Leucadia studio thumbnail sketch

malevich studio

Another tiny thumbnail (circa 1″ x 2 ½”) graphite pencil drawing from circa 1987-1989 (somewhat cropped in this photo blow-up).  One section of a multi-panel drawing on paper (total circa 8″ x 10″).

This panel depicts a corner of my at-home studio-office when we lived blissfully for many years in a lovely sunny sea-breezy hand-crafted 1880s heritage cottage on the cliff above a pocket beach in Leucadia. A generation earlier, Charlie Chaplin had once lived a few doors down.

The antique giltwood statute of Avalokiteshvara was from Nepal, the antique inkbrush calligraphy poem on mounted silk scroll was from China. The antique porcelain vase, also Chinese, was always filled with fresh-cut flowers from our garden. The boxy computer, our first, was a gift from a friend whose corporate office was tossing it out in an upgrade. The antique oak desk, swivel chairs, table, bookcases & easel were all local thrift-store purchases. The painting on the easel was my vision of a Malevich-Kandinsky mind-meld.

We were the last non-millionaires to live on the street. When we moved, the wonderful rambling old beach house, still in exquisite condition, was demolished and the tree-shaded lot razed to provide a better ocean view for the snowbird billionaires who had erected an ugly boxy two storey winter condo on the lot behind us. We had leased the 4 bedroom 3 bath cottage from its elderly owner for $300 a month. Year after year, she never raised the amount. They paid her $4.5 million to acquire and clear the lot where the cottage, the last of its era on the street, had stood for over a century.

It was time to get outta Dodge.


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