“While the KKK police the streets by blood-houndin
   Interest on the credit card just keeps on compoundin ”                                                                    — Michael Franti (2001)

A BIG  shout-out to listener-supported Pacifica Radio Network, especially its Berkeley radio station KPFA, and to Amy Goodman and all the good folks at Democracy Now!

These tremendous independent news and culture resources, one hundred per cent listener and viewer supported, without accepting any corporate or government funding or sponsorship, have helped keep democratic freedom and hope alive in the US and in regions all around the world.

KPFA’s existence, along with the world-famous pirate radio stations of the UK and elsewhere during the 1960s and onward, helped inspire the song “Listener Supported” by Michael Franti and Spearhead.  (Michael grew up in Oakland listening to KPFA.)

The song’s message is even more apt now than when it was written and recorded back in 2001.

May you enjoy this musical interlude, and may it re-invigorate you for the work cut out for us all in the days ahead. We must defeat Trump and the KKK police bloodhoundin our streets. We must defeat the vulture capitalists’ credit card compoundin bloodsucking that is economically enslaving our population. We must defeat the mainstream media with our own underground pirate free radio and free online media sharing of otherwise repressed and hidden information. We must defeat fake franken-culture with real culture and music like that of Michael Franti and Spearhead and so many others among us.

We must defeat hate with love, defeat fear and doom-&-gloom with courageous joy and inspiration.

Get on up, now! Dance, dance, dance! Get on up and sock it to me, get on up and do it with me.

(youtube recording follows lyrics)


Listener Supported

Six foot six above sea level
I grab the mic because I like to take you                                                                                               to another mental level

Low-power frequency radio modulation                                                                                              The big sound from underground, another pirate station
We bring the truth to places truth is never heard before
We bring the sound communication of our tribal war
Dark vision fly-by helicopters in the night
Attempt triangulation of our station in the fight

Straight from the base, deep down, no precision
High crime treason, we broadcastin’ sedition
Like the Wall Street Mornin’ – Afternoon Editions
Commandeerin’ airwaves from unknown positions


Live and direct, we comin’, & never pre-recorded
With information that will never be reported
Disregard the mainstream, media distorted
Whoop! Whoop!
We comin’ listener supported


Live and direct, we comin’, & never pre-recorded
With information that will never be reported
Disregard the mainstream, media distorted
Whoop! Whoop!
We comin’ listener supported

Ha, ha!

Don’t take no prisoners if you can’t afford to feed none
Don’t start no fights if you can’t predict the outcome
Don’t make donations where you cannot get your dough back
Fuck the apathetic bullshitters, send em’ all your Prozac!

I will not climb into your telephone tree
And “Hell, no! you can’t put me on hold!”
It’s the same recorded message you’ve been sangin’ all along
Keep handin’ us the Bible, while you walkin’ off with all the gold

The bureaucratic office sends you merry-go-roundin’
While the KKK police the streets by blood-houndin’
Interest on the credit card just keeps on compoundin’
But the FCC can never shut this pirate sound down


Live and direct, we comin’, & never pre-recorded
With information that will never be reported
Disregard the mainstream, media distorted
Whoop! Whoop!
We comin’ listener supported

(repeat multiple times)


“Listener Supported” performed & recorded by Michael Franti & Spearhead
from the album Stay Human (2001) ℗ ©Boo Boo Wax 2001
Writers: Michael Franti & Maria Daulne




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“GET ON UP”  – The Esquires  (1967)  19 effin 67





Jane Sanders: Why Bernie Voters Shouldn’t Get Over It


Jane Sanders: Why Bernie Voters Shouldn’t Get Over It

By Tessa Stuart, Rolling Stone

29 July 16

Bernie’s wife discusses her proudest and most difficult campaign moments, the DNC email leak and the future of his revolution

n Tuesday, Bernie Sanders formally nominated Hillary Clinton to be the Democratic nominee for president, officially drawing to a close a hard-fought, 14-month campaign that brought him within spitting distance of the White House. It was a bittersweet moment — not just because he came so close and fell short, and not just because his brother, Larry, was there to say publicly how proud their parents would be, but because it came just a few days after evidence surfaced that the Democratic National Committee had, as Sanders claimed months earlier, favored the Clinton campaign while claiming to remain neutral during the primary.

Inside the DNC convention hall Tuesday, many of Sanders’ delegates walked out in protest. Outside, supporters from all over the country marched and chanted. But sitting in his box inside the Wells Fargo Arena, Sanders never betrayed his frustration.

Neither did his fiercest defender, staunchest ally and closest adviser: his wife, Jane, who was by his side all week, and throughout the campaign.

After the dust settled Wednesday, Rolling Stone sat down with Jane O’Meara Sanders to discuss this roller coaster of a week — and year — and to find out where she and Bernie will go from here.

Last night during the nomination roll call, Bernie’s brother, Larry, had the chance to cast his vote for Bernie on behalf of the delegation of Democrats living abroad. What was that moment like?

That was emotional. It was a surprise. I knew he was going to be with the Democrats Abroad. I didn’t know that they were going to ask him to cast his vote separately. Bernie and Larry lost their parents when they were young — Bernie was 19 when his mom died, and 21 when his dad died. So, you know, to be thinking how his parents would feel to see Bernie over this last year and then Larry, as a delegate, to vote for his brother for president — that was an unbelievable moment.

Bernie got a little choked up.

Yeah! And that’s not like him — he tends to be very serious and rational. But, I mean, you talk about your parents at a time like this, and your brother is there with you, and your whole family is with you — four kids and all the grandkids. It was pretty amazing.

That was the last real obligation Bernie had this week. How are you feeling now that most of the work is done?

Relieved, a bit? Though all the work is not done. We’re moving to a new chapter.

There was a period of time where we were working with the Clinton campaign to have her agree, and the Clinton delegates agree, to the most progressive platform in a number of areas, and to hammer out  a health care bill that provides a public option and doubles funding for health centers, and a higher education bill that allows people making under $120,000 a year — that’s 83 percent of our population — to be able to send their kids to college tuition-free at public colleges and universities.

He could have conceded long before, and people — the media — were asking every time we saw them, “When are you going to concede? When are you going to endorse?” That was difficult, because we stayed in as long as we could to use as much leverage as we could to get everything we possibly could get, including the rules committee, where we rethink how we run these elections.

He’s not going to win the presidency, we’ve known that since June 7th [the day of the last big primaries, in California and New Jersey], but we had to do as much as we possibly could on the issues to honor all of the work that so many people have done, and that we did. So that’s why I say it’s a bit of a relief now — now we can move to the next chapter.

How granular did those discussions with the Clinton campaign get?

Very, very, very. This is not conceptual at all. It’s policy. Where is the money coming from? How are we going to do it? All of it is in stone. It’s good.

What kind of assurances did you get to ensure they’ll follow through on these agreements?

It’s funny. My daughter was speaking to somebody with a spiritual background, and he said, “Bernie lit the flame — now we’ll hold their feet to the fire.” And that is exactly what we need, from all the people. Bernie can do some of it, but, just like the campaign, it’s not about him — it’s about all of us.

Can you tell me about some of the hardest moments for you on the campaign trail?

Learning what I didn’t know was hard. To see people suffering unnecessarily was just unfathomable. Why? Why is this being allowed? Going to the Native American reservations: Pine Ridge, Oak Flat, where they sold the copper mine deposits to a Russian company and it was on sacred ground. Why? Hearing all of the stories of people being treated unfairly by people in power, no matter what way, whether it’s in their state governments, in their local government, in the federal government. Looking at Native Americans and looking at how they don’t have education equity there, they don’t have good health care, they don’t have economic development, they don’t have housing. I’m married to someone who is all about the people. He hears about a problem, and he wants to fix it; he does everything humanly possible to do that. It’s just so foreign to me. So that was the hardest part.

