Clarifying the depth of the Mind

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1.  …from “The Fulfilment of Psychology” (1963),

by His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (c1917-2008)

Transcendental Meditation directly elevates the consciousness and thereby not only strengthens the mind of the individual but also enables her to use her full potential, making her more effective and more powerful, peaceful, happy and creative.

This technique for gaining transcendental consciousness brings to a conscious level the subtle levels of thought. In this way the whole process of thought comes within the range of the conscious mind. The conscious capacity of the mind increases to its fullest scope. This is how it is possible to enable an individual to rise to her full mental potential in both thought and action.

When the mind becomes familiar with the deeper levels of the thought process it becomes aware of the subtle levels of creation. And when the mind becomes familiar with the subtle regions of creation, the ability is gained to stimulate those regions to every advantage. This amounts to unfolding the latent faculties of the mind.

This unfoldment of latent faculties can be clarified by an example. When a person dives into a pond she passes through the surface levels of water to the deeper levels, reaches the bottom and then comes up. A second and a third dive will take her through all the levels of the water in the same way. The practice of diving makes  the diver familiar with all the levels of the water and, as familiarity with the deeper levels grows, the diver is able to remain longer at the bottom of the pool. When she is able to remain at the bottom for some time, with increased practice she can acquire the ability to move around at any level of the pond at will.

This is the result of gaining familiarity with the deep levels of water. With a little more practice she can make herself comfortable at any level and be active there so as to produce a desired activity on the surface of the pond. Eventually it will be possible for her to stay comfortably at any level and to produce a desired activity anywhere she chooses in the pond. When this ability is acquired, the diver becomes master of the pond.

When the mind becomes familiar with the deeper levels of consciousness it gains the ability to work from any subtle or gross level of consciousness. Then it is able to stimulate any stratum of creation for any desired advantage. This opens the door to the mastery of creation….

His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, 1963



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2. from A Song to Introduce the Unmistaken View of the Great Perfection”

by Khenpo Gangshar Wangpo (1925-c1981)

…Let your mind settle, loose and relaxed, like a woolen blanket spread out on the ground…

…Resting in the utter brilliance that is the space beyond thought, which may be likened to a cloudless sky, you will experience unimpeded translucence like a faultless crystal.

This is none other than the view of the ultimate, the luminous Great Perfection. Resting in equipoise within the pure luminosity, vividly clear like the sky, dullness and agitation are naturally voided and do not arise anew – a faultless, brilliantly clear non-conceptual meditation. When thought arises, be it good or bad, it is recognized for what it is and will not disturb. Focus upon this method and view your genuine nature; effortless, it arises by relaxing into the expanse, and thoughts are pacified on their own ground.

When you are able to practice for longer periods, it can be like, for example, when muddy water is stirred up and then allowed to settle – the innate lucidity of the water becomes clearer. Similarly, when myriad appearances arise and are realized to be like reflections, they cause the natural clarity of mind itself to become ever clearer. This in turn leads to the effortless arising of various qualities, such as the various types of clairvoyance and so on.

…As for myself, a yogin, this is my practice, and I have no greater meditation instruction to offer you.

You may analyze meticulously, but when a wind blows it naturally disperses the clouds and the sky can be seen. Endeavour to see empty clarity, mind itself, in the same way – there is nothing greater than this understanding. If you don’t stir up the silt, the water will remain clear; as such, don’t analyze. Simply rest without contrivance and you will come to see the emptiness of mind itself. There is nothing greater to see than this!

There are many views, but that of the emptiness of mind itself, devoid of all grasping, is the unmistaken view of the Great Perfection. When death comes to yogis of this method they are able to seize the clear light of death.

Hearing about it is beneficial, but I pray the actual experience of clear light will become evident.

Written by the old ignoramus, Gangshar Wangpo. May it prove meaningful!

Translated by Sean Price, 2015



jane lost horizon

Jane Wyatt as Sondra of Shangri-La, in Lost Horizon (1937),

after diving & swimming in the lake, having mastered the yoga siddhis (“adept perfections”) of perpetual youth, unconditional loving-kindness, universal compassion, & selfless clairvoyance

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Sondra & Conway falling in love


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