This World Go Cray-cray

Watching the Insane Clown Posse road-rage fist-fight that is the Republican National Convention, I am reminded of another rant I wrote in my newsletter back in April 2015:

This world go Cray-Cray

One keeps thinking, how much worse can it get?! And then it gets much worse. The atomic clock has just moved up to 3 minutes to midnight (total nuclear holocaust).

Sometimes I dream about reality

Sometimes I feel so gone

Sometimes I dream about a wild wild world

Sometimes I feel so lonesome

Hey Bobby Marley, Sing something good to me

This world go crazy

It’s an emergency

Tonight I dream about fraternity

Sometimes I say, “One day!”

One day my dreams will be reality

Like Bobby said to me

Manu Chao (b.1961) “Mr Bobby” (1998)

This world go cray-cray, alright! One of the absolutely worst things to come to light lately, of course, is the information documented in a report by the Nobel Prize-winning International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, along with Physicians for Social Responsibility, and Physicians for Global Survival. Their report of March 25 is titled “Body Count: Casualty Figures after 10 Years of the ‘War on Terror.’ ”

The report documents that since 2001, at least 1.3 million persons have been killed by US forces invading, occupying, and/or making drone strikes within Afghanistan, Iraq, and parts of Pakistan (80,000 individuals killed in Pakistan alone—a country with whom we are supposedly at peace). This murder count does not even include persons killed by US troops in Yeman, Libya, Tunisia, or what once was Syria. AND what is worse, the actual total number killed, according to the report, is more likely to be double the 1.3 million confirmed by official documents = 2.6 MILLION killed !!!!

The size of this ongoing US-expedited genocide starts to approach that of the Shoah—the Holocaust of European Jews and others (Rom [Gypsies], gays, many Catholic nuns, monks, and priests, the mentally and physically compromised and dependent, etc.), murdered by the Nazis before and during World War 2. And now the wars are being expanded and extended, not diminished. At the current rate, the entire population of these nations soon will have been murdered by US troops. For what purpose? To what end? Why are we letting this go on?

Corporation T-shirt, stupid bloody Tuesday

A murder is a murder, regardless of numbers, but the sheer mass of these millions of individual humans murdered by this utterly senseless, useless & unending war of terror by the US amounts to an unimaginable horror – one about which the people of the US either know next to nothing and/or care very little or nothing. They simply do not wish to know what their military and their government, working for multinational corporations, are doing to the people of the world—as long as they can continue to think of these populations—attacked and invaded, occupied, tortured and murdered populations—as being in “other parts” of the world.

Tragically, terribly, the vast majority of Americans it seems simply do not see themselves as sharing any human commonality, mutual interests or identity, with individuals living and dying in Western or Central Asia (ie “the Middle East”). Except, of course, in a peculiar, way with the population of the nation-state of Israel as imagined by Americans. Not with Israelis themselves, really (probably few non-Jewish Americans know or have even met any Israelis). And certainly not with the Arab citizens of Israel, whether Christian or Muslim, but with their own American notion of what Jewish Israel is, or should be.

Ironically, rather horribly, the majority of those non-Jewish Americans who are most fervently supportive of the nation-state of Israel are fundamentalist evangelical Protestant Christians who also hold it as a central article of faith that when the Apocalypse happens (any day now!), all surviving Jews will eventually  either convert to Christianity, or will be killed by the newly-returned Jesus. And only then will the world enjoy a thousand years of glory, centered in a thoroughly Christianized Jerusalem, centered around the Temple Mount which will have been “cleansed” from all trace of Jewish and Muslim presence and heritage. In fact, all over the Earth, only “true” Christians will be allowed to remain alive. All other persons will be slain by Jesus.

Meanwhile, it seems a huge number of Americans simply do not feel much, if any, commonality with persons they perceive as being “other” than themselves. People perceived as of “other” color, religion, place of origin, place of residence, people of “other” cultures, languages, lifestyles, or worldviews. Any of these “other”people and their respective “characteristics” are so often perceived by many mainstream Americans as being strange and inferior, frightening and intensely distasteful. Weird. Scary. In need of being “cleansed,” washed away and replaced with “good ol American” improvements. Superior things, American things. New improved miracle Cheer laundry detergent. Whiteness. Americanness. Protestant Christianness. Sexual straightness. Whitey tighty underwear. English-speaking proper values. Wonderbread white bread and baloney sandwiches with american cheese slices and miracle whip spread. Yum Yum Yum.

