keep on truckin momma


mercedes truck

(cross-) country car    Mercedes truck base

Journal page doodle & note circa 1996-97. Transitioning from West Marin County up to Mendocino County, we shopped for a small Mercedes truck to turn into our camper van for road trips across US & Canada.


(cross-) country car


a cross country car to live in while

pilgrimaging across N. America

High off the ground 4-wheel drive

with a skid plate underneath

—get off on some back roads

dirt roads   off-roads    across

forest meadows etc    get under trees

camp for days. Drive down freeways

when needed. Small enough to

park in one city parking space.

truck page

truck text

\\\\\\////// ))) (0) (((OOOOOO))) ((( \\\\\\\////////


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