When were you most proud of Bernie this past year, if you can pinpoint one moment?

There were so many moments where I was proud of Bernie. I probably sound silly, but that debate where he said, “I’m sick of hearing about your damn emails,” he didn’t think of that [ahead of time]. It wasn’t a plan. He’s not a politician who thinks of things and plans it all out. He just answers the questions, truthfully. I was very proud of him there because it was an easy hit, and yet all we were hearing was speculation, speculation, speculation every single day, and nobody was talking about the real issues that are affecting people’s lives. He said it, and he meant it: We’ll wait and see the process. I remember thinking, People are going to say that’s a political mistake, but it’s a principled point of view. And I don’t think it was a political mistake, because people understood: This man is for real. He’s a principled person.

What about you? You’re one of his closest advisers — what are you, personally, the most proud of this campaign?

I can’t claim credit for this: My daughter told me about Oak Flat, and then we had a meeting in Arizona — a rally— and a 14-year-old girl stood up and talked about the sacred site. I went to Flagstaff around the same time, and met with the Navajo Nation, met with the Apache-Stronghold, and came back and talked to Bernie about all this and said, “We have to do something, we have to do something.” And he said, “OK.” And since then, we met [with Native Americans] every single time we could. We have the strongest Native American platform. It is something that Deborah [Parker, a former vice chairman of the Tulalip Tribes in Washington State, named to the platform committee by the Sanders campaign] fought for beforehand, and could get nowhere. At the main [Democratic Party platform] meeting she said, “They want me to water it down.” We said, “No. You don’t start at a compromise. Go in there for what you want.” She went in, she wrote this magnificent piece, and started to cry in the middle of [reading it to the platform committee]. Jim Zogby, another member of our people on platform committee, read the rest of it. It passed unanimously, when they were refusing before, because people understood how heartfelt it was.

A year and a half ago, what would you have never expected?

I would never have expected that he would have won the vast majority of people who voted in the Democratic primary under age 45. Blacks, Latinos, Asians, whites, it didn’t matter: he won the vast majority of people under 45. I was surprised at how fast they knew him on a gut level. Vermonters know him that way. They know they can trust him implicitly. They know what he says is what he means, and that is what he does, and he come from a core of strong values. I was surprised at how quickly the nation got to know that. The last two years he’s been voted the most trusted United States senator — number one. So people have been watching him, but I was surprised by that. I was surprised to see stadiums of 28,000 people. That was kind of shocking, and it’s also been gratifying to watch.

What was that like for you? He turned into kind of a rockstar.

It was funny. When I started to see that, I thought, Oh, god, I’m going to have to keep his feet on the ground. What was surprising was he became more humble. He’s not a humble man, really [laughs]. But he became more humble because he felt such a sense of responsibility. It was exactly the opposite of what I was afraid was going to happen. So I really just am filled with pride. I’m the luckiest woman on the planet I think.

Was there a moment, early on in your relationship, when you realized he was capable of something like this?

We never thought about this. In the Senate, the joke is: Every senator looks in the mirror every morning and sees the next president. But Bernie never thought about that. He’s just a public servant. But I knew he was an unbelievable public servant. When I met him, I was a community organizer and he was running for mayor [of Burlington]. I brought all our small community groups to meet with the five-term incumbent and ask some questions, and they started to evade the questions that the community was asking. So I stood up and I followed up and followed up, and [the mayor] said, “Now you sound like Bernie Sanders.” And I sat down and said, “Who’s Bernie Sanders?” And they said, “I think he’s running for mayor.” So I organized a debate, and I listened to him, and I thought he embodied everything I ever believed in. I had turned away from politics. After Nixon got reelected I was like, I can’t do this. I can’t be a part of this. And he inspired me right there. I immediately said, I have to work for him, and that’s how our relationship began. All we were looking at was [him becoming] mayor. I would have been happy ending there. Then he ran for [the House], and the Senate — and I never expected this.

It seems like he’s inspired similar feelings in a lot of his supporters this year.

I really like our supporters. The joke was always at the end of [every event], “Where’s Jane? Where’s Jane?” Because I’m always staying [behind, chatting with supporters]: “OK, I’ll take a selfie! Tell me about yourself.”

[It’s gratifying] how committed they are to the issues they believe in, and to bettering this country, and how a lot of them, really, are very pure at heart. And that’s what’s hard for them right now. To recognize that, yeah, you know, we didn’t get the presidency, but we made a lot of progress, and we’re going to keep fighting, and the world doesn’t change overnight.

We didn’t change the world overnight, but that’s never happened. And the amount that we have changed already — we have changed the trajectory of this country and the Democratic Party. So, good work everybody!

I’m curious what it’s been like for you watching those supporters inside the arena this week.

I’ve had a lot of reactions to it. We met with the delegates the first day, and there were 2,000 people there, and it was really heart-wrenching. I couldn’t not let tears come down. I tried not to, but all I could think was, We let them down.

How do you mean?

[Tearing up] We did everything we could, but we didn’t win. And they were so sad about it. People have been making it sound like they’re mad, and they should just get over it. No they shouldn’t! They shouldn’t just get over it! What do you expect? How do you turn on a dime? We understand that. We understand that we earned their support and their trust. Now Hillary Clinton has to earn their support and their trust. And we will hold [the Clinton campaign] accountable because we are endorsing her. We are that much more committed to making sure [she follows through on her promises], instead of saying, Oh, it’s politics as usual, people change. We’re not going to let that happen. Not without a big fight, if anything. If the Democratic Party starts backing away from the platform, ever, we will fight like crazy to support the work that all of these millions of people did.

It’s been hard in that respect. That’s the only time it’s been hard for me and Bernie. We’ve come to peace. You know, he won his first election by ten votes. He lost this election by more votes than can be explained by the things that people are concerned about — the voting irregularities, or the DNC. If it was closer, we might have done something differently, but there is no choice. It’s not like we’re stopping because we want to. We’re stopping because those are the rules of the game. That’s democracy. There is a winner and a loser in every election.

We are focused on the issues, and we’re winning momentum. And I think some people might not understand that. He had no choice but to step down. His feeling was that Donald Trump is too dangerous to not defeat. So his choice was to endorse — but, at the same time, fight like hell to keep the revolution alive, and keep alive the issues that we all stand behind. So we need [our supporters]. We need them engaged, and we need them to participate. And whatever they decide, it’s their conscience, and they should decide whatever they want. Our job is to defeat Donald Trump; our conscience says we can’t have that.

Speaking of the DNC, I want to know what it felt like to learn about these internal emails just as you were preparing to come to Philadelphia.

That was hard. It was a roller coaster ride because of that. As I said, I’m more emotional than him, so I was like [shakes head in disbelief], Wait a minute. Wait a minute. But the difficulty is — and he was right, reading [the emails], he said, “Nothing’s changed.” We said six months ago the DNC is favoring Clinton. The media didn’t pay any attention — most of the media. It’s nothing new. There is nothing new here for us. But for other people, there is. And now there is proof, and so there will be change. The chairwoman is stepping down. I believe there will be other changes, and there have to be other changes, in the DNC. We can’t just say, “What are you going to do?” We have to say, “How are you going to make this better going forward.” That’s the point. It’s not about him.

And the thing is, you know what? If he was president, he’d have to be dealing with everything that came at him. I’m a great rationalizer. We can focus completely on the issues that we fought for and keep moving forward.

What about what’s next for you? Are there things you’re excited to do now that you’ll have the time?

