Guerrilla artist Robbie Conal has a new campaign to bring his satirical anti-Trump public street art posters to cities everywhere in the US before the November election (less than 100 days away now!). He has started a GO-FUND-ME online account to cover the cost of producing the posters. This is making art WORK at the job it has before it to do to help make the world safe – for art and artists and art-lovers and children and other living things.  If you want  a world that continues to create and thrive in beauty and peace and LIFE, then consider Robbie’s campaign. Trump gets crazier every day, and the threat of nuclear devastation increases daily also. Art can be an effective weapon of peace as well as a thing of beauty forever. But we all need to help.

Robbie writes:

Since 1986 I’ve been making satirical guerrilla street posters of politicians who, by my reckoning, have too much power over us and have been abusing it in the name of representative democracy. Over the years I’ve developed an irregular street army of wonderful volunteers, around the U.S. When I can, I travel with my posters, and with help from local activists, put them up on the streets. It’s my way of hopefully tickling people into thinking along with us about the state of our democracy.

My new poster campaign, “BULLY CULPRIT/CAN’T EVEN,” is about Donald J. Trump, whom I consider to be a major threat to our country’s social and political values. I feel so strongly about Trump’s demagoguery–especially his appeals to hate, fear and prejudice–that I’ve made a double-sided street poster about him! With your help I’m hoping to get 1000’s of them printed, shipped, and pasted up on the streets of America before the November election.

Printing, shipping, supplies, and travel are costly. But with your help I promise we’ll be out there practically every night, spattering ourselves with glue and doing our best to deliver the message.  Additionally, since I can’t make it to every city we’d like to cover, I’m offering to send posters anywhere in the U.S., to those volunteers who are truly committed to getting them up in their area. From the East Coast to the West Coast, to the prairies, to Hawaii and Alaska—yes, even Alaska! (Please sign up for emails at my website’s Home Page, and let me know if you’re able to volunteer in your city or town, soon!)  We’ll update everyone with images of posterings from places we’ve visited, as well as photos we’ve received from volunteers who’ve distributed them in their towns.

We can’t let Trump happen here! And with your help, we won’t. Thanks so much for your consideration and enthusiasm for our mission!

~ Robbie Conal


more from Robbie:


CAN'T EVEN!Donald Trump is a paradigm example of a shrewd, brutish, predatory extreme of our American capitalist culture. Not to give him too much credit, but in following our presidential primary season, Deb and I end up batting around his rise at least once a day. Everywhere I go, anybody who knows me asks, “Are you doing Trump?” (The short answer is, “Yes.”) Then, I usually get an earful: recitations of what I call, “political personal disaster porn.” Understandable, right? Far right!

Not far enough, though. (I suspect we all know that.) I have a simple line about all this that I’m going to drop on you, just because: I really think each of us has got to do something about it, him, our collective problem. Not necessarily a big “change the world” thing, either. In my experience, that kind of gesture is usually of the quixotic variety. I’m talking real politik here. Not necessarily specifically about Trump, either. Phone bank, canvas, get out the vote, help old people register. Just whatever you can do. Even if you think it’s a little thing. It isn’t.

I make nasty little street posters, mostly about nasty people. That’s what I can do. I promise you, I’m doing it—right now! And we’ll be doing it all over the place very soon. (You’re invited, of course.) My point: whatever you’re good at, please apply that talent, skill, whatever—even if you think it’s a stretch—to our Drumpf problem. We can do this. We pretty much must. Don’t you think?

On another, more felicitous note, the band, “Lake Street Dive” has a new CD. The title tune, “Side Pony,” is goofy and brilliant! The lead guitarist wrote it after his wedding when his bride showed up with a retro hairdo—that “side pony”––which totally knocked him out. He wrote this tune about it. To my ears it’s right up there with their recent, “Bad Self Portraits,” for wonderful sideways subjects. And I’m pretty sure you’ll agree, it’s a welcome relief from all that other noise in our collective heads!


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