like a bicyclist

May 23, 2016 – month of daily flower & buddha photos – Day 23


two happy Hotei-sans, small enough to sit on a quarter. May 2015 ©

cross eye

tiny blossoms within blossoms.  May 2016 ©


Didn’t I tell you it was there?

You could have found  it without trouble, after all.

The south wind is warm;

The sun shines peacefully;

The birds warble their glad songs.

Spring blossoms in the treetops.

           — Jakushitsu

You must create your own thought and express it in your own words. What you say must come directly from your own inner self.

The most intimate relative of yours is you. One cannot get rid of oneself. You may estrange your friends; forget your brothers and sisters; drive away your children; run away from your parents; divorce your wife or husband. But how in the world can you get rid of yourself? One must solve one’s own problems and work out one’s own emancipation by oneself. The only way to open the gate of Buddhism is to use your own working mind as the precious key.

Buddhism is the most bold and radical form of all freethinking. In Buddhism thought, word and action are one.

A thought without action is a wasted corpse; a word without thought and action is a dead, useless word.

Man is like a bicyclist: He is safe from falling only as long as he keeps on going. If we hold our own will against all kinds of trouble, if our breathing is in harmony with the rhythm of right-mindedness, every action of ours will become part of the progressive current of the universe, and we will see Buddhism around us wherever we are. Then if anyone asks where our Buddhism is, we can reply: “Our Buddhism is everywhere.”

— Ven. Nyogen Senzaki, from a lecture in the 1930s, San Francisco












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