Oh yes, [I’m excited] to have some time — extended time — with our family. Even though we haven’t been together, [the campaign] has brought us closer because they all supported us in whatever way they could. Not just politically, but cleaning the house, getting the groceries when we came in at one in the morning; there was fresh milk and bread for the morning. That type of thing. So that’s one thing that I’m looking forward to.

And more broadly, what are your plans?

Starting yesterday, we have two new organizations: the Sanders Institute, which will convey the lessons we’ve learned as we’ve traveled this country and met with so many people. [And Our Revolution, which will help craft policies and elect new leadership.]

I was in Birmingham, Alabama, and Bernie and I had a closed-door meeting. We had a lot of those before rallies, where we had just people in the community and listened to them, not in front of the press because we wanted them to talk about things that affect their lives. And in Birmingham, a police officer can go up and give them a fine if one shade was high and one shade was low on the building. Oh, you’re not taking care of your [property] — $75 fine. And these things would build up, and people would be arrested because they didn’t have money to pay the fines, and they’d have a record. “Have you ever been arrested?” [on job applications]. All of these things — the new Jim Crow laws.

I walked out of that meeting, and I just said to Bernie, “Can we go in this other room next door for a second?” He said “OK, what, do you want to write something down?” I said, “Yeah,” and I went in, and I just cried. I just said, “How did we not know this? Where is the leadership?” I said, if our [congressional] delegation — Peter Welch and Bernie and [Patrick] Leahy — were there, and this was happening, it would not be happening. They would be banging on every door and changing it, so we need to do that.

McDowell County, West Virginia: seeing that they had a life expectancy in the area 18 years lower than people two hours away in Fairfax, Virginia, because there are no jobs, there’s a lot of stress. And these people are smart and interested in controlling their own lives, and nobody is doing anything. They knew 20 years ago that the coal would be depleted in 2017, and they didn’t understand that the country would move away from coal [even sooner]. Where was the leadership? How is it that — forgetting the environmental insanity — they knew that coal was going to be depleted, and no one bothered to invest in a new economy in the area?

Those are the things we’re going to tackle. We don’t have all the answers, but we have the perspective right now. And we’re not going to lose it. We’re going to put it to good work.



(((((( *** Maybe there is some hope yet, despite the Hillary Junta! ***))))))

American Democracy’s last dying gasp?

American Democracy’s last dying gasp? …

Good God, under starless skies
We are lost, and into the breach, we got tossed
And the water’s coming in fast

And, ah, my love remind me,

Did we build a ship to wreck?

To wreck, to wreck, to wreck
Did we build this ship to wreck?
To wreck, to wreck, to wreck
Did we build this ship to wreck?

–Florence Welch and Tom Hull

from “Ship to Wreck” recorded by Florence and the Machine


A few days ago, the Republican Party’s national convention concluded its detonation of the pestilential black cloud of violent Nazi-&-Klan-style hatred mushrooming out of its diseased bowels, with Furer-Designate Trump’s declaration to impose martial law and suppress all dissent on the first day he takes office.

Since then, the Democratic Party establishment has responded to the first wave of its internal communications publicly leaked by WikiLeaks. These documents prove that the party’s National Committee has thoroughly rigged its own nomination process by covertly infiltrating Senator Sander’s campaign with Clinton moles, by attempting to publicly slander and discredit Sanders on religious and ethnic grounds. The party establishment reacted in part by further violating the rules of its own democratic process of representation by elected convention delegates through refusing them a voice, revoking their credentials, and generally conducting the entire convention and nomination process as a pre-ordained coronation. A coronation by petty conniving asshole hacks who have ramroded a coup to install war-criminal candidate Clinton, the same HRC who champions genocidal maniac Henry Kissinger as her great close friend and advisor, inspirational colleague and world policy mentor.

Senator Sanders officially released his pledged delegates, while also urging them to join him in endorsing and supporting Hillary Clinton, in the face of the leaked proof of her illegal and immoral dirty tricks campaign to smear and undercut him and his campaign for nomination and potential election. But many delegates walked out of the convention rather than be further cheated and coerced into supporting a coup by the pro-Clinton junta seeking to install its leader through dishonesty and psychological bullying. 

From outside the convention center, spokespersons representing the pro-democracy delegates whose voices had been suppressed by the junta, read a public statement to the press and the assembled crowd, in which they made “their final public plea”.    

The way it looks to me at this moment in time, this pleading statement may go down in history as American democracy’s last dying gasp.

Robert Shearer, elected Democratic Convention delegate from California for Senator Sanders, addressing the press, the American people, and the crowd of people gathered outside the Democratic National Convention:

“There is a deep rift in this party, and the only way we’re going to pull it towards the progressive policies embodied by our political revolution is if we continue this conversation publicly.

So, to that end, we have received 433 delegates’ and committee members’ signatures for Senator Sanders in about a week from 48 states and from Puerto Rico.

We’re going to read that statement to you today and we’re going to talk to a few of those delegate signatories and hear about the issues that keep them from feeling that Secretary Clinton or the Democratic establishment has fully embraced the values and the principles that drive the progressive policies that we need to see right now and not some time in the future!

[Crowd: “That’s right! That’s right!”]

“May I have a copy of this statement, please?

(Delegate Shearer reads the statement):

“We, the undersigned delegates for Senator Sanders to the 2016 Democratic National Convention, wish to remind the Democratic National Committee, unpledged Democratic Party super-delegates, the press, the American public, and our fellow pledged delegates, who are at liberty to vote for either candidate at the convention, that:

“Senator Sander’s campaign has greatly expanded the Democratic voting base and continues to maintain broad-reaching support. Which, when coupled with polling data, signals a significantly greater chance of Senator Sanders defeating Donald Trump than Hillary Clinton, whose public favorability ratings are dangerously low.

“Many of the signatories of this statement have been involved with this primary election for the last 13, 15 months at this point, during which time they have consistently heard from countless voters, representing diverse backgrounds, that they refuse to vote for Secretary Clinton under any circumstances.

“We, as elected and appointed delegates and committee members for Senator Sanders, represent millions of potential general election voters who remain unconvinced that Clinton has embraced the social, economic, international and environmental values required for them to feel comfortable and confident in casting a vote for her.

“Countless American voters who often aligned with Democratic candidates feel Clinton is untrustworthy, lacks the integrity to be president, and promotes policies designed to maintain a status quo that has been unambiguously rejected by the vast majority of our Democratic base.

“We represent millions of everyday Americans who believe that they have well-justified doubts that the Democratic Party actually represents their needs, but who nonetheless became involved in the political process because of Senator Sanders.

“These are people of all ages and backgrounds, including those who have engaged in politics for the first time and those whose collective hopes have been re-ignited after many decades of resignation and despair.

“They stand to be immediately disenchanted by the nomination of a candidate they simply don’t trust and who they feel was forced upon them by media manipulation and a rigged election system.

“We, independently of the directive of the Sanders Campaign, and with our guaranteed general election allegiance to Senator Sanders as the Democratic presidential nominee, hereby make this final public plea:

“To all Democratic Party Delegates, especially unpledged super-delegates while the whole world is watching, to cast your votes for Senator Sanders, the safest bet for defeating Donald Trump and advancing the social, economic, international, and environmental policies the American people and the world’s climate need right now, not some time in the future!”

Delegate Shearer concluded:

“Now, again, that has been signed by 433 delegates and committee members from 48 states, as well as Puerto Rico.

“We’re gonna hear from a few of them right now, and we’re gonna publicly release the names of the signatories of this at 2 o’clock tonight.”


((((((   ******* GASP ****** ))))))

Cholera, or Gonorrhea??

