Journal page (detail), 1997, California, Hawaii, Asia.

Ode to Mother Nature as the Twin-Bodied Goddess Flora-Fauna ©

composed spontaneously, fitted to space on decorated page between collaged border design and magnolia leaf.

leaf ode

Day before Thanksgiving Wed Nov 26 1997

There were days when the throat was almost as important as the voice



I propitiate the twin-bodied Goddess:

FLORA Your Divine Mother Love

inebriates and unites me in holy vegetative

orgasm with the inner living Juice

of every fruit-bearing flower, with

every green-leaved body of Light

standing and swaying, embracing

and ravishing me in holy love

beyond words, beyond thought

FAUNA – Your Divine virgin

mother sister daughter

Self to my own animal

body-nature, self-nature,

leaps and dances with

the freedom of the wild


< < < < < < ***OOO 0O0 OOO*** > > > > > >




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