Another day in the USA, another massacre.

Having spent the night out talking with friends, I awoke this morning, as did millions, to the news of fifty dead and over fifty wounded in the biggest mass shooting to date in the US. Bernie Sanders is the first of the three main candidates to frame this horrific event in terms of our need to DO SOMETHING ABOUT GUNS !!!!

Bernie Sanders addresses yesterday’s massacre and gun control

I would say we also desperately need to do something more about the growing pandemic of violent MENTAL ILLNESS in our society. 

The fact that in our society we allow assault guns to be manufactured and sold everywhere in (and beyond)  our nation and easily purchased by virtually anyone, including patently mentally ill persons and criminals (and who else wants to own them?) is also a symptom of mass mental illness.  The fact that groups such as the National Rifle Association takes such a disgusting stance as it does on these and other kinds of military weapons being pushed and shoved into our domestic population and is allowed to function as one of the most powerful government-payola corruption lobbies in our local, state, and NATIONAL governments, constantly thwarting any and all attempts by voters and honest elected representatives to legislatively limit the rapidly growing availability and stockpiling of assault weapons is also a condition of national mental illness. That fact that the public has not asserted itself strongly enough to put an end to evil groups such as the NRA and weapons manufacturers-and profit-mongers is a sign of extreme society-wide mental illness.

As the “news” media reports stand at this time, it would appear that this latest public massacre is an eruption of a case of domestic partner violence. [And/or a case of another lone crazed fanatic “jihadist.”]

The epidemic of domestic abuse, violence, and murders-suicides in our society is also a phenomenon crying out for our population to recognize that our national community is suffering horribly from intense, widespread, deep-rooted societal mental illness.  Community health, societal mental health must be addressed! That we allow guns, especially “military/police assault” weapons, (semi-)automatic guns, capable of killing dozens of individual persons in a single burst of deadly fire, to be manufactured and widely disseminated throughout our population, stockpiled by countless numbers of insane individuals and organized “militias” of criminally insane gangs of racist religious anti-social fanatically murderers and plotters is clearly an indication of how mentally ill our community has become.

That we gloss-over the situation in which these weapons allegedly constructed and marketed “for military (and police) use only”–as if there is nothing wrongfully unhealthy with that to start with!–when we all should know that gun makers and sales-mongers WANT to expand their profit-markets into the private/public (non-military) domestic and foreign population of potential buyers is just utterly insane, in my opinion.

That we as a society refuse to come to terms with our foreign policy and daily practice of bombing and mass-murdering millions of innocent civilians all over the world in our horrific wars of empire just so one per cent of our national population can live like the evil utterly inhumane insane debauched emperors they are while the rest of us struggle to be able to continue to afford daily multiple cups of $10 dollar lattes and tawdry hugely-overpriced ridiculous garments and cars and whatever else we are addicted to as means of keeping ourselves distracted from getting together to solve our real problems–climate destruction, global epidemics, global and domestic income inequality, poverty, hunger and starvation, labor slavery, sexual violence, and endless wars of imperial invasion, occupation, suppression and exploitation……all this is a sign of how much our planetary family and our American family desperately needs to draw upon the knowledge and availability of scientifically proven methods of inner development to unfold and enjoy our own individual and collective innate potential for inner peace, mental stability, creative intelligence and blossoming of life-supporting humane qualities of love and kindness and universal friendliness, goodwill, compassion, mutual helpfulness and Joyous Fulfillment.

We can easily begin to solve this, if we decide we really want to. But it isn’t going to come about if we keep turning a blind eye to the community-wide, nation-wide, global-wide rise of intense mental illness, frustration, ignorance, fanaticism, inequality, oppression, and exploitation that is squeezing us all into inhumanely distorted inner and outer conditions and reactions.  And that makes and allows the mass manufacturing and marketing of weapons one of the biggest items of our gross national product.

Some of the biggest commercial entities (enterprises, cabals, gangs) in the US are the manufacturers and marketers of weapons. These evil murderous corporations make trillions of dollars a year for their tiny handful of CEOs and board members by making and selling these instruments of mass murder and genocide to our own military forces, and increasingly-militarized domestic police forces, and they also sell them to any and all foreign parties as well, all over the world, regardless of political affiliation or ideology, etc.  And since they make more of these weapons than they can sell “legitimately” and clandestinely to military forces, dictatorships and police organizations, they purposely sell them here in the US to as many people as they can. In fact, they purposely make enough weapons every year to be able to sell always more of these combat weapons to individual US citizens and to fanatic citizen militia hate groups,  organized private armies of criminals.

We need to act now. We need to think courageously, deeply, strongly, honestly, about all this. And do something positive about it.

Neither Trump nor Hillary are going to make it any better from their end. Both Trump with his Klan followers and Hillary with her global weapons corporations backers are simply going to continue to make things worse, both calling for more war and mass murder.             We have to fix this ourselves. We have to cultivate our own compassionate mutual interest in aiding, nurturing, and caring for the beloved community.













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