Image result for lesser of two evils

my own note: Personally, I still think there’s a crucial difference (regarding some very important issues!–women’s rights, the Supreme Court, immigrant rights, religious equality, racial justice, etc…).

Please dump Trump before it’s too late. We still have time (…just barely!) to rid our nation’s political power structure of this evil fascist gasbag would-be-dictator- bully & supreme egotist-bigot. Generalissimo Franco was still dead…

We can deal with Trump’s evil buddy Hillary, the war criminal egotist & best friend/student of Henry “More Genocide Now!” Kissinger, later. The way things are going, it shouldn’t take long for her to scuttle her own further power career. (She’s just personally [re-]hired Wasserman-Schultz to a more powerful position on her campaign!–right after W-S resigned today!!!) …But we need a little more time for that Hillary war-ship to sink itself….

Would-be Furer Trump is threatening immediate suspension of our remaining shreds of decency & democracy, as I read him…  We just can’t let that happen through our own indifference to voting or our utterly-well-justified disgust at the thorough corruption of the DNC. In my humble opinion.

But I understand the revulsion felt by all regarding the apparently very thin, frayed membrane of (possible?) difference remaining between the outright violent raging unapologetic racist hatred, anti-woman hatred, anti-Muslim hatred, anti-Semitic hatred, anti-LGBT hatred, anti-Mexican hatred, etc etc, of Trump and the party of idiot thugs that supports him & his idiot-Klan-clown agenda, and, — on the  other (?) hand, the utterly corrupt two-faced venal connivance of the official Democratic Party establishment’s inner power circle and the utterly evil money cartel of 1 percenters (Goldman Sacks o’ loot, et al) who support Hillary & Debbie W-S, et alia.

I understand the desire to vote for Dr Stein & the heroic sanity of the Greens, or even (almost!) the desire of some to vote for ridiculous goofy-doofy Gary pot-party tea-party rock-climber conservative Johnson.

After all, I’m an independent progressive, radical non-violent democratic anarchist-socialist! I support(ed) Bernie! I’ve supported him since he was first mayor of Burlington, when I lived in Vermont!

But Trump is just flat out a spewer & promoter-instigator-inciter of racial hatred and insane violently raging hateful idiocy. And I’m convinced he means every fist-hammering word and snarl of it!

Surely there’s a shred of diff between what he would try to do, will try to keep doing further, and what better persons will hopefully restrain Hillary from doing (quickly waging war against Iran, for instance, as she threatens!).

…Well, we shall see ….  

laughing while the world burns!

“You’re asking me, do I prefer cholera or gonorrhea?”

from Democracy Now!

” Following the end of the Republican National Convention, Donald Trump has received a surge in his popularity. He’s now leading Hillary Clinton 44 to 39 percent in a four-way match-up, according to the most recent CNN poll. Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson received 9 percent, and Green Party candidate Dr. Jill Stein received 3 percent. But for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, the threat of a Donald Trump presidency doesn’t inspire him to back Hillary Clinton. When asked, Assange said: “You’re asking me, do I prefer cholera or gonorrhea?”


This is a rush transcript. Copy may not be in its final form.

AMY GOODMAN: Julian, …do you have any thoughts on Donald Trump? I mean, just before we went to air, a CNN poll came out that says Donald Trump is ahead by 5 percentage points of Hillary Clinton. Now, he did just come off of the Republican convention, but many called it the worst convention in history, so it’s not automatic that he should have had this percentage lead. Of course, though, you have the crisis, the disarray, the Democratic Party is in because of these emails that you’ve released.

JULIAN ASSANGE: Well, you’re asking me, do I prefer cholera or gonorrhea? Personally, I would prefer neither. Look, I think—you know, we know how politics works in the United States. Whoever—whatever political party gets into government is going to merge with the bureaucracy pretty damn fast. It will be in a position where it has some levers in its hand. And so, as a result, corporate lobbyists will move in to help control those levers. So it doesn’t make much difference in the end. What does make a difference is political accountability, a general deterrence set to stop political organizations behaving in a corrupt manner. That can make a difference, because that changes the perception of what you can do or not do. And so, always—well, almost always, you should choose the principled position, which is to set a disciplinary signal about acting in a corrupt way, and take a philosophical position, which is our institutions can only be as good as our understanding of our institutions.

The other top emails, well, as I said, I think this instruction by Luis Miranda, the head of communications, to go out and covertly spread anti-Bernie Sanders propaganda is a clear instruction combined with a chain of command. It’s not simply expressing a sentiment. It is expressing an instruction within the Democratic National Committee to subvert the Bernie Sanders campaign.

Then there’s a lot of emails about the close relationship between the DNC and the media—The Washington Post involved in a co-fundraising party, an off-list co-fundraising for the DNC, calling up MSNBC during the middle of a program and saying, “Pull that segment now,” Debbie Wasserman Schultz calling up the president of MSNBC in order to discipline Morning Joe, etc. That’s, you know, of course, something that we’ve all suspected happens, but this is concrete proof of it.

But, you know, I really encourage people to research the more than 8,000 attachments that we put out, separate files, including more than 175 spreadsheets. That has the real core, the financial core, of the power structure and the exercise of monetary influence over the DNC. And that’s something that’s going to seed journalistic investigations for years.

AMY GOODMAN: Julian Assange, we want to thank you for being with us. Julian Assange, founder and editor-in-chief of WikiLeaks. This is Democracy Now! You can go online at democracynow.org to read the transcript or to hear again either the audio podcast or the video, see the video of this interview. We’re broadcasting from the Democratic convention in Philadelphia. It’s the first day. It will be gaveled in in just a couple of hours from this broadcast. I’m Amy Goodman, with Juan González.

The original content of this program is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License. Please attribute legal copies of this work to democracynow.org. Some of the work(s) that this program incorporates, however, may be separately licensed. For further information or additional permissions, contact us.






The rebel Library of Alexandria


The rebel Library of Alexandria


“WikiLeaks has become the rebel library of Alexandria. It is the single most significant collection of information that doesn’t exist elsewhere, in a searchable, accessible, citable form, about how modern institutions actually behave. And it’s gone on to set people free from prison, where documents have been used in their court cases; hold the CIA accountable for renditions programs [covert kidnapping and torture programs]; feed into election cycles, which have resulted in the termination of, in some case—or contributed to the termination of governments, in some cases, taken the heads of intelligence agencies, ministers of defense and so on.

“Our civilization can only be as good as our knowledge of what our civilization is. We can’t possibly hope to reform that which we do not understand.”


from today’s Democracy Now! televised program.

The original content of this program is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License. Please attribute legal copies of this work to democracynow.org. Some of the work(s) that this program incorporates, however, may be separately licensed. For further information or additional permissions, contact us.




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Ah, yes,…women…

Hi Edith,

So very good to chat with you, as always.

And it’s flattering of course that you would think of me when considering who might be a suitable romantic partner for your Venice architect friend.

To answer your question as to what I wish for in a suitable partner for myself is, on the one hand, both simple and easy for me to do quickly. On the other hand, to convey this more clearly takes more time and nuancing than was possible during our lunch chat. So here’s a more thorough response.

It’s such a complex/intimate thing that I find it, naturally, very difficult to just start ticking items off like a shopping list. We as persons with our unique interests and needs as potentially suitable holistic (and hopefully life-long) romantic partners  aren’t so easily cataloged!

But here’s some outline notes that might give you some idea of what I value and desire, worked into tiny word-bites. If you want to get a somewhat richer idea than this can convey, then of course  reading the basic icon items on my blogsite — especially the “About,” page, but also the pages on Art, Bio, etc, — will give you a much clearer notion, I should think, of what I’m about and what I desire in a life-partner. I’ve also written about this in several blogposts, but those are harder to find. They are scattered around in and among various (uncatalogued) posts.

