Recently, I’ve finally been posting a few new & old poems to my “Poet” page on this site. Here’s one dedicated more or less equally to my late sweetheart and to the unrevealed sweetheart of my future.  Any reactions?


Stone Soup            ©

Coyote-woman, I’d like you to tell me your whole story!

Did your dad live past your childhood? Was your mom a hopeless drunk?

I’d like to know where you sleep at night, and what you dream about.

It’s morning, Coyote-woman, wake up, become a dove,

climb in the air, follow me!

I know of a country with additional dimensions, each one full of joy & pleasures

And where those who die, die in peace, happy to discover what’s next…

In that country, wildflowers grow up through kitchen floor-boards,

they are both spice & the only medicine needed.

There, the fragrance of “the one I love also loves me!” floats on every breeze.

There, the self inside each blossoming heart is a tiny infant, smiling wordlessly to every other.

Coyote-Dove-woman, I’d like you to teach me every one of your songs!

What did you like best about your first love? Why did it end?

I’d like you to bring me to your office some morning, see what your workday is like.

It’s evening, Coyote-Dove-woman, come with me to my place, I’ll cook us dinner.

Chat with me in the kitchen while I toss a salad from these wildflowers,

you’ll find them slightly spicy yet soothing to the throat & nerves.


> > > > > > O O O O O < < < < < <


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