American Democracy’s last dying gasp?

American Democracy’s last dying gasp? …

Good God, under starless skies
We are lost, and into the breach, we got tossed
And the water’s coming in fast

And, ah, my love remind me,

Did we build a ship to wreck?

To wreck, to wreck, to wreck
Did we build this ship to wreck?
To wreck, to wreck, to wreck
Did we build this ship to wreck?

–Florence Welch and Tom Hull

from “Ship to Wreck” recorded by Florence and the Machine


A few days ago, the Republican Party’s national convention concluded its detonation of the pestilential black cloud of violent Nazi-&-Klan-style hatred mushrooming out of its diseased bowels, with Furer-Designate Trump’s declaration to impose martial law and suppress all dissent on the first day he takes office.

Since then, the Democratic Party establishment has responded to the first wave of its internal communications publicly leaked by WikiLeaks. These documents prove that the party’s National Committee has thoroughly rigged its own nomination process by covertly infiltrating Senator Sander’s campaign with Clinton moles, by attempting to publicly slander and discredit Sanders on religious and ethnic grounds. The party establishment reacted in part by further violating the rules of its own democratic process of representation by elected convention delegates through refusing them a voice, revoking their credentials, and generally conducting the entire convention and nomination process as a pre-ordained coronation. A coronation by petty conniving asshole hacks who have ramroded a coup to install war-criminal candidate Clinton, the same HRC who champions genocidal maniac Henry Kissinger as her great close friend and advisor, inspirational colleague and world policy mentor.

Senator Sanders officially released his pledged delegates, while also urging them to join him in endorsing and supporting Hillary Clinton, in the face of the leaked proof of her illegal and immoral dirty tricks campaign to smear and undercut him and his campaign for nomination and potential election. But many delegates walked out of the convention rather than be further cheated and coerced into supporting a coup by the pro-Clinton junta seeking to install its leader through dishonesty and psychological bullying. 

From outside the convention center, spokespersons representing the pro-democracy delegates whose voices had been suppressed by the junta, read a public statement to the press and the assembled crowd, in which they made “their final public plea”.    

The way it looks to me at this moment in time, this pleading statement may go down in history as American democracy’s last dying gasp.

Robert Shearer, elected Democratic Convention delegate from California for Senator Sanders, addressing the press, the American people, and the crowd of people gathered outside the Democratic National Convention:

“There is a deep rift in this party, and the only way we’re going to pull it towards the progressive policies embodied by our political revolution is if we continue this conversation publicly.

So, to that end, we have received 433 delegates’ and committee members’ signatures for Senator Sanders in about a week from 48 states and from Puerto Rico.

We’re going to read that statement to you today and we’re going to talk to a few of those delegate signatories and hear about the issues that keep them from feeling that Secretary Clinton or the Democratic establishment has fully embraced the values and the principles that drive the progressive policies that we need to see right now and not some time in the future!

[Crowd: “That’s right! That’s right!”]

“May I have a copy of this statement, please?

(Delegate Shearer reads the statement):

“We, the undersigned delegates for Senator Sanders to the 2016 Democratic National Convention, wish to remind the Democratic National Committee, unpledged Democratic Party super-delegates, the press, the American public, and our fellow pledged delegates, who are at liberty to vote for either candidate at the convention, that:

“Senator Sander’s campaign has greatly expanded the Democratic voting base and continues to maintain broad-reaching support. Which, when coupled with polling data, signals a significantly greater chance of Senator Sanders defeating Donald Trump than Hillary Clinton, whose public favorability ratings are dangerously low.

“Many of the signatories of this statement have been involved with this primary election for the last 13, 15 months at this point, during which time they have consistently heard from countless voters, representing diverse backgrounds, that they refuse to vote for Secretary Clinton under any circumstances.

“We, as elected and appointed delegates and committee members for Senator Sanders, represent millions of potential general election voters who remain unconvinced that Clinton has embraced the social, economic, international and environmental values required for them to feel comfortable and confident in casting a vote for her.

“Countless American voters who often aligned with Democratic candidates feel Clinton is untrustworthy, lacks the integrity to be president, and promotes policies designed to maintain a status quo that has been unambiguously rejected by the vast majority of our Democratic base.

“We represent millions of everyday Americans who believe that they have well-justified doubts that the Democratic Party actually represents their needs, but who nonetheless became involved in the political process because of Senator Sanders.

“These are people of all ages and backgrounds, including those who have engaged in politics for the first time and those whose collective hopes have been re-ignited after many decades of resignation and despair.

“They stand to be immediately disenchanted by the nomination of a candidate they simply don’t trust and who they feel was forced upon them by media manipulation and a rigged election system.

“We, independently of the directive of the Sanders Campaign, and with our guaranteed general election allegiance to Senator Sanders as the Democratic presidential nominee, hereby make this final public plea:

“To all Democratic Party Delegates, especially unpledged super-delegates while the whole world is watching, to cast your votes for Senator Sanders, the safest bet for defeating Donald Trump and advancing the social, economic, international, and environmental policies the American people and the world’s climate need right now, not some time in the future!”

Delegate Shearer concluded:

“Now, again, that has been signed by 433 delegates and committee members from 48 states, as well as Puerto Rico.

“We’re gonna hear from a few of them right now, and we’re gonna publicly release the names of the signatories of this at 2 o’clock tonight.”


((((((   ******* GASP ****** ))))))


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