Meanwhile, & roughly, as to what I look for in a woman who I may wish to date with a hope of our mutually discovering in each other and in ourselves that we are both suitable partners for an ideal shared life together (which, as you know, is mostly the only reason I care to date anyone more than once or twice or thrice):


I think the first important thing I value and would hope and need to discover in a potential partner is perhaps best pegged as “character” — humaneness, “mensch-iness”; after that I would say contemplative, spiritual, mystical inclination, exploration, and unfolding development; and third I would say comes intelligence and intellectuality. For if a person both has menschy good character and also is contemplative/spiritual, chances are she is also both intelligent & intellectual.

Whereas, if she is intelligent/intellectual and is NOT also menschy and contemplative by now (by the time she is old enough–at whatever age!–to enter an ultimate, all-inclusive adult relationship/life partnership), then….it’s unlikely she is going to suddenly become sufficiently spiritual and good-natured enough to be mutually compatible with me. It’s possible, but less likely.

And if by chance she is both menschy & contemplative, but somehow NOT particularly intellectual/intelligent, well, we may still be suitable enough for one another. We’d have to see. But as I mentioned to you earlier, I tend to find acute intelligence and compassionate intellectuality extremely important, and very attractive. Humane brainiacs turn me on!

Intelligence & intellectuality

Intelligence, however, comes in many forms, and what typically passes for intellectuality is often very overrated in many circles. Some of the stupidest persons I have ever met have one or more doctorates.

With regard to my own “criteria” for (“casual”, preliminary/exploratory) dating: On the one hand, if a person can write a lucid sentence on a good day and has read a good book in recent years (& not just a conventional novel), then I’m willing to talk….

On the other hand, in looking toward a potential meaningful relationship: as you know, my professional life as a university teacher of diverse courses in the interdisciplinary humanities, specifically in various areas of world literature, world history & culture, and comparative world religions, is not just a day-job. My own personal, private interests as a private scholar, reader, writer, thinker, etc, are also somewhat concerned with the nature and history of human intellectual activity and heritage—the world of profound humanistic, humane thought, its sources, development, and application in creating for our world community a kinder, healthier, more compassionate opportunity for conscious evolution, enjoyment, and fulfillment.

So, my strong preference is to be partnered with someone with whom I not only deeply share some such overlapping interests (in whatever forms), but can also eventually share conversing meaningfully about such things at least some of the time on an ongoing basis…


Next, and last of the important things, I would say is creative/artistic/aesthetic appreciation/interest &/or ability. I would very much prefer to be partnered with a fellow practicing artist of whatever genre/medium (painting, music, acting, writing, dance, etc), but compared to the other things, it’s not necessary.

I think virtually everyone is creative/artistic at heart, and can be taught/cultured to let their inner artist out if it’s hiding. Whereas, it’s maybe not always quite so easy to spark the unfolding of steady compassion or extensive acute intelligence in adults who have not yet stabilized such traits. However, somewhat like art-making, contemplative spiritual practice can also easily be learned (with the guidance of a well-trained teacher). And therein lies great hope.

contemplative / spiritual

I believe that everyone is also inherently spiritual in the most important sense. And from applied spiritual practice and experience, qualities such as compassion and kindness and mental clarity and expansiveness naturally and spontaneously unfold and overflow. But again, if someone has gotten this far without being interested in such things already, it is perhaps less likely that she and I will be well suited to each other — at least right away. It’s possible we will be, just not as easily discernible unless and until we meet and hang out a bit first.

As my  own life-long commitment to daily contemplative spiritual practice has always been and will always be the center of my lifestyle, I’m not at all suitable for someone who is not (potentially) open to such things. She has to be at least appreciative and respectful of my own commitment to life-long daily practice of meditative spiritual engagement. Beyond that, it would be extremely wonderful, although perhaps not necessary (?), if she shared with me a deep interest in, and orientation toward a compatible contemplative spiritual lifestyle/worldview/set of values/engagement.

This might take various diverse forms, — my ideal partner doesn’t have to be just like me! — However, I certainly just couldn’t live happily with a conventional “worldling” or “surface operator” who wasn’t open to the deeper, richer expanses of the interior life.

progressive eco-social concern

I almost forgot progressive political outlook — in terms of humane social, environmental, and economic peace & justice concerns. This doesn’t have to mean a woman is a partisan, or someone who is presently intensely engaged in direct action protest, or reform efforts. But obviously, I could not abide spending time with someone who is rightwing or indifferent to the suffering, inequality, injustice, violence, etc. that repressive, reactionary, retrogressive political systems impose on people (and the environment). I couldn’t abide spending time with someone who is bigoted or deeply prejudiced or strongly biased (toward the conservative, negative, narrow-minded or hateful side of things, etc) with regard to race, ethnicity, language, religion, culture, the environment, class, gender & sexuality, etc. I’m a radical progressive socially, politically, economically, environmentally, out of my own deepest moral/ethical concern for the well-being of all humans and all fellow creatures. For me this is not about conventional party politics or abstract ideology, it’s about the most crucial moral/ethical values and concerns possible. I just don’t think I could sustain a state of being happily and unconditionally romantically in love with, and domestically partnered with, someone who lacked at least a passionate aspiration toward experiencing and applying universal loving-kindness, empathetic compassion, good-will, fellow-feeling, and creative self-identification with all other suffering creatures, human and non-human, that is, with anyone who was indifferent to such values, or who was convinced that reactionary ideology and policy was preferable or justifiable.


And I hesitate to mention bohemian (vs straight, bourgeois, square, lame, conventional). There are so many kinds of genuine bohemian-ness that are far, far from me (for instance, the heavy-drinking, -smoking, -doping, angry, sullen sort); and also many kinds of ersatz bohemian-ness that are ridiculous (for instance recent/current trustafarian hipster-ism, serious Portlandia-goofiness, etc).

But obviously if a woman is fairly conventional inside as well as outside on this sort of sliding scale, we wouldn’t be likely to get very far. Her boho soul doesn’t necessarily have to show in how she dresses or decorates her den. Superficially, these kinds of “opposites can attract” up to a point, but in my book, real bohemian-ness is not just a superficial matter of faddish fashion or what is glibly called “style”—it is a basic orientation to many, many things regarding deep personal values, social/aesthetic/ethical values, and life-way orientation.

Quirky and eclectic and individualistic and original and arty and world-beat and offbeat and easygoing yet passionate and romantic and a bit of a gypsy at heart and with the soul of a dancer in most things most of the time is way ahead of conventional straight-edged conventional straightlaced proper and conservative—cookie-cutter, corporate bored-room style, 50s PTA middle America Norman Rockwell soccermom, countryclub Girls for Goldwater style, young Republicans, Talbot’s style, etc. But again, on the surface-only, this doesn’t matter so very much in terms of what is likely to be compatible with me. I could sport a boxy bourgeois suit & tie from time to time, just for fun, if I cared to, but I couldn’t abide living in a bourgeois world or household.

So:  . . .

character – compassion/empathy/universal friendliness/kindness/selflessness; loyalty, dedication, passion, inner calmness/clarity, joyous, open, adventurous, courageous

contemplative, spiritual – interested in spiritual experience, understanding, practice, self-realization, self-liberation, self-actualization, enlightenment

intelligent, intellectual, scholarly, thoughtful; clear, comprehensive mentality, mental acuity, having a central personal interest in the life of the mind

creative, artistic, aesthetic appreciation, love of beauty in nature and the arts

politically progressive — social, ecological, economic, sexual progress, etc

bohemian, open, unconventional, non-bourgeois, arty, original, eclectic, countercultural

some exemplary women in the public arena

Below is a short list of some of the (contemporary, living) women “celebrities” whom I greatly admire in one way or another. SEVERAL of them are also rather attractive to me in terms of personally-appealing good looks &/or sexiness. But there are a ga-zillion great looking women everywhere in the world; these particular individuals are public figures whose engagements in life (activism, the arts, etc), have somewhat captured my interest and appreciation, aside from their looks.

