From time to time, I post a few additonal photos of my new & old paintings, drawings, etc. to the ART page of this blog site. Here are few landscape images painted or drawn over the years. These do not include the (“purely”) seascape/cloudscape pieces posted to the ART page. Visit that page from time to time to see the fuller, occasionally expanding, catalog of various images posted there.



Sonora (detail) mixed media ©



Kachina Head Bluff   –  plein air sketch, enlarged  (watercolor on paper)  ©



tiny pencil drawing, much enlarged. graphite on paper, circa 1987-89. one small panel (approx 1″ x 1.5″)  of a compound, multi-panel drawing, total on 8″ x 10″ paper. ©

collage temple

© collage on paper approx 5″x 5″. old-fashioned scissor cut & paste. Based on drawing above. Made the drawing, then a few years later found elements from which to make the collage. circa 1990-92.


marin landscape

Marinscape  (wc on paper)   ©


canyon gold one

gold canyon wallplein air   watercolor on paper ©


lapsang mtns

In the Lapsang Souchong Mountains ©

snow one

snow two



self-portrait as pleir air painter-pilgrim, pencil on paper, enlarged ©

easel one

(I shall attempt to find a better photo of this colored drawing)

easel two



Kali Gandaki Gorge, Himalayan travel sketchbook page ©

watercolor, graphite, ink  on paper



under a high desert sky , watercolor on paper  ©


bright meadow

oil pastel/paper  plein air mountain meadow path landscape ©

mtn mtn

detail of above (oil pastel on paper) ©



detail of above (oil pastel on paper) ©



 detail of Himalayan sketchbook page (see above) ©


bluff 2

desert landscape, oil on canvas (detail) plein air ©


desert horizon

desert dream ©


desert 2

 under a high desert sky monoprint ©


camper van man

camping scene – pencil drawing, greatly enlarged © not much of a landscape, of course, but it reflects the camp setting of many of my plein air landscape paintings & drawings for several years, as a solitary artist-pilgrim retreatant. Drawn just after my now late sweetheart-wife & I met, reflecting on life up to that encounter, after which there were two camp chairs on site…



>   >  >  >  >  > O O O O O <  <  <  <  <  <


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