Ultimately, this lack of seeing and of feeling any commonality is a failure of empathic apperception, or transcendent cognition (in the Vedic sense): a failure to realize the truth of life through direct experiential wisdom-insight: that each and every individual is in essence universal, each unique self is a particular perspective on the one universal Self-nature, the boundless essential nature of cosmic existence:

     Universality is the essential truth of individuality.

                       —His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (c1917-2008)

I am he, as you are he, as you are me, and we are all together

                        —John Lennon & Paul McCartney (1967)

I am That [cosmic wholeness], thou art That, and all this is That.


“In the permanently enlightened state of unity consciousness, Brahman consciousness, the individual always directly, spontaneously experiences: ‘I am that unified wholeness of Brahman, that blissful holistic continuum of infinite Being. All other individuals—whether they consciously experience this or not—are also nothing less than that unified wholeness; all that exists in nature, all of time and space itself, is also in essence that same one unified wholeness.”

                          —His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi


Corporation T-shirt, stupid bloody Tuesday

I have never felt like a citizen, exclusively, or in particular, of the US nation-state empire (compared/contrasted with simply being a native resident of the planet, the whole round planet), and I long ago renounced my membership in the “civilized” human race. Escaped cultivation. Gone native. Yet obviously I was compelled to be reborn again on this planet, as a human being who, this time around, was native-born as a US citizen. Compelled whether through contingent karmic necessity (got lots of that left, it seems!) &/or through whatever degree of conscious dharmic intention via bodhisattvic vows (some cray-cray combo of the two, no doubt!). And here I remain on this blood soaked, blood deluged planet. I really don’t know how any of us can stand it. I really don’t. (Do you know? Can you stand it? Really ? How do you put up with it?)

“Writing this, sitting at my typewriter, looking out the window, I find it hard to comprehend why every human being doesn’t run screaming into the streets of all the cities of the world this instant. How can they let it go on?”

Kenneth Rexroth (1905-1982), in “Kenneth Patchen, Naturalist of the Public Nightmare” (1957)       –written in nineteen-friggin-fifty-seven!!

“Tonight I look through my window / and I can’t see no light.”

Manu Chao (b.1961) “Mr. Bobby” (1998)

“Writing is a form of therapy. Sometimes I wonder how all those who do not write, compose, or paint can manage to escape the madness, melancholia, the panic and fear that is inherent in a human situation.”

Graham Greene (1904-1991)

Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives they must lead.

Charles Bukowski (1920-1994) c.1990

Wild man’s world is cryin’ in pain

What you gonna do when everybody’s insane?
So afraid of one who’s so afraid of you

What you gonna do?

Anne Wilson (b.1950) & Nancy Wilson (b.1954) Crazy On You” (1976), written in response to the Vietnam War

“I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!

–Paddy Chayefsky (1923-1981), Network (1976)

One wants to escape the daily mass-murder and torture, the moment-by-moment ceaseless danger, the relentless deadly brutality, the daily, hourly craziness of the war-mongering corporatocracy, the evil vicious kleptocracy, the robber-baron, genocidal war-lord world in which we find ourselves immersed and enslaved, with the threat of brutal homelessness, poverty, and debtors’ prison constantly held like a bullwhip over our heads: “The beatings will continue until morale improves!”

     They’ve got corporations whose specialty is to show other corporations how to make money from global warming, you see. They’re crazy.

      And so I had this image: Just imagine that everybody, everybody in the world, was in this bus, this very large bus, and we’re hurtling down this road, and it’s going to plunge off a cliff. You know what these guys’ll be doing? They’ll be running up and down the aisles, selling us seat belts at very inflated prices, very inflated prices. And that’s where they are. They’re crazy.

     It’s a rational pursuit of irrational ends;—the pursuit itself becames irrational. And these people themselves, although they sound perfectly rational, are part of this pathology. And our job is to grab control of the bus, turn it around, get these guys off the aisles….

     Someone wrote the following on the internet, and I couldn’t find out the party’s name, but it was something like this,—I’m rephrasing it:What an incomprehensible, insane world it seemed to me. Until I realized that it was ruled by rapacious, money-mad sociopaths. Then it all made sense.”

