like good coffee

May 22, 2016 – month of daily flower & buddha photos – day 22

glass flower

stained glass flower @ my fave coffee house. photo May 2016 ©

gold robe
gold lamé sparkle-tone robed Buddha. photo May 2016 ©

“The American mind was originally spontaneous and fresh, like good coffee, but since dogmas, religious creeds , and many strange cults from strange lands have been stirred into it, it is as though too much sugar has been poured in, and it has become too sweet. It wants now the bitter, pungent taste of Zen.”

— Ven. Nyogen Senzaki, San Francisco, Spring, 1938

The original intention of Buddhism was to place importance on the attainment of nirvana — final liberation — in this present life.”

-– Master Yin Shun (1906-2005), Fall 2004