Song of the Day: “Seasons” – True Violet

My favorite song of the day, today,

is “Seasons” by True Violet

(it came out last year around this time).

Okay, lyrically it’s nothing all that profoundly Earth-lifting, just a poignant personal love song—or “failed love” song, sure enough. But personal love songs lift the Earth up, too.

Especially those, such as this one, in which the speaker is turning her face to the sun after all her pain & sorrow, anyway, in spite of it all, and partly because of it. The irony of limited love, even failed love, being an inexorable step toward bigger love, boundless love….

The song’s at once tender, sad, wistful, bittersweet, & encouraging. Some may find it inspirational. We love, it doesn’t always work out as we would have wished, it hurts more than words can say, but then we move on. Sometimes the pain helps us realize we weren’t really ready to go farther forward under those conditions anyway. Eventually, we move on, on up in readiness for higher love.

The sooner we realize it’s best to move on up now, rather than linger longer in self-pity, the better off we are, the better life begins to become again. It (that realizational process, and the lyric of this song) doesn’t negate the bittersweet “beauty” and sometimes needed grieving-time involved in processing a break-up, but having given due respect for all that’s involved, the time comes to lift oneself up and sail forth into the sunshine of limitless better possibilities.

It can help, sometimes, if you live in sunny California.

The women in this band moved there together some time ago to seek their collective fortune as musicians. One gets the impression they are happy with their decision. I hope so.

The video and the music & lyrics of this tender-but-strongly hopeful lost-love song certainly capture some of the spirit of their quest to chase the sunshine there in California, both in their lives & their careers as singer-songwriter musicians.


by True Violet (August 2015)


Look at the clock as I,

I wait for closure.

What’s in the cards for me?

We’re getting older.

Always forgive, never forget.


Closing my eyes

for sleepless California,

holding the night for me

I’ll keep it from ya.

Slow rise the sun,

take in the light

and shine on.


Seasons may change,

but my love’s a lifetime.

Out with the storm,

we’re chasing the sunshine,

we’re chasing the sunshine.


Open my heart to you

and now it’s heavy

Caught in the path of two,

but I’m not ready.

Comes with good time,

miles are the years

that we land on.


Built by the rocks

that you, you threw upon me.

Your words were cheap,

like sticks, they couldn’t harm me.

Color your lies, you’ve paid the price,

’cause you’re breathing.


Seasons may change,

but my love’s a lifetime.

Out with the storm,

we’re chasing the sunshine,

we’re chasing the sunshine.                                                                                             


What’s done is left unsaid,

and I’m living life now

half-way dead.

What’s there to live for?

My heart is down

from your scar.


I’m feeling like

I’m half-way there,

but I put the past back

and I just don’t care.

So I’m chasing, I’m chasing sunshine

out there.


Ohhh, closing my eyes

for sleepless California

holding the night for me,

we’re chasing the sunshine,

we’re chasing the sunshine.



released August 30, 2015
True Violet

©all rights reserved


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