So, looks aside (mostly), this list gives a fairly good sample of some of the kinds of things I like in women, qualities & values & interests I would enjoy discovering in a woman who would care to join with me in a romantic relationship as mutual equal life-partners. There should be more poets and painters and scholar-professors on this list of public women I admire! more photographers, some anthropologist/ archaeologists & adventurers, some public health natural medicine holistic doctor-dancers! much else.

If I were to try to compose a list only on the basis of publicly-known women whose looks I find most attractive, the names on the list would probably include several more actresses and models, naturally. Certainly also some more singer-songwriters! Dancer-scholars! Surfer-poet-activists and rockclimber-painter-activists! But I see women moving about anonymously in public almost every week & sometimes almost every day who I think are visually “equal” to, or even much more beautiful than virtually any/all the celebrity actresses, models, athletes, etc, whom we all typically see in the media. Looks are important, but not just by themselves, and besides I have fairly eclectic tastes that way in any case.

Amal Alamuddin (b.1978) 38 – human rights lawyer

Erin Currier (b.1975) 41  – social justice artist

Caroline Gleich (b 1986) 30 – outdoor athlete, environmental activist & artist

Eleanor Goldfield c29 – activist musician poet model

Amy Goodman (b.1957) 59 – activist journalist writer

Julia Butterfly Hill (b. 1974) 42 – activist writer model

Naomi Klein (b. 1970) 46 – activist writer journalist

Isabel Lucas (b. 1985) 31 – actress activist

Abby Martin (b. 1984) 31 – activist artist journalist

Dora McQuaid – c33 – poet activist professor

Aliyah O’Brien (b. 1981) 36 — actress, director, activist

Laura Poitras (b. 1964) 52 – filmmaker journalist activist

Jesselyn Radach (b. 1970) 45 – human rights lawyer

Jen Robinson  35 – human rights lawyer

Arundhati Roy (1961) 54 – novelist activist

Elif Şafak (b.1971) 44 – novelist professor

Naomi Wolfe (b.1962) 53 -writer journalist activist


much more info than you wanted to know!



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Melania / Michelle Speech


Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-CA) has told the press that they plan to launch a federal investigation that Michelle Obama plagiarized Melania Trump’s speech in her 2008 DNC speech.

“The similarities between Michelle Obama’s speech and Melania Trump’s speech are far too great to be passed off as pure chance,” Gowdy told The Neff Report.

These Republicans are really on the ball. You have to admit this is really serious stuff and they might have grounds to Impeach Obama. They also are trying to prove the $Hillary could be directly responsible for this and plan on opening an FBI Investigation.

(found online – enjoy)

xxxxxx )))))) ((((((( XXXXXXX

Culture & culture heroes

This post continues with things I wrote back in April 2015. My newsletter that month was quite long! Some few details may have changed since then; the principles expressed remain the same, as always.

Cultural news:—good or bad? as usual, a bit of a toss-up, really.

I love to say, “any creation of cultural works—art works, etc.,—is good.” And in a way that’s (probably) true. But there’s good art and trash art (even evil art!), good culture and junk culture; and so much of what gets produced and put out into our society is just junk. Some is downright evil.

Occasionally I find a bright spark or flash of something in the arts I think particularly exciting: someone “drops” a new album of good music, a volume of prescient poems, a mildly intriguing novel, or collection of astute essays. A new upliftingly tragi-comic movie. A mind-shaking show of new paintings. Or some such. But not all that often. Not often enough. Of course I never hear of probably most of the cultural works being created in a given month or year. There might be many of these unnoticed things I would love. Cultural works I would consider real culture, real art. Humane art, humane culture. Hopefully I’ll keep discovering more & more of them from time to time. So keep sharing your own notes & notifications with me on what you find of value and what you are creating! Such note-exchanging is a core part of the adventure of “intentional tribal community-growing”, of life lived in a day to day creative cultural adventure. Global village life adventure.

We have to create culture! —Don’t watch TV, don’t read magazines, don’t even listen to NPR. Create your own roadshow. The nexus of space & time where you are now is the most immediate sector of your universe, & if you’re worrying about Michael Jackson or Bill Clinton or somebody else, then you are dis-empowered, you’re giving it all away to icons, icons which are maintained by an electronic media so that you want to dress like X or have lips like Y. This is shit-brained, this kind of thinking. That is all cultural diversion, & what is real is you & your friends & your associations, your highs, your orgasms, your hopes, your plans, your fears. And we are told ‘no’, we’re unimportant, we’re peripheral. ‘Get a degree, get a job, get a this, get a that’—& then you’re a player. You don’t want to even play in that game. You want to reclaim your mind & get it out of the hands of the cultural engineers who want to turn you into a half-baked moron consuming all this trash that’s being manufactured out of the bones of a dying world.”

Terence McKenna (1946-2000), 1999


Culture heroes

I’m still thrilled that Citizenfour received an Oscar. I went to its local opening & I thoroughly enjoyed the film. (A local opening night which sadly, but predictably, was not celebrated by the theatre or community here in any way! I was almost the only one there in the near-empty theatre.)

Sure, I suppose it’s just possible Edward Snowden is in truth still operating as an active government agent, & all this whistleblowing stuff is just a government false flag black-ops decoy scheme, but I can’t see how that’s really likely in his case. Some people suspect the same false flag things of Julian Assange & Chelsea Manning, & even of Daniel Ellsberg, still, for that matter.

But none of those possibilities makes much sense to me. Taken at face value, Chelsea, Julian, Edward, Daniel, Laura Poitras, Glenn Greenwald, the folks in charge at the Guardian, these are all great heroes, in my opinion. Even if they all were to be exposed in future as govt agents, what they are doing with their whistleblowing & investigative journalism is exactly what dozens, thousands, of undoubtedly genuine citizen whistleblowers & journalists should be doing!

And they all state that this is exactly what Ed Snowden & the other say they are hoping to see happen as a result of their own risk-taking. So unless the government is deploying or exploiting them in an effort to try to flush out more reluctant real potential whistleblowers so it can get its dirty hands on such persons, I think it makes the most sense to assume Snowden & all these other whistleblowers are sincere & “legit” — Robin Hood-style morally legit, because of being info-leaking outlaws).

Chelsea is rotting in prison, not due to be eligible for release until 30 years will have passed. Ed Snowden is stuck in Russia, which can’t be great, and even if he had made it to Ecuador as he had planned, chances are the CIA would have put out a kidnap hit on him. Julian is stuck in a tiny room in the Ecuadoran embassy in London. Laura Poitras is self-exiled in Germany, Glenn Greenwald self-exiled in Brazil. I don’t think this looks like the lifestyle situation of government hacks or plants.



This World Go Cray-cray

Watching the Insane Clown Posse road-rage fist-fight that is the Republican National Convention, I am reminded of another rant I wrote in my newsletter back in April 2015:

This world go Cray-Cray

One keeps thinking, how much worse can it get?! And then it gets much worse. The atomic clock has just moved up to 3 minutes to midnight (total nuclear holocaust).

Sometimes I dream about reality

Sometimes I feel so gone

Sometimes I dream about a wild wild world

Sometimes I feel so lonesome

Hey Bobby Marley, Sing something good to me

This world go crazy

It’s an emergency

Tonight I dream about fraternity

Sometimes I say, “One day!”

