A Film note from april 2015


A Film note from April 2015


Movies are something I hardly ever bother to go see these days, though it seems I almost always miss the one or two each year that later seem like I would have enjoyed seeing them. Earlier, I mentioned the great documentary film Citizenfour [recording the breakout story of whistleblower Edward Snowden’s courageous revelation and attempt to accept political refuge in Latin America]. But I almost never watch or see any part of the Academic Awards. [Note: this was originally written near the 2015 Awards TV show.]

I usually know little or nothing of the movies that are up for such awards each year, and more and more I have no idea who most of the directors are or even who most of the actors are. I find very few movies, directors, or actors all that compelling when I do get to watch/ know much about them. Nevertheless, of course I always love a good documentary, a really good drama, and most any delightful rom-com.

In past years, my late sweetheart & I enjoyed attending a number of film festivals—especially spirituality-in-cinema film fests (yes there are such things!), some mountain and surfing film festivals, a couple of Buddhism-in-film festivals. Some of these festivals were local to where we lived (Mill Valley, San Francisco, San Diego, etc), others involved fabulous roadtrip vacation-adventure pilgrimages. Wonderful. I’d like to do more film-fest roadtrips in the future.


Just recently, I really enjoyed seeing the frolicky Korean flick The Huntresses (2014). It reminds me a little bit of the westerns Bad Girls (1994, with Madeleine Stowe, Mary Stuart Masterson, Andie MacDowell & Drew Barrymore), Bandidas (2006, with Salma Hayek & Penélope Cruz) and Cowboys and Aliens (Olivia Wilde, Harrison Ford, Daniel Craig). Too much violence, for my taste, to be sure! But some fun.

The Huntresses is a spoofy outlaw baroque-punk steam-punk tale about three Korean cowpunk badass babes, young female robin hood-3 musketeers type private detectives (from sometime circa mid-1600s to mid-1800s?), who become undercover agents in order to save their good & beleaguered king from evil enemy usurpers. So much fun. Totally whack, in a good timey way. In the actresses’ homeland (South) Korea, and in the international Korean community, the three beautiful youngish actresses (ages 27, 35, & 36) of this delightfully silly romp are not only movie stars, but also pop music stars, super-models, big sex symbols, and dedicated eco-social activists.

I certainly wish I was aware of more artist/entertainers who, like these Korean stars, are doing great work simultaneously as actors, supermodels, singer/songer-writers-with-a-conscience, and international social justice activists!! I’d love to see some similarly fun, rich, historical fantasy action-comedy movies (and other flicks) featuring great acting by singer-songwriters such as Nataly Dawn, Zella Day, Hope Sandoval, Diane Birch, Eleanor Goldfield, Daniela Andrade, and Katie Melua (!), to name a few,—preferably starring along side such actresses as Aliyah O’Brien, Isabel Lucas, Vanessa Marano, Erica Dasher, and Olivia Wilde, among others. And in this fantasy of mine, each of these actors ideally also has wonderful albums of songs they’ve written & performed, songs touching in part upon eco-social peace & justice causes they support as activists, books they read and think about &/or books they’ve written, AND about mystical experiences they’ve been having on pilgrimage-adventures, wilderness retreats, etc. etc. In other words, my kinda film, music, art, etc, by my kinda spiritual-artist-activist women!


<<<<<<<<< OOOOOOO >>>>>>>>>


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