     —Dr. Michael Parenti (b.1933)

Of course there is no viable alternate, no “safe house”, or magic land to go to, not on this planet, or on any other planet, at least in this material dimension, this plane of conventional space and time. Where would any of us go? Mars? Wonderful to think, of course, of escaping to some safe and beautiful paradise on Earth—even just some non-paradisical safe zone somewhere on Earth (but why not both safe and beautiful?)—Some hidden valley / beyul / Shangri-La / Peach Blossom Stream / Hanging Cloud Forest Valley / forgotten tropical island paradise / Tir nan Og —some Permanent Existential Autonomous Zone (PEAZ) somewhere. Good luck if you can find it.

A temporary safety zone just won’t do. A geographical/political Temporary Autonomous Zone (TAZ) just won’t do. There may be two or three small places left which seem to be such TAZs, but they won’t last long enough. And you must go much further than Portland to find even these momentary safe-house zones.

My beloved late sweetheart had a favourite cautionary TAZ story: It concerned a Dutch or Belgian guy who, having survived the mass carnage of the First World War, was convinced a second war was inevitably going to hit Europe and indeed spread to most of the developed world again soon, and naturally he wished to escape the coming carnage and destruction. So he picked an island on the map as far away from every land mass as possible. I believe it was Midway Island. In any case, with the outbreak of hostilities between the Japanese Empire and the US Empire during WWII, his new home on the remote Pacific island became the scene of terrible warfare and total destruction. True story.

No, there is no place, South Sea Islands or otherwhere, to which we can escape and hope to be safe, for long, by simply sticking one’s head in the sand like some frightened human ostrich. Everyone everywhere is already being surveilled now, by the NSA, no matter who or what or where.

NSA is inside Angela Merkel’s knickers. They are in your knickers too. They have crawled up your ass with a black PSY-OPs van and are probing for whatever they can find there. They long ago implanted a virtual earwig electric bug in your ear, and it has crawled inside your skull; they are listening to everything you say and hear, observing and recording every thought you have.

Monsanto’s GMO is in almost the entire planetary food supply. Your tomato is crossed with frog genes (true!), so you are not a vegan or vegetarian even if you think you are. And don’t ask about what’s in the water.

It’s almost impossible to live completely off-grid and independently of the global toxic poison economic slave system. And just wait for the next Battle of Midway Island, so to speak.

No, an attempt at escape of that sort to a merely remote obscure location is no guarantee of safety or peace. We’re stuck here and we’re going to have tough it out together, learn to live and work together. Options from way back 70 years, or even 25 years ago seem almost ludicrously naive now.

    “One morning Marie came running up the stairs weeping and woke me up. She said, ‘Truman has just dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima and hundreds of thousands of people have been killed.’ I sat up in bed and said, ‘Go to a travel agent and buy tickets to Montevideo, Auckland, or Hobart.’  We didn’t. We stayed, but, ‘an old age was out, it was time to begin anew.’ ”  Kenneth Rexroth (1905-1982)

If we still have time, we might still get by
Every time I think about it, I want to cry
With bombs and the devil, and the kids keep comin’
No way to breathe easy, no time to be young

—“Crazy on You” 1976

What you gonna do when everybody’s insane?

I’m afraid we must simply do what we can with this planet, & this totally effed-up society we’ve miscreated around us, that we’ve been reborn into again at this peculiar time….We’re all in it together now, dear friends. (Of course we always were all along, but most white Americans continue to disbelieve this!) We’re all in the same boat, all of us, together aboard this fragile Spaceship Earth (as good old Bucky Fuller called it). And there are very evil utterly heartless, ruthless persons trying to control everything aboard our fragile speeding craft.

See how they run like pigs from a gun / See how they fly / I’m crying

And of course, our planet Earth home isn’t a machine or an inert vehicle, bus or spaceship or whatever—but a living organism, Mother Gaia, (or in Vedic & Buddhist terms, our material planet home is the outer body of Ma Bhumi Devi, Mother Earth Goddess—a spirit whose physical Earth-body is still living, but definitely struggling to keep from becoming a dead organism, a sterile ball of inert dirt. Murdered by greed.
Goo goo g’ joob












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