One day my dreams will be reality

Like Bobby said to me

Manu Chao (b.1961) “Mr Bobby” (1998)

This world go cray-cray, alright! One of the absolutely worst things to come to light lately, of course, is the information documented in a report by the Nobel Prize-winning International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, along with Physicians for Social Responsibility, and Physicians for Global Survival. Their report of March 25 is titled “Body Count: Casualty Figures after 10 Years of the ‘War on Terror.’ ”

The report documents that since 2001, at least 1.3 million persons have been killed by US forces invading, occupying, and/or making drone strikes within Afghanistan, Iraq, and parts of Pakistan (80,000 individuals killed in Pakistan alone—a country with whom we are supposedly at peace). This murder count does not even include persons killed by US troops in Yeman, Libya, Tunisia, or what once was Syria. AND what is worse, the actual total number killed, according to the report, is more likely to be double the 1.3 million confirmed by official documents = 2.6 MILLION killed !!!!

The size of this ongoing US-expedited genocide starts to approach that of the Shoah—the Holocaust of European Jews and others (Rom [Gypsies], gays, many Catholic nuns, monks, and priests, the mentally and physically compromised and dependent, etc.), murdered by the Nazis before and during World War 2. And now the wars are being expanded and extended, not diminished. At the current rate, the entire population of these nations soon will have been murdered by US troops. For what purpose? To what end? Why are we letting this go on?

Corporation T-shirt, stupid bloody Tuesday

A murder is a murder, regardless of numbers, but the sheer mass of these millions of individual humans murdered by this utterly senseless, useless & unending war of terror by the US amounts to an unimaginable horror – one about which the people of the US either know next to nothing and/or care very little or nothing. They simply do not wish to know what their military and their government, working for multinational corporations, are doing to the people of the world—as long as they can continue to think of these populations—attacked and invaded, occupied, tortured and murdered populations—as being in “other parts” of the world.

Tragically, terribly, the vast majority of Americans it seems simply do not see themselves as sharing any human commonality, mutual interests or identity, with individuals living and dying in Western or Central Asia (ie “the Middle East”). Except, of course, in a peculiar, way with the population of the nation-state of Israel as imagined by Americans. Not with Israelis themselves, really (probably few non-Jewish Americans know or have even met any Israelis). And certainly not with the Arab citizens of Israel, whether Christian or Muslim, but with their own American notion of what Jewish Israel is, or should be.

Ironically, rather horribly, the majority of those non-Jewish Americans who are most fervently supportive of the nation-state of Israel are fundamentalist evangelical Protestant Christians who also hold it as a central article of faith that when the Apocalypse happens (any day now!), all surviving Jews will eventually  either convert to Christianity, or will be killed by the newly-returned Jesus. And only then will the world enjoy a thousand years of glory, centered in a thoroughly Christianized Jerusalem, centered around the Temple Mount which will have been “cleansed” from all trace of Jewish and Muslim presence and heritage. In fact, all over the Earth, only “true” Christians will be allowed to remain alive. All other persons will be slain by Jesus.

Meanwhile, it seems a huge number of Americans simply do not feel much, if any, commonality with persons they perceive as being “other” than themselves. People perceived as of “other” color, religion, place of origin, place of residence, people of “other” cultures, languages, lifestyles, or worldviews. Any of these “other”people and their respective “characteristics” are so often perceived by many mainstream Americans as being strange and inferior, frightening and intensely distasteful. Weird. Scary. In need of being “cleansed,” washed away and replaced with “good ol American” improvements. Superior things, American things. New improved miracle Cheer laundry detergent. Whiteness. Americanness. Protestant Christianness. Sexual straightness. Whitey tighty underwear. English-speaking proper values. Wonderbread white bread and baloney sandwiches with american cheese slices and miracle whip spread. Yum Yum Yum.

Ultimately, this lack of seeing and of feeling any commonality is a failure of empathic apperception, or transcendent cognition (in the Vedic sense): a failure to realize the truth of life through direct experiential wisdom-insight: that each and every individual is in essence universal, each unique self is a particular perspective on the one universal Self-nature, the boundless essential nature of cosmic existence:

     Universality is the essential truth of individuality.

                       —His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (c1917-2008)

I am he, as you are he, as you are me, and we are all together

                        —John Lennon & Paul McCartney (1967)

I am That [cosmic wholeness], thou art That, and all this is That.


“In the permanently enlightened state of unity consciousness, Brahman consciousness, the individual always directly, spontaneously experiences: ‘I am that unified wholeness of Brahman, that blissful holistic continuum of infinite Being. All other individuals—whether they consciously experience this or not—are also nothing less than that unified wholeness; all that exists in nature, all of time and space itself, is also in essence that same one unified wholeness.”

                          —His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi


Corporation T-shirt, stupid bloody Tuesday

I have never felt like a citizen, exclusively, or in particular, of the US nation-state empire (compared/contrasted with simply being a native resident of the planet, the whole round planet), and I long ago renounced my membership in the “civilized” human race. Escaped cultivation. Gone native. Yet obviously I was compelled to be reborn again on this planet, as a human being who, this time around, was native-born as a US citizen. Compelled whether through contingent karmic necessity (got lots of that left, it seems!) &/or through whatever degree of conscious dharmic intention via bodhisattvic vows (some cray-cray combo of the two, no doubt!). And here I remain on this blood soaked, blood deluged planet. I really don’t know how any of us can stand it. I really don’t. (Do you know? Can you stand it? Really ? How do you put up with it?)

“Writing this, sitting at my typewriter, looking out the window, I find it hard to comprehend why every human being doesn’t run screaming into the streets of all the cities of the world this instant. How can they let it go on?”

Kenneth Rexroth (1905-1982), in “Kenneth Patchen, Naturalist of the Public Nightmare” (1957)       –written in nineteen-friggin-fifty-seven!!

“Tonight I look through my window / and I can’t see no light.”

Manu Chao (b.1961) “Mr. Bobby” (1998)

“Writing is a form of therapy. Sometimes I wonder how all those who do not write, compose, or paint can manage to escape the madness, melancholia, the panic and fear that is inherent in a human situation.”

Graham Greene (1904-1991)

Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives they must lead.

Charles Bukowski (1920-1994) c.1990

Wild man’s world is cryin’ in pain

What you gonna do when everybody’s insane?
So afraid of one who’s so afraid of you

What you gonna do?

Anne Wilson (b.1950) & Nancy Wilson (b.1954) Crazy On You” (1976), written in response to the Vietnam War

“I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!

–Paddy Chayefsky (1923-1981), Network (1976)

One wants to escape the daily mass-murder and torture, the moment-by-moment ceaseless danger, the relentless deadly brutality, the daily, hourly craziness of the war-mongering corporatocracy, the evil vicious kleptocracy, the robber-baron, genocidal war-lord world in which we find ourselves immersed and enslaved, with the threat of brutal homelessness, poverty, and debtors’ prison constantly held like a bullwhip over our heads: “The beatings will continue until morale improves!”

     They’ve got corporations whose specialty is to show other corporations how to make money from global warming, you see. They’re crazy.

      And so I had this image: Just imagine that everybody, everybody in the world, was in this bus, this very large bus, and we’re hurtling down this road, and it’s going to plunge off a cliff. You know what these guys’ll be doing? They’ll be running up and down the aisles, selling us seat belts at very inflated prices, very inflated prices. And that’s where they are. They’re crazy.

     It’s a rational pursuit of irrational ends;—the pursuit itself becames irrational. And these people themselves, although they sound perfectly rational, are part of this pathology. And our job is to grab control of the bus, turn it around, get these guys off the aisles….

