater than those of Singapore!)  And this makes me wonder, also: how many other nations in the world also treat attempted suicide as a punishable crime, rather than a personal and community health issue?

The US Army has recently imposed additional punishment on former soldier & whistle-blower Chelsea Manning for having attempted to kill herself while serving a 35 year military prison sentence for leaking undenied proof of group murders of innocent civilians (including children & infants) and other war-crimes/crimes against humanity being carried out by the US military. We live in a viciously evil state of world affairs, orchestrated, controlled, expedited by vicious, evil, and often idiotically ridiculous and terrifyingly insane individuals crazed by insecurity, greed, lust for limitless wealth & power. The real questions, of course, are: How long will we continue to put up with this state of affairs? And why? How and why do such deeply unhealthy, fatally toxic, conditions come to occur and prevail at the planetary, national, regional, and local levels? Why do healthy, life-loving persons and communities allow themselves to be exploited and squeezed, robbed, enslaved, punished, tortured, and murdered by such evil despots and despotically criminal systems of government control? When are we going to end such madness and destruction?



Jug Band Music – The Lovin Spoonful (1966) lead singer & songwriter John Sebastian (b1944) age 22


Jug Band Music

by John Sebastian, recorded 1966 by his band,

The Lovin’ Spoonful

(forgive the wonky line-spacing  —  this dratted blog platform, crazily, has no consistent

line-spacing option!) 

I was down in Savannah
eatin’ cream and bananas
when the heat just made me faint.

I began to get cross-eyed
I thought I was lost
I’d begun to see things as they ain’t.

As the relatives gathered

to see what’s the matter
the doctor came to see was I dyin’.

But the doctor said,

“Give ‘m jug band music,
it seems to make ‘m feel just fine.”

I was told a little tale

about a skinny-as-a-rail
eight-foot cowboy with a headache

He was hung up in the desert, swattin’ rats
an’ tryin’ ta get a drink of water

with his knees a-gettin’ mud-caked

And I’ll tell you in a sentence

how he stumbled into Memphis, Tennessee
hardly crawlin’, lookin’ dust-baked

We gave ‘m little water,

a little bit of wine.
We opened up his eyes

but they didn’t seem to shine.

And the doctor said,

“Give ‘m jug band music,
it seems to make ‘m feel just fine.”

So if you ever get sickly,
get sister, run quickly

to the dusty closet shelf.

And pull down a washboard,

and play a guitar chord,
And do a little do-it-yourself.

Call on your neighbors

to put down their labors,
and come and play the hardware in time.

‘Cuz the doctor said,

“Give ‘m jug band music,
it seems to make ‘m feel just fine.”

I was floatin’ in the ocean,
Greased with suntan lotion,
When I got wiped out by a beach boy.

He was surfin’ when he hit me

but jumped off his board to get me,
And he dragged me by the armpit like a child’s toy.

As we staggered into land

with all the waiters eatin’ sandwiches,

and tried to mooch a towel

from the hoi poloi,

he emptied out his eardrums,

I emptied out mine.
And everybody knows,

that the very last line is

The doctor said,

“Give ‘m jug band music,
it seems to make ‘m feel just fine!”

And the doctor said,

“Give ‘m jug band music,
it seems to make ‘m feel just fine!”


Recorded by The Lovin’ Spoonful

Daydream LP (1966) Kama Sutra Records

Written by John Sebastian (b.1944)

Copyright ©

BMG Rights Management

US, LLC, Carlin America Inc

alternate instrumental track (above)  with vocals


Love and need

Image result for thomas merton

When people are truly in love, they experience far more than just a mutual need of each other’s company and consolation. In their relations with each other they become different people: they are more than their everyday selves, more alive, more understanding, more enduring… They are made over into new beings. They are transformed by the power of their love. Love is the revelation of our deepest personal meaning, value and identity. But this revelation remains impossible as long as we are the prisoners of our own egoism…. My true meaning and worth are shown to me not in my estimate of myself, but in the eyes of the one who loves me; and that one must love me as I am, with my faults and limitations, revealing to me the truth that these faults and limitations cannot destroy my worth in the eyes of that one who loves me; and that I am therefore valuable as a person, in spite of my shortcomings, in spite of the imperfections of my exterior “package.” The package is totally unimportant. What matters is this infinitely precious message which I can discover only in my love for another person. And this message, this secret, is not fully revealed to me unless at the same time I am able to see and understand the mysterious and unique worth of the one I love.

— Thomas Merton (1915-1968),  from “Love and Need”


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