A new mala

Yesterday, I symbolically threaded another mind mala (garland, rosary) of favourite items I’m particularly appreciating. Enjoy! Traditional Vedic/Hindu and Buddhist malas (rounds of prayer beads, rosaries) have 108 beads with one extra bead known as the guru bead or silent witness bead.

1 Some Foods

1 veggie momos, on winter night in downtown Amherst Mass

2 cold orange & tangerine sections dipped in dark chocolate fondue

3 amalakis (Indian gooseberries) conserved in their own heavy syrup, pitted, pureed,

poured over pistachio kulfi

4 puris co-created with adroit/klutzy partner, served to funny visiting swami

5 gai mei bao, funky Chinatown corner bakery/teahouse, foggy morning

6 tom kha pa veggie coconut soup, beachside café

7 muscadines

8 pawpaws, picked up, put in cane willow basket

9 persimmons

10 Chickasaw plum (Creek: pvkanuce little peach, pvkanvcatuce little red peach)

2 some drinks

1 copper water first morning drink

2 lemon-honey water

3 triphala water

4 fresh white (green) grape juice

5 cold rose water lassi on a hot day (it’s already over 100 F today!)

6 salty/savoury lassi

7 salty (soda) churned caravan cha for two on snowy morning

8 Lapsang souchong tilk slurped over very spare, expansive poetry

9 gold water or silver water for warm or cool clarity

10 Gangajal(a) – Ma Ganges water from Go Mukh glacial icecave source


3 some superficial fun womany thangs

1 henna/turmeric (mehndi-haldi) “temporary tattoos” hand jive/foot jive, jai jai jai

2 long loose natural corkskrew (“sausage”) curl tresses (I use to have 3 feet of those, myself!)

3 “naked, but for the bindi and the bangles”

4 growling at the right moments when singing

5 growling when not singing

6 strong noses, have never known why

7 nose-rings

8 “a short skirt & a l-o-n-n-g-g……jacket”

9 toe-rings

10 all thangs what’re “all that”


4 some novels

1 about deeper/higher issues beyond “girl or boy gets boy or girl” psycho-dramas

2 about artists, poets, writers, musicians, creatives of whatever medium

3 about real historical persons, humane culture heroes & intellectuals

4 about spiritual/mystical adventurers—ancient, medieval, modern, future

5 about eco-social activists, radical progressive political adventurers

6 about time travel to past &/or future to save the world, the girl & boy, the cat or dog

7 most things by James Hilton

8 most things by Georgette Heyer

9 if Whitman, Thoreau, Rexroth, Gary Snyder, or David-Néel had written novels

10 if Audrey or Kate Hepburn, Cary Grant or Marilyn had written novels


5 some poems

1 about the wonders of winter solitude, reclusion

2 about erotic-mystical oneness with nature

3 about erotic-mystical oneness with life-partner &/or beautiful stranger

4 inkbrushed on Chinese & Japanese landscape scroll paintings

5 about active engagement for eco-social peace & justice

6 about spiritual experience, enlightenment, higher consciousness

7 about domestic daily bliss of romantic-contemplative companionship

8 about the joys of reading/writing poems, making/seeing art, playing/hearing music

9 final “death” poems by Zen masters, China, Japan

10 poems by children, all ages


6 some attire (for me, sometimes for her)

1 aloha shirts

2 sarongs, lungis, any type of (f/m/unisex) wrapskirt & related garments

3 veggie boots – urban jungle, cowboy, Himalayan, ninja, etc

4 worldbeat mixtape, fruit-salad tossed-salad, east/west trad folk, vintage/new hip

5 long vests, waistcoats, many kinds, with small & big pockets

6 silk liner socks for thick wool hiking boot-socks

7 long kurtas

8 the old softshoe

9 chubas

10 alpaca sweaters


7 some mother tongues / other tongues I wish I knew (Asian)

1 Sāndhya Bhāshā

2 Vedic Sanskrit

3 Classical Sanskrit

4 Tibetan

5 Gongpé Ké

6 Classical Chinese

7 Japanese

8 Hindi

9 Nepali

10 Tshangla

8 Some Latinate/Romance Tongues it might be fun/interesting/(?useful?) to know

1 Latin

2 Catalan

3 Mallorquin

4 Provencal

5 Seychellois

6 Walloon

7 Rhaeto-Romansch

8 Romanian

9 Andalusi Romance (Mozarabic)

10 Ladino (Judeo-Spanish)


9 My family’s ancestral Native American (Indian) roots

1 Wind Clan (Hutalgalgi), Koasati (Coushatta) Nation, Muscogee (Creek) Confederation

2 Powhatan Confederation (Algonquin)

3 Seminole Nation (enthnogenesis from various Muscogee Creek tribes)

4 Choctaw (Chahta) Nation

5 Wild Potato Clan (Ani-Gote-gewi), Cherokee Nation (Ani-Yunwiya)

6 Delaware (Lenni-Lenape) Nation

7 Shawnee (Shaawanwaki) Nation

8 Kiowa Nation (Ka’igwu, Cáuigù, Gaigwu)

9 Blood (Káínaa) Nation, Blackfoot Confederation (Niitsitapi)

10 unknown, various, Métis

10 Some Ayuvedic medicinal herbs in rasayana — restorative tonics

(parts of some of these plants are fatally toxic if not prepared &/or combined correctly – do NOT experiment on your own! Some of these can transform your mind &/or save your life, but must be prepared & taken in special ways)

1 Bael Tree

2 Blue Wiss (Mashaparni)

3 Dwarf Morning Glory

4 Finger-leaf Morning Glory

5 Fragrant Padri Tree

6 Heart-leaf Sida

7 Indian Nightshade

8 Shatavari

9 Three-lobe-leaf Cowpea

10 Yellow Fruit Nightshade

(repeat: parts of some of these plants are fatally toxic if not prepared/combined correctly – do NOT experiment on your own!)


101-108 Some favorite (male) lamas from whom I’ve received initiations/ empowerments with related teachings & precepts

101 HH 14th Dalai Lama (Tenzin Gyatso, b.1935)

102 HH Dudjom Rinpoche (Dudjom Jikdral Yeshe Dorje, 1904-1987)

103 HH Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche (c. 1910-1991)

104 HH 16th Gyalwa Karmapa (Rangjung Rigpe Dorje, 1924-1981)

105 HH Chatral Sangye Dorje Rinpoche (June 1913-December 2015!!)

106 HH Orgyen Kusum Lingpa Rinpoche (Lama Sang, 1933-2009)

107 HH Khenpo Jikme Phuntsok Jungné (1933-2004)

108 Ven. Gyatrul Rinpoche Tulku (b.1925)


109 Guru Bead/Silent Witness Bead:

Ven. Nyogen Senzaki sensei, one of my first formal spiritual teachers


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