     Someone wrote the following on the internet, and I couldn’t find out the party’s name, but it was something like this,—I’m rephrasing it:What an incomprehensible, insane world it seemed to me. Until I realized that it was ruled by rapacious, money-mad sociopaths. Then it all made sense.”

     —Dr. Michael Parenti (b.1933)

Of course there is no viable alternate, no “safe house”, or magic land to go to, not on this planet, or on any other planet, at least in this material dimension, this plane of conventional space and time. Where would any of us go? Mars? Wonderful to think, of course, of escaping to some safe and beautiful paradise on Earth—even just some non-paradisical safe zone somewhere on Earth (but why not both safe and beautiful?)—Some hidden valley / beyul / Shangri-La / Peach Blossom Stream / Hanging Cloud Forest Valley / forgotten tropical island paradise / Tir nan Og —some Permanent Existential Autonomous Zone (PEAZ) somewhere. Good luck if you can find it.

A temporary safety zone just won’t do. A geographical/political Temporary Autonomous Zone (TAZ) just won’t do. There may be two or three small places left which seem to be such TAZs, but they won’t last long enough. And you must go much further than Portland to find even these momentary safe-house zones.

My beloved late sweetheart had a favourite cautionary TAZ story: It concerned a Dutch or Belgian guy who, having survived the mass carnage of the First World War, was convinced a second war was inevitably going to hit Europe and indeed spread to most of the developed world again soon, and naturally he wished to escape the coming carnage and destruction. So he picked an island on the map as far away from every land mass as possible. I believe it was Midway Island. In any case, with the outbreak of hostilities between the Japanese Empire and the US Empire during WWII, his new home on the remote Pacific island became the scene of terrible warfare and total destruction. True story.

No, there is no place, South Sea Islands or otherwhere, to which we can escape and hope to be safe, for long, by simply sticking one’s head in the sand like some frightened human ostrich. Everyone everywhere is already being surveilled now, by the NSA, no matter who or what or where.

NSA is inside Angela Merkel’s knickers. They are in your knickers too. They have crawled up your ass with a black PSY-OPs van and are probing for whatever they can find there. They long ago implanted a virtual earwig electric bug in your ear, and it has crawled inside your skull; they are listening to everything you say and hear, observing and recording every thought you have.

Monsanto’s GMO is in almost the entire planetary food supply. Your tomato is crossed with frog genes (true!), so you are not a vegan or vegetarian even if you think you are. And don’t ask about what’s in the water.

It’s almost impossible to live completely off-grid and independently of the global toxic poison economic slave system. And just wait for the next Battle of Midway Island, so to speak.

No, an attempt at escape of that sort to a merely remote obscure location is no guarantee of safety or peace. We’re stuck here and we’re going to have tough it out together, learn to live and work together. Options from way back 70 years, or even 25 years ago seem almost ludicrously naive now.

    “One morning Marie came running up the stairs weeping and woke me up. She said, ‘Truman has just dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima and hundreds of thousands of people have been killed.’ I sat up in bed and said, ‘Go to a travel agent and buy tickets to Montevideo, Auckland, or Hobart.’  We didn’t. We stayed, but, ‘an old age was out, it was time to begin anew.’ ”  Kenneth Rexroth (1905-1982)

If we still have time, we might still get by
Every time I think about it, I want to cry
With bombs and the devil, and the kids keep comin’
No way to breathe easy, no time to be young

—“Crazy on You” 1976

What you gonna do when everybody’s insane?

I’m afraid we must simply do what we can with this planet, & this totally effed-up society we’ve miscreated around us, that we’ve been reborn into again at this peculiar time….We’re all in it together now, dear friends. (Of course we always were all along, but most white Americans continue to disbelieve this!) We’re all in the same boat, all of us, together aboard this fragile Spaceship Earth (as good old Bucky Fuller called it). And there are very evil utterly heartless, ruthless persons trying to control everything aboard our fragile speeding craft.

See how they run like pigs from a gun / See how they fly / I’m crying

And of course, our planet Earth home isn’t a machine or an inert vehicle, bus or spaceship or whatever—but a living organism, Mother Gaia, (or in Vedic & Buddhist terms, our material planet home is the outer body of Ma Bhumi Devi, Mother Earth Goddess—a spirit whose physical Earth-body is still living, but definitely struggling to keep from becoming a dead organism, a sterile ball of inert dirt. Murdered by greed.
Goo goo g’ joob











A Film note from april 2015


A Film note from April 2015


Movies are something I hardly ever bother to go see these days, though it seems I almost always miss the one or two each year that later seem like I would have enjoyed seeing them. Earlier, I mentioned the great documentary film Citizenfour [recording the breakout story of whistleblower Edward Snowden’s courageous revelation and attempt to accept political refuge in Latin America]. But I almost never watch or see any part of the Academic Awards. [Note: this was originally written near the 2015 Awards TV show.]

I usually know little or nothing of the movies that are up for such awards each year, and more and more I have no idea who most of the directors are or even who most of the actors are. I find very few movies, directors, or actors all that compelling when I do get to watch/ know much about them. Nevertheless, of course I always love a good documentary, a really good drama, and most any delightful rom-com.

In past years, my late sweetheart & I enjoyed attending a number of film festivals—especially spirituality-in-cinema film fests (yes there are such things!), some mountain and surfing film festivals, a couple of Buddhism-in-film festivals. Some of these festivals were local to where we lived (Mill Valley, San Francisco, San Diego, etc), others involved fabulous roadtrip vacation-adventure pilgrimages. Wonderful. I’d like to do more film-fest roadtrips in the future.


Just recently, I really enjoyed seeing the frolicky Korean flick The Huntresses (2014). It reminds me a little bit of the westerns Bad Girls (1994, with Madeleine Stowe, Mary Stuart Masterson, Andie MacDowell & Drew Barrymore), Bandidas (2006, with Salma Hayek & Penélope Cruz) and Cowboys and Aliens (Olivia Wilde, Harrison Ford, Daniel Craig). Too much violence, for my taste, to be sure! But some fun.

The Huntresses is a spoofy outlaw baroque-punk steam-punk tale about three Korean cowpunk badass babes, young female robin hood-3 musketeers type private detectives (from sometime circa mid-1600s to mid-1800s?), who become undercover agents in order to save their good & beleaguered king from evil enemy usurpers. So much fun. Totally whack, in a good timey way. In the actresses’ homeland (South) Korea, and in the international Korean community, the three beautiful youngish actresses (ages 27, 35, & 36) of this delightfully silly romp are not only movie stars, but also pop music stars, super-models, big sex symbols, and dedicated eco-social activists.

I certainly wish I was aware of more artist/entertainers who, like these Korean stars, are doing great work simultaneously as actors, supermodels, singer/songer-writers-with-a-conscience, and international social justice activists!! I’d love to see some similarly fun, rich, historical fantasy action-comedy movies (and other flicks) featuring great acting by singer-songwriters such as Nataly Dawn, Zella Day, Hope Sandoval, Diane Birch, Eleanor Goldfield, Daniela Andrade, and Katie Melua (!), to name a few,—preferably starring along side such actresses as Aliyah O’Brien, Isabel Lucas, Vanessa Marano, Erica Dasher, and Olivia Wilde, among others. And in this fantasy of mine, each of these actors ideally also has wonderful albums of songs they’ve written & performed, songs touching in part upon eco-social peace & justice causes they support as activists, books they read and think about &/or books they’ve written, AND about mystical experiences they’ve been having on pilgrimage-adventures, wilderness retreats, etc. etc. In other words, my kinda film, music, art, etc, by my kinda spiritual-artist-activist women!


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