Cholera, or Gonorrhea??

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my own note: Personally, I still think there’s a crucial difference (regarding some very important issues!–women’s rights, the Supreme Court, immigrant rights, religious equality, racial justice, etc…).

Please dump Trump before it’s too late. We still have time (…just barely!) to rid our nation’s political power structure of this evil fascist gasbag would-be-dictator- bully & supreme egotist-bigot. Generalissimo Franco was still dead…

We can deal with Trump’s evil buddy Hillary, the war criminal egotist & best friend/student of Henry “More Genocide Now!” Kissinger, later. The way things are going, it shouldn’t take long for her to scuttle her own further power career. (She’s just personally [re-]hired Wasserman-Schultz to a more powerful position on her campaign!–right after W-S resigned today!!!) …But we need a little more time for that Hillary war-ship to sink itself….

Would-be Furer Trump is threatening immediate suspension of our remaining shreds of decency & democracy, as I read him…  We just can’t let that happen through our own indifference to voting or our utterly-well-justified disgust at the thorough corruption of the DNC. In my humble opinion.

But I understand the revulsion felt by all regarding the apparently very thin, frayed membrane of (possible?) difference remaining between the outright violent raging unapologetic racist hatred, anti-woman hatred, anti-Muslim hatred, anti-Semitic hatred, anti-LGBT hatred, anti-Mexican hatred, etc etc, of Trump and the party of idiot thugs that supports him & his idiot-Klan-clown agenda, and, — on the  other (?) hand, the utterly corrupt two-faced venal connivance of the official Democratic Party establishment’s inner power circle and the utterly evil money cartel of 1 percenters (Goldman Sacks o’ loot, et al) who support Hillary & Debbie W-S, et alia.

I understand the desire to vote for Dr Stein & the heroic sanity of the Greens, or even (almost!) the desire of some to vote for ridiculous goofy-doofy Gary pot-party tea-party rock-climber conservative Johnson.

After all, I’m an independent progressive, radical non-violent democratic anarchist-socialist! I support(ed) Bernie! I’ve supported him since he was first mayor of Burlington, when I lived in Vermont!

But Trump is just flat out a spewer & promoter-instigator-inciter of racial hatred and insane violently raging hateful idiocy. And I’m convinced he means every fist-hammering word and snarl of it!

Surely there’s a shred of diff between what he would try to do, will try to keep doing further, and what better persons will hopefully restrain Hillary from doing (quickly waging war against Iran, for instance, as she threatens!).

…Well, we shall see ….  

laughing while the world burns!

“You’re asking me, do I prefer cholera or gonorrhea?”

from Democracy Now!

” Following the end of the Republican National Convention, Donald Trump has received a surge in his popularity. He’s now leading Hillary Clinton 44 to 39 percent in a four-way match-up, according to the most recent CNN poll. Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson received 9 percent, and Green Party candidate Dr. Jill Stein received 3 percent. But for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, the threat of a Donald Trump presidency doesn’t inspire him to back Hillary Clinton. When asked, Assange said: “You’re asking me, do I prefer cholera or gonorrhea?”


This is a rush transcript. Copy may not be in its final form.

AMY GOODMAN: Julian, …do you have any thoughts on Donald Trump? I mean, just before we went to air, a CNN poll came out that says Donald Trump is ahead by 5 percentage points of Hillary Clinton. Now, he did just come off of the Republican convention, but many called it the worst convention in history, so it’s not automatic that he should have had this percentage lead. Of course, though, you have the crisis, the disarray, the Democratic Party is in because of these emails that you’ve released.

JULIAN ASSANGE: Well, you’re asking me, do I prefer cholera or gonorrhea? Personally, I would prefer neither. Look, I think—you know, we know how politics works in the United States. Whoever—whatever political party gets into government is going to merge with the bureaucracy pretty damn fast. It will be in a position where it has some levers in its hand. And so, as a result, corporate lobbyists will move in to help control those levers. So it doesn’t make much difference in the end. What does make a difference is political accountability, a general deterrence set to stop political organizations behaving in a corrupt manner. That can make a difference, because that changes the perception of what you can do or not do. And so, always—well, almost always, you should choose the principled position, which is to set a disciplinary signal about acting in a corrupt way, and take a philosophical position, which is our institutions can only be as good as our understanding of our institutions.

The other top emails, well, as I said, I think this instruction by Luis Miranda, the head of communications, to go out and covertly spread anti-Bernie Sanders propaganda is a clear instruction combined with a chain of command. It’s not simply expressing a sentiment. It is expressing an instruction within the Democratic National Committee to subvert the Bernie Sanders campaign.

Then there’s a lot of emails about the close relationship between the DNC and the media—The Washington Post involved in a co-fundraising party, an off-list co-fundraising for the DNC, calling up MSNBC during the middle of a program and saying, “Pull that segment now,” Debbie Wasserman Schultz calling up the president of MSNBC in order to discipline Morning Joe, etc. That’s, you know, of course, something that we’ve all suspected happens, but this is concrete proof of it.

But, you know, I really encourage people to research the more than 8,000 attachments that we put out, separate files, including more than 175 spreadsheets. That has the real core, the financial core, of the power structure and the exercise of monetary influence over the DNC. And that’s something that’s going to seed journalistic investigations for years.

AMY GOODMAN: Julian Assange, we want to thank you for being with us. Julian Assange, founder and editor-in-chief of WikiLeaks. This is Democracy Now! You can go online at to read the transcript or to hear again either the audio podcast or the video, see the video of this interview. We’re broadcasting from the Democratic convention in Philadelphia. It’s the first day. It will be gaveled in in just a couple of hours from this broadcast. I’m Amy Goodman, with Juan González.

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