Praying and mourning

Praying & mourning today for victims and families of murder/suicide at UCLA. A respected & beloved professor, married with children, shot dead in his office by a former engineering student who had received poor grades & who then shot himself dead, having left a note. Students in nearby engineering classroom tried to barricade their door, but door opened outwardly and did not have a lock! I’ve been in numerous lock-downs on more than one campus over the years due to potential and actual campus shootings. And never felt the least bit safe even with heavy steel doors that locked. I can only imagine how terrified everyone was when they couldn’t even lock or barricade their classroom door!

Since 2013, there have been an average of at least one US school shooting incident a week.”

I’m so grateful I gave up my campus office, only teach online these days, and visit campus briefly maybe only one or two days a year. I’m grading early summer session midterm papers today. Praying & grieving for those killed and traumatized at UCLA and everywhere. When are we going to effectively address this madness?

campus shootings -Map from 2012, four years ago


to the map above, add the shootings mapped below from Dec 2012 to Dec 2014, then add those for last year and a half, from Dec 2014 to today, June 2016 (for which I do not have a map):

map two



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